Trap Leagues

In Chautauqua County Trap League action, Randolph beat Celoron 347-340 and Busti topped Carroll 331-328.

Perfect 50s came from Bill Congdon, Fran Simcick, Denny Gullo, Andrew Hvizdzak, Kenton Knopp and Ray Lee while Chiyo Grant had her first straight 25.

High Lady was Rose Corbran of Celoron (48). Kris Badjo of Celoron was High Junior (49). Sydnie Tutmaher of Celoron was High Sub-Junior (44). Congdon and Simcick of Randolph tied for High Veteran honors and Lee was High Senior Veteran for Carroll while Howard Arnold and Gary Sickles Sr. of Randolph tied for High Super-Senior Veteran honors (49).

Randolph: Bill Congdon 50, Fran Simcick 50, Denny Gullo 50, Andrew Hvizdzak 50, Rob Simcick 49, Howard Arnold 49, Russell Tenamore 49.

Celoron: Kenton Knopp 50, Kris Badjo 49, Scott Carter 49, Jerry Martin 48, Rose Corbran 48, Jeff Gens 48, Kevin Nicklas 48

Busti: Rob Graham 48, Scott McKotch 48, Brian Westerdahl 48, Terry Caldwell 47, Chiyo Grant 47, Jim Kestler Jr 47, Ron Harmon 46

Carroll: Ray Lee 50, Jim Nowacki 49, Jim Holsinger 47, Chad Swan 46, Mike Mackey 46, Dude Wilcox 45, Paul Prentice 45


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