Trap Leagues

In Chautauqua County Trap League action, Randolph finished off Celoron 347-342 while Busti outshot Carroll 336-332.

Perfect 50s came from Steve Crudele, Tom Boire, Fran Simcick, Marty Gawron, Scott Carter and Mike Wadlow.

The High Lady was Steph Tutmaher of Celoron (49). The High Juniors were Dyilliane Wynn of Celoron and Austin Anderson of Carroll (48s). The High Sub-Junior was Sydnie Tutmaher of Celoron (43). The High Veteran was Simcick of Randolph. The High Senior Veterans were Crudele and Boire of Randolph. Gary Sickles Sr. of Randolph, DJ Bifaro of Randolph, Dave Kingsley of Celoron and Jerry Willett of Celoron shot 49s to tie for High Super-Senior Veteran honors.

Randolph: Steve Crudele 50, Tom Boire 50, Fran Simcick 50, Marty Gawron 50, Stan Grochowina 49, Howard Arnold 49, Gary Sickles Sr 49 (plus 6 others with 49)

Celoron: Scott Carter 50, Dave Kingsley 49, Jerry Willett 49, Kenton Knopp 49, Steph Tutmaher 49, Bob Gray 48, Dyilliane Wynn 48

Busti: Mike Wadlow 50, Jim Kestler Sr 49, Dick Starks 48, Will Ortman 48, Hod Edgreen 47, Scott McKotch 47, Jim Kestler Jr 47

Carroll: Ray Lee 49, Austin Anderson 48, Chad Swan 47, Brad Gunnell 47, Neil Eddy 47, Jim Holsinger 47, John Pearson 47


In Warren County Trap League action, Brokenstraw topped Sheffield 344-322, Pine Grove finished off Sugar Grove I 340-336 and Sugar Grove II took care of Kalbfus 333-330 while Corry and Tidioute shot to a 339-339 tie.

Perfect 50s came from Jared Hanna, Michael McDunn and Joel Steward.

Cindy Cable of Pine Grove and Anna Miller of Tidioute tied for High Lady honors (45). Donovan Davies of Pine Grove and Jaxon Gray of Corry tied for High Junior honors (49). The High Sub-Junior was Derek Childs of Brokenstraw (46). The High Veteran was Ron Harmon of Sugar Grove II (48). The High Senior Veteran was Ray Lee of Pine Grove (49). Russ Wingard of Pine Grove was the High Super-Senior Veteran (49).

Brokenstraw: Jared Hanna 50, Bob Hanna 49, Curt Hollabaugh 49, John Joy 49, Ron Gustafson 49, Dale Johnson 49, Ed Haregsin 49

Sheffield: Joe Leichtenberger 49, Gary McLaughlin 48, Ed Lavella 47, Bob Dixon 45, Mark Buck 45, Joey Donato 44, Tim McElhaney 44

Pine Grove: Russ Wingard 49, Donovan Davies 49, Ray Lee 49, Jeff Gens 49, John Foster 48, Dave Straight 48, Kevin Nicklas 48

Sugar Grove I: Colton Black 49, Hunter Trawick 48, Chris Kibbey 48, Kirk Decker 48, Jim Hannon 48, Scott Gustafson 48, Ron Trawick 47

Sugar Grove II: Hunter Wolcott 49, Ron Harmon 48, Craig Darling 48, Rob Graham 47, Jim Holsinger 47, Steve Ecker 47, Sheldon Battle 47

Kalbfus: Michael McDunn 50, Nate Davies 48, Mike Mackey 47, Paul Prentice 47, Matt DeLong 46, Matt McDunn 46, Jim Nowacki 46

Corry: William Mitchell 49, Logan Muir 49, Jaxon Gray 49, Jeff Peters 48, Gary Dietz 48, Curt Utegg 48, Greg Linden 48

Tidioute: Joel Stewart 50, Ed Pennington 49, Mike Ziegler 48, Guy Anderson 48, Doug Sliker 48, Larry Price 48, Tim Case 48


Bob Wright and Nolan Gunnel hit their first career 25s during Western Chautauqua County Trap League action.

Other 25s were turned in by Scott Hammer, Mark Henry, Gary Jacobs, Mike Cluchey, Mike Dulmus and Mark Holthouse.

In team action, Ripley outshot North East 323-300 and Westfield trimmed Big Tree 329-327.

For Ripley, Sheila Yokom was High Lady with a 47 and Sam Carris was High Sub Jr. with a 44. Kayla Yokom was High Jr. Lady with a 43, Sid Meeder Sr. was High Sub Veteran with a 47, Gary Stanton was High Veteran with a 44, Bob Murray was High Sr. Veteran with a 41 and Jim Carris was High Super Sr. Veteran with a 44.

For North East, Linda Gilbert was High Lady with a 42. Aiden Vanassell was High Sub Jr. with a 32, Jim DeMatters was High Veteran with a 30, Bill Sinclair was High Sr. Veteran with a 41 and Ken Hitz was High Super Sr. Veteran with a 44.

For Westfield, Rose Corbran was High Lady with a 48 and Mikala Latimore was High Jr. Lady with a 38. Dylan Rammelt was High Jr. with a 35, Butch Ficarra was High Sub Veteran with a 43, Wright was High Veteran with a 46, Kelly Brown was High Sr. Veteran with a 40 and Mike Cluchey was High Super Sr. Veteran with a 49.

For Big Tree, Val Holthouse was High Lady with a 40 and Gunnel was High Sub Jr. with a 45. Dennis Trostle’s 44 was good for High Sub Veteran, Steve Milliman shot 45 for High Veteran and Jerry Burnett fired a 47 for High Super Sr. Veteran.

Ripley (323): Mark Henry 48, Mike Boll 47, Sheila Yokom 47, Sid Meeder 47, Josh Pierce 46, Gary Stanton 44, Sam Carris 44

North East (300): Jim Courtwright 48, Gary Jacobs 47, Ken Hitz 44, Linda Gilbert 42, Bill Sinclair 41, Sue Concilla 40, Bob Koeing 38

Westfield (329): Mike Cluchey 49, Rose Corbran 48, Mike Dulmus 48, Howard Lindstrom 47, Kevin Sturzenbecker 46, Bob Wright 46, Shane Lindstrom 45

Big Tree (327): Scott Hammer 49, Cole Hammer 48, Jerry Burnett 47, Will Ortman 47, Mark Holthouse 46, Nolan Gunnel 45, Steve Milliman 45