Oakes Wins Mike Farr Memorial At Eriez

HAMMETT, Pa. — The Mike Farr Memorial was run Sunday at Eriez Speedway for the New Motors Super Late Models on the 58th anniversary of the first race ever run at Eriez.

The race was 41 laps with the winner’s purse $4,100.

Raised in the Erie area, Farr was a huge figure in local racing, first as a top “Sportsman” (coupe) driver, then as a shock distributor after leaving the area and living in the Atlanta region.

Greg Oakes led the entire distance, albeit with a constant three-way battle with Alex Ferree and Chad Wright, at times side by side.

In other action, Max Blair triumphed in the Bonnell’s Auto Group RUSH Late Model feature, coming from seventh on the grid. Casey Bowers dominated the Waterford Hotel E-Mods, leading from green flag to checkered flag. Former champion Chris McGuire led the distance in the Curtze Food Service Street Stock finale under constant pressure from defending champion John Boardman. Kyle Miller picked up his fourth Johnson’s Car Care and Collision Economod feature, strengthening his points lead. Willie Van Guilder won his second L&D Challengers feature in a row to conclude the evening.

New Motors Super Late Models

Top 5 Time Trials: Chad Wright 15.045, Alex Ferree 15.064, Chub Frank 15.116, Max Blair 15.161, Mike Knight 15.371

Heat 1: Chad Wright, Boom Briggs, Dave Hess Jr, Chris Hackett, Bump Hedman, Max Blair Rob Middleton, Max Blair

Heat 2: Alex Ferree, Greg Oakes, Jared Miley, Dave Hess Jr, Cody Egner, Wendell Pinckney, Wendell Pinckney, Doug Eck, Michael Knight, Jake Finnerty

Heat 3: Chub Frank, Mike Pegher, Bryce Davis, Mikey Wonderling, Ryan Scott, Wyatt Scott, Easton Hedman, Brandon Groters

Feature: Greg Oakes, Alex Ferree, Chad Wright, Jared Miley, Chub Frank, Bryce Davis, David Scott, Boom Briggs, Jake Finnerty, Mike Knight, Ryan Scott, Breyton Santee, Doug Eck, Darrell Bossard, Kyle Bedell, Rob Middleton, Dave Hess Jr, Mike Wonderling, Chris Hackett, Groters, Wyatt Scott, Easton Hedman, Cody Egner, Wendell Pinckney, Max Blair (DNS)

Bonnell’s Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Models

Heat 1: Bruce Hordusky Jr, Scott Gurdak, Jason Genco, Max Blair, David Parker, Khole Wanzer, Brandon Porter, Jacob Peterson

Heat 2: Breyton Santee, Kyle Zimmerman, Jeremy Wonderling, Paul Norman, Josh Beckstrom, Hunter Proctor

Feature: Max Blair, Jeremy Wonderling, Kyle Zimmerman, Scott Gurdak, Darrell Bossard, Jason Genco, Bruce Hordusky, Khole Wanzer, Paul Norman, David Parker, Breyton Santee, Josh Beckstrom, Hunter Proctor, Brandon Porter, Jaco Peterson

The Waterford Hotel Outlaw Modifieds

Heat 1: Casey Bowers, Gary Eicher, Randy Hall, John Boyd, Dan Sasso, Steve Sornberger, Steve Simon

Heat 2: Steve Rex, Mike McGee, Jesse Gould, Garrett Calvert, Troy Johnson, Gerry Kielar, Jarrod Silvis

Feature: Casey Bowers, Gary Eicher, Randy Hall, Steve Rex, Dan Sasso, Troy Johnson, Steve Simon, Garrett Calvert, Steve Sornberger, Gerry Kielar, Jarrod Silvis, Jesse Gould, Mike McGee, John Boyd

Johnson’s Car Care and Collision Economods

Heat 1: Kyle Miller, Gary Olson, Jason Brightman, Ashley Rogers, Justin Clark,Kyle Reinwald, Eric Reinwald

Heat 2: Matt Alexander, Kyle Layton, Mark Titus, Brad Boyd, Tyler Davis, Brian Toto

Feature: Kyle Miller, Matt Alexander, Gary Olson, Eric Reinwald, Kyle Layton, Kyle Reinwald, Ashley Rogers, Tyler Davis, Justin Clark, Jason Brightman, Brad Boyd, Mark Titus, Brian Toto

Curtze Food Service Street Stocks

Heat 1: Wesley McCray, Gary Fisher, Bill Applebee, Jeremy Perry, Brent Crandall, Braidy Westfall, Tony Lyngarkos

Heat 2: Steve Yokum, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Tom Teed, Josh Seippel, Shane Applebee

Heat 3: Chris McGuire, John Boardman, Doug Eck, Joe Rohrer, Anthony Marotto, Drake McCray

Feature: Chris McGuire, John Boardman, Jeremy Perry, Eric McCray, Gary Fisher, Bill Applebee, Doug Eck, Shane Applebee, Jimmy Kennerknecht, Josh Seippel, Tom Teed, Drake McCray, Tony Lyngarkos, Joe Rohrer, Steve Yokum, Brent Crandall, Anthony Marotto, Braidy Westfall, Dylan Greene

L&D Tree Service Challengers

Heat 1: William Van Guilder, Chris Horton, Corey Mason, Brian McGarvie, Jeff Nunemaker, Nick Steiner, Joe Richter, Joe Syzmanski

Heat 2: John Zeleznik, Tyler Walters, Jessica Harvey, Zack Eller, Mitchell Rex, Lane Reinwald, Donnie May, Brandon Huffman

Feature: William Van Guilder, Jessica Harvey, John Zeleznik, Chris Horton, Mitchell Rex, Tyler Walters, Brandon Huffman, Corey Mason, Lane Reinwald, Brian McGarvie, Nick Steiner, Jeff Nunemaker, Donnie May, Joe Richter, Joe Syzmanski