Golf Leagues

In the Moon Brook Country Club 2-Best Net Balls Foursome, Carol Cardinale, Brenda Sampson and Melissa Wilson beat out Kim Meabon, Lori McGowan, Kathi Ames and Sue Moran on a show of cards as both teams finished with 117s.

Sheryl Johnson, Mary Glatz, Pam Shay and Terri Toter shot 120 while Cindy Calalesina, Sandy Janson, Cathy Shelley and Janet Bowman shot 121.


CASSADAGA — In the Cassadaga Country Club Tuesday Night Men’s Golf League, Steve Wintersteen shot 32.

Rob Lancaster was closest to the pin on No. 6.

Steve Wintersteen 32, Brenton Wilcox 33, Todd Fenton 35, Dick Frost 37, John Crossley 38, Scott Jagoda 38, Dave Willebrandt 38, Don Cornell 39, Rex Goot 39


CASSADAGA — In the Cassadaga Country Club Monday Night Men’s Golf League, Fred Chamberlin led the way with a 38.

Fred Stern was closest to the pin on No. 15 and birdied the hole while Mike Nichols birdied No. 17.

Fred Chamberlin 38, Jack Meyers 40, Fred Stern 40, Randy Butts 41, Mike Nichols 41, Bob Warsitz 41, Tim Bulger 42, Rob Lancaster 43, Bill Baker 44, Adam Meyers 44, Greg Wise 44


LAKEWOOD — In the Mulligan Mama’s League at Maplehurst Country Club, Patty Weeks and Mary Green both shot 43s.

Cheryl Mason led the net scores with a 26.

GROSS: Patty Weeks 43, Mary Green 43, Kathy Stedman 44, Andrea Carlson 44, Ellen Lehning 45, Tina Currie 45, Leda Peterson 45, Lynn Radack 45, Rita Newell 46, Brenda Tarana 46, Kaye Young 46, Terri Rettberg 47, Jill Allenson 47, Theresa Jackson 48, Marla Gressley 48, Toni Indriolo 49, Karen Coccagnia 49, Cheryl Mason 49

NET: Cheryl Mason 26, Marla Gressley 27, Sonya Gustafson 28, Lynn Radack 29, Theresa Jackson 29, Leda Peterson 30, Brenda Tarana 30, Dot Fulton 30, Patty Weeks 31, Andrea Carlson 31, Ellen Lehning 31, Tina Currie 31, Karen Coccagnia 31, Mary Green 32, Terri Rettberg 32, Rita Newell 33, Kaye Young 33, Jill Allenson 33, Toni Indriolo 33, Lisa Nelson 33, Pam Cordosi 33, Laurie Collingwood 33, Kathy Stedman 34, Kristy Moore 34, Jamie Evan 35, Beth Johnson 36, Ruth Kriese 37, Jen Peters 37, Joyce Peterson 38, Cathy Mercer 39


CHAUTAUQUA — In the Chautauqua Women’s Golf Association Team Shamble at Chautauqua Golf Club, Barb Jones, Susan Fiorica, Linda King and Jeanne Weibenga took home first place with a 54.


MAYVILLE — In the Wednesday Morning Ladies League at Willow Run Golf Course, Class A was led by a 40 gross from Cheryl Johnson. Helen Adams, Roxie Maytum and Sue Skoglund led the net scores with 32s.

In Class B, Anne Fruin shot a 49 gross and Pat Fincher a 33 net while Rosemarie Wilder was low in putts with 18.


CASSADAGA — In the Cassadaga Country Club Monday Night Men’s Golf League, Gary Higgs and Matt Wallace both led the way with 38s.

Brian Wojcinski was closest to the pin on No. 6 while Rex Goot birdied No. 4, Wojcinski birdied No. 6 and Dave Kobel birdied No. 9.

Gary Higgs 38, Matt Wallace 38, Dave Kobel 39, Dan Kensie 40, Nick Stern 40, Rex Goot 41, Bob Warsitz 41, Brian Wojcinski 41, Brad Blizzard 42, Scott Nuccio 42, Fred Stern 42


CASSADAGA — In the Cassadaga Country Club Tuesday Night Men’s Golf League, Todd Fenton led with a 33.

Allen Chase fired the low net with a 27 and was closest to the pin on No. 15. Birdies were turned in by Scott Nuccio on No. 10, Jared Ohelbeck on No. 12, Chase on No. 15 and Fenton on No. 17.

Todd Fenton 33, Darren Mangine 35, Scott Nuccio 35, Tim Bulger 38, John Crossley 38, Steve Wintersteen 38, Dick Frost 39, Scott Jagoda 39, Mike Lancaster 39


MAGNOLIA — Jan Brown fired a 37 to lead the Parteers Wednesday Night Women’s League at Willow Run Golf Course.

Jan Brown 37, Karen Bjorkholm-Leeper 43, Linda Smith 45, Nancy Baker 46, Lorrie Bush 46, Cindy DiNapoli 46, June Gullotti 46, Sandy Pratt 46, Judy Bentley 48, Kathy Bernard 48, Amy Bernhardt 49


AKELEY, Pa. — Sue Ferranto and Sue Wilson led the Early Flight of the Cable Hollow Golf Course Wednesday Ladies League with 128 points.

In the Late Flight, Betsy Sobkowski and Joie Hendricks led with a 128.

LATE FLIGHT: Betsy Sobkowski-Joie Hendricks 128, Mary Gayton-Patty Hurtack 121, Julie Fenton-Kathy Bradshaw 116.5, Cindy Paulmier-Mary Mackey 116, Sue Caronia-Gayle Lyon 111, Lori Lassen-Sue Melquist 103.5, Deb Williams-Jane Benson 103, Bev Grobaski-Sandy Josephson 98, Jill Dart-Betty McPherson 93.5, Bonnie Thorpe-Linda Dalton 92, Candace Laurie-Shelly Saunders 89.5, Micheile Hawkins -Judy DiGregorio 76

EARLY FLIGHT: Sue Ferranto-Sue Wilson 128, Debbie Bialas-Darielle Hoden 123, Shirley Pearson-Blanch Swaney 123, Josie Palermo-Cindy Orlando 117.5, April Tharp-Margo Rounds 109, Peggy Nason-Astrid Baechetti 108.5, Carol Melson-Bobbie Garcia 100, Marcia Matteo-Sandy Haines 95, Donna Holmes-Jackie Darling 91.5, Denise Hollingshead-Lois Marshall 77


BEMUS POINT–In the Bemus Point Golf Club Tuesday Night Ladies League, Becky Carlson and Jody Cheney tied for low gross honors at 46 while Jan Murray was low net with a 35.

Carlson and Beth Ward tied for fewest putts at 14.

Becky Carlson 46, Jody Cheney 46, Robin Kayner 47, Jen Garrett 48, Judy Briggs 51, Jillian Dahlberg 51, Jenna Head 53, Junie Eimiller 69, Amanda Hollis 66, Ginger Johnson 67, Meg Pickard 74, Mary Caprino 64, CIndy Janson 58, Mary Salvaggio 68, Kathy Ahlstrom 59, Jackie Schenck 56, Patty Kulju 52, Julie Harle 55, Barb Johnson 58, Kelly Carlson 58, Beth Ward 54, Robin Kiendl 55, Tonie Wirsen 52, Jan Murray 55, Sandy Carlson 53, Jan Woodfield 53, Judy Kraft 59, Kay Johnson 54, Lisa Steffen 54, Heidi Brooks 53, Irene Swallen 56


BEMUS POINT — In the Thursday Night Ladies League at Bemus Point Golf Club, Kathy Carlson led the way with a 46 gross and a 35 net.

Jan James, Judy Briggs, Julie Fenton and Becky Carlson were all low in putts with 15.

Kathy Carlson 46, Julie Fenton 47, Jody Cheney 48, Becky Carlson 48, Jen Garrett 49, Judy Briggs 52, Cindy Janson 54, Kay Johnson 54, Jan James 55, Suzy Lindquist 57, Jan Woodfield 57, Andrea Conklin 59, Tracy Kelly 60, Tiara Akin 65


CASSADAGA — In the Thursday Night Men’s Golf League at Cassadaga Country Club, Fred Chamberlin led the way with a 35.

Dave Yagger was closest to the pin on No. 15 while Mike Lawhead eagled No. 13, Stephan Gestwicki eagled No. 14 and Jason Habich birdied No. 18.

Fred Chamberlin 35, Jason Habich 37, Jeremy Beichner 38, Mike Lancaster 38, Mike Lawhead 39, Tom Guaronski 42, Stephan Gestwicki 42, Dave Kobel 42, Matt Wallace 42, Jeff Cook 43, Terry Mahoney 43


In the Moon Brook Country Club Couples League, the team of Pete Scheira, June Scheira, Mike Constantino and Judy Constantino had the low gross score with a 32 while Jim Cirbus, Marcia Cirbus, Dana Washer and Joelle Washer had a low net of 28.

Patty Kulju and Rich Shelly were closest to the line on No. 3; June Scheira and Paul Mole were closest to the pin on No. 4; Kim Gier and Dale Gier had the long drives on No. 6; while Melissa Wilson and Pete Scheira were closest to the pin on No. 8.

NET: Jim Cirbus-Marcia Cirbus-Dana Washer-Joelle Washer 28, Mark Wilson-Melissa Wilson-Paul Gutzmer-Laura Gutzmer 29, Keith Martin-Kelly Dawson-Gene Johnson-Sheryl Johnson 30, Jon Scalise-Sally Scalise-Tom Calalesina-Sandy Calalesina 30, Mike Brecht-Christy Brecht-Keith Kulju-Patty Kulju 31


In the Eastern Division of the Cable Hollow Senior Men’s Friday Golf League, Jim’s Team leads the way with 277 points while Jones Chevrolet has 275.5, The Duffers 274, Community Resource 269, Get R Done 263, Jones Pest Control 258.5, Struthers 252.5, The Fab Four 250, Warren Tire 246.5 and House of Print 242.5.

In the Western Division, Mike’s Townline leads with 280.5 points, Bonded Services has 273, Conn & Company 271, Cable Hollow Golf 261.5, Pete’s Team 252, Maple Place Farms 251.5, Mt. Laurel FCU 245.5, The Yanks 245.5, Falconer/Frewsburg Crew 233.5 and Horseshoe Inn 226.

Jim Leasky, Art Ward and Bob Wolfe all shot 39 while Larry Pischera had a 26 net.

Jon Vincent and Pat Hultquist each had two birdies, Jim Schwab led in points with 9 and Wayne Matve leads in overall points with 82.


ASHVILLE — Cheryl Johnson’s 49 led the gross scores in the Ladies Partakers League at Timber Creek Golf Course.

Carol Melson’s 35 led the net scores while Marsha Gastol and Sandy Tidquist each hit 15 putts.

In Class B, Kathy Sloan had the low gross (61), Val Brunco had the low net (38) and Sandy Nelson hit the fewest putts (16).

Karen Cotten had a birdie on No. 7.


BUSTI — The Tuesday Night Ladies League at South Hills Country Club was led by Jill Allenson and Beth Johnson with 42s.

Allenson birdied No. 1 and Johnson birdied No. 4.

Kristen Carlson birdied No. 6 and Corie Maxson birdied No. 2.

Jill Allenson 42, Beth Johnson 42, Mary Green 43, Lynn Radack 43, Kristen Carlson 44, Patty Lundin 45, Sarah Drake 48, Mary Jo Ford 48, Tammy Hartzell 49, Anne Smith 49, Pam Simon 49, Andrea Carlson 50, Rita Newell 51, Corie Maxson 51, Sally Buffone 52, Lisa Snyder 52, Marty Carcione 52, Karen Bruce 53, Lori Dahlgren 53, Barb Carlson 54, Mel Liddie 54, Kristy Moore 54, Sharon Dowd 55, Julie Abramson 55


ASHVILLE — In the Tuesday Morning Ladies League at Timber Creek Golf Course, Cindy Massey led the way with a 46, Bonnie Green shot 48 and Onda Cole 49.

Candy Carlson shot 52, Doreen Murtaugh 53, Carol Wayne 54, Mary Beckerink 55, Connie Heil 55 and Connie Crick 56.


ASHVILLE — In the Tuesday Evening Ladies League at Timber Creek Golf Course, Kait Ames and Kathi Ames both carded 47 while Toni Indriolo shot 49.

Heather Ames shot 50, Jamie Olson 51, Liza Babcock 51, Marla Oste 53, Karan Murray 53, Julie Acklin 53 and Micki McCray 54.


ASHVILLE — In Wednesday Morning Men’s League play at Timber Creek Golf Course, Don Angelo led the way with a 40 while Doug Smith and Howie Moore shot 41.

Shooting 42s were Darrell Gruber, Jack Brunco, Bob Sargent, Bruce Brightman and Mike Sard. Mark Digirolamo shot 43, and 44s came from John Haller, Ken Beebe and Bruce Myers.


ASHVILLE — In the Wednesday Evening Men’s League at Timber Creek Golf Course, Carl Braun and Dustin Raynor tied with 44s and Austin Anderson shot 45.

Andrew Tordella shot 46, Rick Cole 46, Craig Burch 47, Tyler Higbee 47, Tim Neidert 47, Brock Windoft 48, Joe Spas 48 and Keith Smith 48.


ASHVILLE — In the Thursday Warren Sheet Metal Scramble at Timber Creek Golf Course, Tom Pilling and Bill Jackson led the way at 32 while 33s came from the teams of Dave Leathers and Paul Silzle, Jim Alexander and Keith Martin, Kyle Rensel and Jordan Coccagnia, as well as Matt Beebe and Adam Beebe. Jim Baron and Jack Rensel shot 34.


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