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Jim Brown, left, and Tom Ames were the overall winners of the South Hills Country Club Member-Guest, firing a three-day total of 187. In the First Flight, Charles Volpe and Mark Panebianco finished first with a 188, Larry Case and Tracy Kirby were second with a 188, Jerome Davis and Jeff Keppel were third with a 190 and Gary Yager and Rick D’Angelo were fourth with a 190. Pat MacIntyre and Dave Munella topped the Second Flight with a 193, Dan Vincent and Keith Beckerink were second with a 193, Todd Hoaglund and Collin Whitermore were third with a 193, and P.J. Gronquist and Scott Kelemen were fourth with a 199. Topping the Third Flight with a 191 were Jamie Barton and Chris Pappalardo, followed by Chris Burnett and Chris Brink with a 194, Yogi Kent and Wayne Rishell with a 197, and Joe Gullotti and Craig Knorr with a 204. In the Fourth Flight, Tim Stam and Dave Bogdan led the way with a 216, Rich Brunecz and Jason Brunecz were second with a 216, Mike Peters and Bill Burk were third with a 217, and Kevin Pearson and Bill Thompson were fourth with a 218.

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AKELEY, Pa. — Jack Hellman and Jay Fitch tied Adam Miller and Todd Hendricks as well as Mike Nelson and Tom Anderson with 63 points in the Fitch Disposal two-man scramble at Cable Hollow Golf Course.

John Vincent and Cody Vincent had 62 while Greg Senyo and Mike Ponsoll had 61.5.


AKELEY, Pa. — In the Cable Hollow two-man match-play event, Justin VanArsdale and Mike Anderson led the way with 119.5 points.

Roger VanEvery II and Greg Kolstee had 118.5, Matthew Hill and Noah Turzillo 118, Team Ghost 117.5 and Cody Vincent and John Vincent 117.

Ryan Lemon and Casey Vincent 113.5, Adam Miller and Todd Hendricks 113, Greg Sanyo and Mike Ponsoll 111.5, Tony Thrift and Jim Evers 111.5, Robbie Bero and John Lopez 109.5, Roger Genberg and Brian Perkins 109.5, Bob Lindquist and David Abbey 107.5, Phil DeFabio and Ken Schonbacher 106.5, Alex Fincher and Erik Fincher 105.5, Dave Stewart and Mike Ventura 101.5, Rick Nasman and Tom Walker 97.5, Troy Jackson and Chuck Muffett 93, Byron Jesperson and Wayne Nasman 90.5, Richard Allen and Nekyle Taylor 88.5, Greg Certo and Steven Stoeltzing 72.5.


CASSADAGA — In the Tuesday Night Men’s Golf League at Cassadaga Country Club, Steve Wintersteen led the way with a 32, while Brenton Wilcox shot 33 and Todd Fenton 35.

Dick Frost shot 37, John Crossley 38, Scott Jagoda 38, Dave Willebrandt 38, Don Cornell 39 and Rex Goot 39.

Rob Lancaster was closest to the pin on No. 6.


CASSADAGA — In Monday Night Men’s League action at Cassadaga Country Club, Fred Chamberlin shot 38 while both Jack Meyers and Fred Stern shot 40.

Randy Butts had a 41, Mike Nichols 41, Bob Warsitz 41, Tim Bulger 42, Rob Lancaster 43, Bill Baker 44, Adam Meyers 44 and Greg Wise 44.

Stern was closest to the pin on No. 15 and collected the skin with a birdie, while Nichols had the skin on No. 17 with a birdie.


LAKEWOOD — In the Mulligan Mama’s League at Maplehurst Country Club, Kathy Stedman led the way with a 41 gross while Theresa Jackson shot a 25 net.

Fran Carlson shot a 42, Mary Green 42, Lynn Radack a 43 and Leda Peterson a 44. Janet Johnson carded a 26 net, Radack a 27 net while 28s came from Peterson, Karen Coccagnia, Lisa Nelson and Joyce Peterson.

GROSS: Ellen Lehning 45, Patty Weeks 45, Theresa Jackson 45, Kelly Haaksma 45, Evan Jamie 45, Rita Newell 46, Cathy Mercer 47, Terri Rettberg 47, Andrea Carlson 47, Brenda Tarana 47, Coccagnia 47, Deanna Fuller 48, Ruth Kriese 48, Janet Johnson 48, Stephanie Tanner 48.

NET: Jamie Evan 29, Deanna Fuller 29, Sonya Gustafson 29, Fran Carlson 30, Mary Green 30, Kathy Stedman 31, Ellen Lehning 31, Dot Fulton 31, Terri Rettberg 32, Brenda Tarana 32, Ruth Kriese 32, Stephanie Tanner 32, Kristy Moore 32, Pam Cordosi 32, Patty Weeks 33, Kelly Haaksma 33, Rita Newell 33, Cathy Mercer 33, Andrea Carlson 33, Beth Johnson 33, Laurie Collingwood 33, Wendy Merchant 36, Marcia Derby 36, Cheryl Mason 36, Jen Peters 38, Toni Indriolo 39.


ASHVILLE — In the Players League at Timber Creek Golf Course, Brenda Tarana led the way with a 40, while 46s came from Karan Murray, Kathi Ames, Heather Ames and Toni Indriolo.

Suzie Lindquist 49, Anne Yager 48, Mary Jo Bradish 50, Michelle Saxton 51, Karen Coccagnia 52, Jami Olson 53, Mary Jo Hamilton 53, Julie Acklin 53, Kaitlin Ames 53.


CASSADAGA — In the Cassadaga Country Club Thursday Night Men’s Golf League, Scott Johnson led with a 32.

Fred Chamberlin shot 37 and Mike Lawhead 39, while Rob Kahle shot 40, Rob Lancaster 41, Alex McQuiggan 41 and Dave Meadows 41.

Johnson was low net with a 30, Dave Kobel was closest to the pin on No. 6 while skins went to Kahle on No. 1 (birdie) and Johnson on No. 9 (eagle).


AKELEY, Pa. — In the Eastern Division of the Cable Hollow Senior Men’s Friday Golf League, Jones Chevrolet leads with 254.5 points. The Duffers have 252, Community Resource 251, Jim’s Team 248.5, Get R Done 241.5, The Fab Four 238.5, Jones Pest Control 238, Struthers 231.5, House of Print 228.5 while Warren Tire has 221.

In the Western Division, Mike’s Townline has 261, Bonded Services 254.5, Conn & Company 248, Cable Hollow Golf 237.5, Maple Place Farms 234.5, Mt. Laurel FCU 229.5, Pete’s Team 229, The Yanks 228.5, Falconer/Frewsburg Crew 214.5, and Horseshoe Inn 211.5.

Low gross belonged to Jim Leasky (35), low net went to Skip Sperry (31), and Wayne Matve was the top points getter with 75.5.


BUSTI — Mary Green led the Tuesday Night Ladies League at South Hills Country Club with a 44 and three pars.

Pam Simon and Dawn Strother each shot 46, with Strother earning a birdie on No. 16 while Anne Smith birdied No. 15.

Mary Green 44, Pam Simon 46, Dawn Strother 46, Lynn Radack 47, Candy Carlson 49, Andrea Carlson 50, Kristin Carlson 51, Anne Smith 51, Corie Maxson 52, Julie Abramson 53, Patty Lundin 53, Sarah Drake 54, Sally Buffone 55.


CASSADAGA — In the Cassadaga Country Club Wednesday Night Ladies League, Michelle Helmer shot 41, Jodi Hoffman 45, Judy Mowery 47 and Rebecca Allen 49.


ASHVILLE — In the Tuesday Morning Ladies League at Timber Creek Golf Course, Cindy Massey was the leader with a 47, while Doreen Murtaugh shot 49 and Debbie Illig 50.

Candy Carlson shot 52, Connie Crick 52, Janet Johnson 53, Mary Beckerink 55 and Connie Heil 55.


ASHVILLE — In the Wednesday Men’s Morning League at Timber Creek Golf Course, Jim Cady led with a 38, Howie Moore shot 39 and Bruce Brightman 40.

Darrel Gruber shot 41, Doug Smith 41, Don Angelo 42, Denny Tyger 42, Mark Digirolamo 42, Jerry Weaver 45, Keith Beckerink 45 and Mike Sard 45.


ASHVILLE — In the Thursday Warren Sheet Metal Scramble, Jim Alexander and Keith Martin led with a 34 while Steve Hoyt and Tanner Delahoy tied Matt Beebe and Adam Beebe with 35s.

Zack Camarata and Aaron Widrig shot 36, Jordan Coccagnia and Kyle Rensel 37, Dave Johnson and Carl Caprino 37, Dave Leathers and Paul Silzle 37, Dave Bergstrom and Mark Melquist 37, and Mark Lebaron and Norm Dziendziel 37.


COLLINS — In the Gowanda Country Club Ladies League, Lynn Gotsch had a 45 gross and Trudy Jackson a 31 net in action from two weeks ago.

This past week, Nancy Rodriguez had a 44 gross and Joni Jackson a 35 net.


ASHVILLE — In the Partakers League at Timber Creek Golf Course, Alex Sullivan had a 42 gross, Karen Cotten 36 net, Carol Melson 36 net, Sue Skoglund 36 net and Sandy Tidquist had 16 putts to lead Class A.

In Class B, Emma McCreary and Kathy Sloan tied for low-gross honors with 56s, Rosemarie Wilder shot a 37 net and Mimi Huffman had 15 putts.

Sullivan birdied No. 8.


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