Asquith Senior Tour Plays At Scenic Heights

WATTSBURG, Pa. — The Asquith Senior Golf Tour traveled to Scenic Heights Golf Course with Sam Allesi leading White Flight A at plus 4.

Keith Swanson was plus 4, Dave Stewart plus 4 and Ken Burch shot 81.

In White Flight B, Scott Vogan shot 83 and was plus 13, Joe Matte was plus 10 with an 83 and Bruce Blume was plus 8.

In Gold Flight A, Brian Eckwahl was plus 11 with a 78, Ross Cali was plus 6, while Dave Allen, Joe McCourt and Norm Biegaj were plus 3.

In Gold Flight B, Dennis Richards was plus 9 with an 81, Bryan Champlin was plus 8 and Gary SaGurney was plus 7.

Bill Davenport was plus 14 in Gold Flight C with an 85 gross, Don Maxson was plus 9 and Russ Vacanti was plus 8.

Dave Nichols was plus 10 in Gold Flight D, Fred Bretl was plus 8, Clyde Mohl was plus 7 and Dave Snyder shot 93.

Closest to the pin went to Brian Eckwahl on No. 1, Paul Edson on No. 3, Sam Allesi on No. 14 and McCourt on No. 18.