Kaye’s Team Ties For 16th

WILLIAMSVILLE — Moonbrook Country Club’s Michael Kaye teamed with Peter Appler, Pat McFarland, Rich Mueller and Peter Murphy to tie for 16th place with a 10-under 61 during the Children’s Hospital Invitational at Park Country Club on Monday.

Holiday Valley’s Steven Carner played with Jim Basil, Tim Kane, Mike Rossi and Mike Curatolo, also shooting a 10-under 61 to tie for 16th place.

Pat Damore of the Lakewood Golf Center teamed up with Don Faltisco, Connor Faltisco, Adam Babcock and Jonathan Marron to tie for 20th with a 9-under 62. Ryan Swanson of Pinehurst Golf Club teamed with Scott Peterman, Art Tomczak, Cletis Earle and Kevin Gilbert to fire 8-under and finish tied for 24th.

Elkdale Country Club’s Jack Widger, Dan Arnold, Scot Fagin, Lisa Schmidt and Jon Mills shot 5-under 66 and tied for 37th while Holiday Valley’s Kyle Benish, Jamie Galus, Jon Notarius, Shea Hannon and Ron Torgalski finished 47th at 3-under.

The winners were Pennfair Golf’s Taylor Page, Billy Hanes, Tony Tresco, Keelan Schwab and Charlie Watson, who combined for a 15-under 56.