Blaney Collects All Star Win At Stateline

BUSTI — Tony Stewart’s Ollie’s Bargain Outlet All Star Circuit of Champions Sprint Cars presented by the Shults Auto Group rolled into Stateline Speedway Saturday for third time in history of the track.

The first time the series came to the track was in 1970, when the race was won by Lee Osborne. Thirty-three winged racers signed into the pits for Saturday’s race, which was back for the second consecutive year.

The All Stars were joined by Stateline’s Dave Warren Auto Group Super Late Models. The 2018 winner of this event was Carson Macedo, who did not compete this year.

Aaron Reutzel was the overall fastest time with a lap 15.712.

The Super Late Model finale saw Ryan Scott take over the front position on lap three, then go on to his first-ever Super Late Model feature victory.

In the All Star feature, Dale Blaney was up to the task and won with a .701 second margin over Reutzel with Stewart third, Spencer Bayston fourth and Brock Zearfoss fifth. The event paid $5,000 to win.

Dave Warren Auto Group Victory Lane

Dave Warren Auto Group Super Late Models

Heat 1: Wyatt Scott, Rich Gardner, Rick Tripodi, Steve Kania, Joel Watson, Easton Hedman, Chris Hackett (DNS)

Heat 2: Darrell Bossard, Brandon Groters, Bump Hedman, Doug Eck, Chad Valone, Chris Peterson, Dutch Davies

Heat 3: Max Blair, Kyle Bedell, Jake Finnerty, Andy Boozel, David Scott, Matt Urban

Heat 4: Ryan Scott, Dave Hess, John Lobb, Nate Hill, Matt Lux, Al Brewer

Feature: Ryan Scott, Darrell Bossard, Dave Hess, Max Blair, Jake Finnerty, Bump Hedman, John Lobb, Kyle Bedell, Steve Kania, David Scott, Brandon Groters, Andy Boozel, Chad Valone, Matt Urban, Dutch Davies, Doug Eck, Rich Gardner, Wyatt Scott, Nate Hill, Al Brewer, Rick Tripodi, Easton Hedman, Matt Lux, Chris Peterson, Joel Watson

All Star Circuit of Champions

Time Trials: Aaron Reutzel 15.712, Tony Stewart 15.756, Skyler Gee 15.772, Dan Shetler 15.873, Brock Zearfoss 15.893, Cory Eliason 15.991, Chad Kemenah 16.009, Spencer Bayston 16.048, Joe Kata 16.068, Dale Blaney 16.072, Brandon Spithaler 16.096, Michael Bauer 16.138, Gerard McIntyre 16.188, Greg Wilson 16.190, Tyler Esh 16.311, Paul McMahan 16.337, Jared Zimbardi 16.357, John Garvin 16.378, Justin Barger 16.380, Darren Pifer 16.502, Landon Lalond 16.530, George Hobaugh 16.780, Gale Ruth Sr 17.080, Brett Brunkenhoefer 17.144 Jared McFarland 17.239

Heat 1: Joe Kata, Chad Kemenah, Brock Zearfoss, Skyler Gee, Brandon Spithaler, John Garvin, Tyler Esh, George Hobaugh, Brett Brunkenhoefer

Heat 2: Aaron Reutzel, Spencer Bayston, Tony Stewart, Michael Bauer, Paul McMahan, Justin Barger, Greg Wilson, Landon Lalonde

Heat 3: Gerard McIntyre, Dale Blaney, Dan Shetler, Cory Eliason, Jared Zimbardi, Darren Pifer, Gale Ruth Sr, Jared McFarland

Dash: Dale Blaney, Skyler Gee, Tony Stewart, Aaron Reutzel, Joe Kata, Brock Zearfoss, Chad Kemenah, Gerard McIntyre

B-Main: Greg Wilson, Tyler Esh, Landon Lalonde, George Hobaugh, Gale Ruth Sr, Jared McFarland, Brett Brunkenhoefer

Feature: Dale Blaney, Aaron Reutzel, Tony Stewart, Spencer Bayston, Brock Zearfoss, Skyler Gee, Gerard McIntyre, Cory Eliason, Greg Wilson, Dan Shetler, Jared Zimbardi, Justin Barger, Michael Bauer, Chad Kemenah, Brandon Spithaler, Darren Pifer, Joe Kata, John Garvin, Tyler Esh, Paul McMahan, George Hobaugh, Gale Ruth Sr, Landon Lalonde, Jared McFarland