Asquith Senior Tour Plays At Chautauqua Golf Club This Week

CHAUTAUQUA — In Art Asquith Senior Golf Tour action at Chautauqua Golf Club this week, Ken Burch led White Flight A with an 87 gross and a minus one, while Randy Carlson was minus one and Jud Foy minus three.

Fran Dexter shot a 92 and was plus two in White Flight B, Fred Bretl was plus four and Scott Vogan minus one.

Brian Eckwahl was plus two and shot 83 to lead Gold Flight A, while Dave Allen was minus one and Jay Mengel minus one.

Bill Cross was plus seven with an 84 in Gold Flight B, Richard Tyler was plus four while both Rich Barkstrom and Sal Dicembre finished at zero.

Ray Head shot 90 and was plus five in Gold Flight C, while Vince Willis was plus two and Bill Anderson plus two.

In Gold Flight D Jim Polvino was plus five, Dave Nagy plus three, while Bruce Spencer and Don Armstrong were plus two and Bob Kaverman shot a 100 gross.

Closest to the pin went to Mengel on No. 4, Denny Richards on No. 6, Paul Bell on No. 8, Ted Charles on No. 12 and Head on No. 15.