Sullivan, Kranzo, Hoose Lead Southwestern Past Golden Cougars

The Golden Cougars’ Samantha Gilbert competes in the long jump. P-J photos by Lisa Monacelli

SINCLAIRVILLE — Hannah Sullivan won three events while Katja Kranzo and Gianna Hoose each won two to lead Southwestern to a 96-45 victory over Falconer/Cassadaga Valley in Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 1 girls track and field Tuesday at Cassadaga Valley High School.

Sullivan won the 1,500 meters (5:24), 800 meters (2:37) and 3,000 meters (12:31); Kranzo captured the 100-meter high hurdles (17.6) and 400-meter intermediate hurdles (1:11.3); and Hoose claimed the high jump (4-8) and discus (96-4) for the Trojans, who improved to 4-0 overall and 2-0 in the league.

Samantha Gilbert was a triple winner for the Golden Cougars (3-2, 1-1), taking the 100 meters (12.5), 200 meters (26.8) and triple jump (31-5).

3,200m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Grace Lundmark, Macey Arnone, Kaitlin Brentley, McKenzie Haskins). T–10:35

100m high hurdles: Katja Kranzo (S), Kayla Allen (S), Grace Lundmark (F/CV). T–17.6

Falconer/Cassadaga Valley’s Kristin Brentley runs the final leg of the 3,200-meter relay against Southwestern in Sinclairville on Monday.

100m: Samantha Gilbert (F/CV), Cassidy Allen (S), Rachael Ward (F/CV). T–12.5

1,500m: Hannah Sullivan (S), Hannah Lillie (S), Mikaela LeBaron (F/CV). T–5:24

400m relay: Southwestern (Dow, Koepp, Taylor, Hagel). T–55.5

400m: Carissa Minarovich (S), McKenzie Haskins (F/CV), Ellie Lawton (S). T–1:05.8

400m intermediate hurdles: Katja Kranzo (S), Kayla Allen (S), Grace Lundmark (F/CV). T–1:11.3

800m: Hannah Sullivan (S), Kaitlin Brentley (F/CV), Breah Orlando (S). T–2:37

200m: Samantha Gilbert (F/CV), Cassidy Allen (S), Natalie Fosberg (S). T–26.8

Long jump: Quinn Taylor (S), Samantha Gilbert (F/CV), Kayla Allen (S). D–15-1

High jump: Gianna Hoose (S), Grace Elder (F/CV), Kayla Allen (S). H–4-8

Triple jump: Samantha Gilbert (F/CV), Cassidy Allen (S), Grace Elder (F/CV). D–31-5

Pole vault: Rachael Ward (F/CV), Cassidy Allen (S), Tabitha Clark (F/CV). H–10-0

Shot put: Abby Manelick (S), Madi Brooks (S), Lauralin Destro (F/CV). D–29-11

Discus: Gianna Hoose (S), Grace Lillie (S), Abby Manelick (S). D–96-4

3,000m: Hannah Sullivan (S), Hannah Lillie (S), Tabitha Clark (S). T–12:31

1,600m relay: Southwestern (Kranzo, Orlando, Lawton, Minarovich). T–4:42


CATTARAUGUS — Emma Romanik was Silver Creek’s lone double winner, but the Black Knights’ depth prevailed in a 102-34 Division 2 victory over Cattaraugus-Little Valley.

Romanik won the 400 meters (1:08.5) and pole vault (8-6) for the visitors.

Emma Pocobello was a double winner for the Timberwolves, capturing the 100 meters (14.1) and high jump (4-2).

3,200m relay: Silver Creek (Juliana Flick, Ellie Decker, Jaylah Cossin, Sylvea Cleary). T–10:54.8

100m high hurdles: Sam Lau (SC), Olivia Boothe (SC), Sarah Boothe (SC). T–18.7

100m: Emma Pocobello (C-LV), Madison Valvo (SC), Katie Castiglia (SC). T–14.1

1,500m: Juliana Flick (SC), Summer Harper (C-LV), Daisy League (SC). T–5:29.4

400m relay: Silver Creek (Alivia Penmann, Madison Valvo, Jaylah Cossin, Kylie Procknal). T–55.7

400m: Emma Romanik (SC), Emma Pocobello (C-LV), Lily League (SC). T–1:08.5

400m hurdles: Aaliyah Small (C-LV), Olivia Boothe (SC), Sarah Boothe (SC). T–1:17.6

800m: Ellie Decker (SC), Summer Harper (C-LV), Julia Kennedy (SC). T–2:52.4

200m: Kylie Procknal (SC), Emma Romanik (SC), Emma Pocobello (C-LV). T–28.4

3,000m: Jaylah Cossin (SC), Ellie Decker (SC), Emma Haynes (C-LV). T–12:42.8

1,600m relay: Silver Creek (Madison Valvo, Alivia Penmann, Juliana Flick, Jaylah Cossin). T–4:52.4

Long jump: Kylie Procknal (SC), Chloe Vecchio (SC), Clara Thompson (C-LV). D–14-10

Triple jump: Anika Patterson (C-LV). D–22-10

High jump: Emma Pocobello (C-LV), Julia Kennedy (SC), Summer Harper (C-LV). H–4-2

Pole vault: Emma Romanik (SC), Lily League (SC). H–8-6

Shot put: Alina Beadle (SC), Sophia Stalica (SC), Christine Rauth (SC). D–30-8.5

Discus: Sophia Stalica (SC), Alina Beadle (SC), Rose Ellis (C-LV). D–79-9



MAYVILLE — Amelia Brown was a double winner and Chautauqua Lake won two of the three relays en route to a 77-64 Division 2 victory over Portville.

Brown claimed first place in the 100-meter high hurdles (19.4) and 400-meter intermediate hurdles (1:16.7) for the Thunderbirds.

3,200m relay: Chautauqua Lake (Obert, Walczak, Zarpentine, Erickson). T–15:40.5

100m high hurdles: Brown (CL), Bauer (CL), Ensell (P). T–19.4

100m: JaDaley (P), Alfa (CL), AScriven (CL). T–13.7

1500m: Marshau (P), Smith (P), BScriven (CL). T–6:13.2

400m relay: Portville (JaDaley, JeDaley, Dean, Miller). T–55.4

400m: Gilmore (CL), Dean (P), AScriven (CL). T–1:07.2

400m intermediate hurdles: Brown (CL), Childs (P), Encell (P). T–1:16.7

800m: Miller (P), Zarpentine (CL), Obert (CL). T–2:52.2

200m: JaDaley (P), Alfa (CL), AScriven (CL). T–28.7

3,000m: Marshau (P), Gross (CL), BScriven (CL). T–13:43.4

1,600m relay: Chautauqua Lake (AScriven, Brown, Erickson, Gilmore). T–4:39.3

Long jump: Childs (P), Schoonover (P), Alfa (CL). D–14-7

Triple jump: Childs (P), Erickson (CL), Zarpentine (CL). D–30-8.5

High jump: Miller (P), Obert (CL), Rashbrook (CL). H–4-6

Shot put: Mantsch (CL), Carson (CL), HGibbons (CL). D–24-0

Discus: Bean (CL), Carson (CL), Mantsch (CL). D–78-7

Pole vault: Dean (P), Walczak (CL), Tripp (CL). H–7-0


Ava Crist was a triple winner to lead Maple Grove to a 116-25 Division 3 victory over Westfield.

Crist captured the 400 meters (1:03), 800 meters (2:24.8) and 200 meters (29.7) for the Red Dragons. Alyssa Steen claimed the shot put (31-1) and discus (78-8) while Marisa Schuppenhauer was victorious in the long jump (13-9) and triple jump (29-4) for the hosts.

3,200m relay: Westfield (McKenzie Wolfe, Makartree Mortimer, Savannah Lashbrooke, Makayla Wolfe). T–11:00

100m high hurdles: Elsa Gruber (MG), Jamie Black (W), Allie Kohl (MG). T–18.6

100m: Morgan Plymel (MG), Mary Conklin (W), Aaliyah Burkes (MG). T–13.6

1,500m: Tina Peppy (MG), Carling Lockwood (MG), Savannah Lashbrooke (W). T–5:09.1

400m relay: Maple Grove (Schuppenhauer, Burkes, Gruber, Plymel). T–56.5

400m: Ava Crist (MG), Peppy (MG), Sophia Devlin (W). T–1:03

400m intermediate hurdles: Makayla Wolfe (W), Gruber (MG), Kaylin Hairston (MG). T–1:18.7

800m: Crist (MG), Peppy (MG), Abby Brunenavs (MG). T–2:24.8

200m: Crist (MG), Conklin (W), Ainsley Helt (MG). T–29.7

3,000m: Lockwood (MG), Lashbrooke (W), Mortimer (W). T–12:17

1,600m relay: Maple Grove (Marshall, Mozzi, Plymel, Crist). T–4:39

High jump: Emma Foley (MG), Marshall (MG), AKohl (MG). H–4-8

Pole vault: Bailey Nocero (MG), Lucy Kohl (MG), Morgan Tarbrake (MG). H–6-0

Long jump: Marisa Schuppenhauer (MG), Foley (MG), BMozzi (MG). D–13-9

Triple jump: Schuppenhauer (MG), Gruber (MG), Marshall (MG). D–29-4

Shot put: Alyssa Steen (MG), Courtney Hemminger (MG), Tessa Mozzi (MG). D–31-1

Discus: Alyssa Steen (MG), Courtney Hemminger (MG), Tessa Mozzi (MG). D–78-8



Kasey Markham and Kylee Odell were both double winners to lead Clymer/Sherman/Panama to a 90-45 Division 3 victory over Randolph at Maple Grove Junior-Senior High School.

Markham captured the 100 meters (14.1) and 400-meter intermediate hurdles (1:23.9) while Odell claimed the 3,000 meters (11:50.1) and long jump for the Wolfpack.

3,200m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (AWhite, MGratto, EMills, KOdell). T–10:46.4

100m high hurdles: KSchnars (C/S/P), KDubuc (R), TKeyes (R). T–17.6

100m: KMarkham (C/S/P), PKeyes (R), WRader (R). T–14.1

1,500m: AWhite (C/S/P), LSwan (C/S/P), SSmith (R). T–5:36.7

400m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (KYuchnitz, KMarkham, JKuno, NCarris). T–56.0

400m: MGratto (C/S/P), CLewis (R), TClark (R). T–1:06.3

400m intermediate hurdles: KMarkham (C/S/P), JKuno (C/S/P). T–1:23.9

800m: MCarris (C/S/P), LSwan (C/S/P), LVanRensselaer (R). T–3:00

200m: PKeyes (R), WRader (R), SBowles (R). T–30.6

3,000m: KOdell (C/S/P) MSchauman (C/S/P) EMills (C/S/P). T–11:50.1

1,600m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (N/A). T–4:48.7

Long jump: KOdell (C/S/P), KSchnars (C/S/P), JKuno (C/S/P).

High jump: KYuchnitz (C/S/P), KSchnars (C/S/P), TClark (R). H–4-6

Triple jump: RFinch (R), KYuchnitz (C/S/P). D–29-8

Shot put: KDecker (C/S/P), SWatson (C/S/P), AHawkins (R). D–25-7

Discus: NDungan (R), OMorton (C/S/P), JMarkham (C/S/P). D–64-3.25

Pole vault: ARader (R). H–6-0


FRANKLINVILLE — Franklinville/Ellicottville/West Valley was a 102-37 winner over Frewsburg in Division 3 action.

Janay Ghani took home the 100 meters in 13.0 and the 200 meters in 28.6 while Alysa Williams won the 3,000 meters (12:36.7) and the 1,500 meters (5:46.8).

Logan Fredrickson was victorious in the long jump (13-9) and the 100-meter hurdles (17.6) while Hayly Fredrickson claimed the 400-meter hurdles (1:15.9) and the pole vault (8-0).

100m hurdles: Logan Fredrickson (FV), Mandy Hurlburt (FV), Hayly Fredrickson (FV). T–17.6

100m: Janay Ghani (FV), Kaitlyn Pixley (Frew), Zoey Green (FV). T–13.0

1,500m: Alysa Williams (FV), Rylee Gore (Frew), Sadie Hood (FV). T–5:46.8

400m: Kaylee Constantino (Frew), Ghani (FV), McKenna Kaleta (FV). T–1:07.7

400m hurdles: H. Fredrickson (FV), Brooke Butler (FV), Lucy Marchese (FV). T–1:15.9

800m: Acacia Barber (Frew), L. Frederickson (FV), Gore (Frew). T–2:43.5

200m: Ghani (FV), Pixley (Frew), Gabby Milligan (FV). T–28.6

3,000m: Alysa Williams (FV), Jewel Wozniak (FV), Abby Chudy (FV). T–12:36.7

High jump: Milligan (FV), M. Kaleta (FV). H–4-0

Long jump: L. Fredrickson (FV), Pixley (Frew), Claire Johnson (Frew). D–13-9

Shot put: Green (FV), Meganne Chapman (FV), Maya Suruy (Frew). D–29-9

Discus: Chapman (FV), Suruy (Frew), Meghan Burnham (Frew). D–85-9

Triple jump: Elsa Woodarek (FV), Johnson (Frew), Marchese (FV). D–28-3.5

Pole vault: H. Fredrickson (FV), Woodarek (FV). H–8-0

3,200m relay: Franklinville/Ellicottville/West Valley (Hood, M. Kaleta, Cameron Kaleta, Lillian Hansen). T–12:19.8

400m relay: Frewsburg (Gracie Conlan, Pixley, Blythe Schuchardt, Emily Lundgren). T–57.5

1,600m relay: Franklinville/Ellicottville/West Valley (Milligan, L. Fredrickson, M. Kaleta, H. Fredrickson). T–4:42.0