Southwestern, Maple Grove Clinch Leagues

Trojans’ Cassidy Allen Sets Pole Vault Record; Crist?Claims Three Events For Red Dragons

Southwestern’s Katja Kranzo competes in the 400-meter hurdles during Tuesday’s CCAA Division 1 track and field meet in Fredonia. P-J photo by Lisa Monacelli

FREDONIA — Southwestern won its sixth league title in seven years with a 113-23 Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 1 girls track and field victory over Fredonia on Tuesday.

Cassidy Allen was a double winner for the Trojans, breaking her own school record in the pole vault (10-0) while also taking the 200 meters (27.9). Quinn Taylor won the long jump (14-2) and triple jump (29-10.5) while Gianna Hoose captured the shot put (30-7.5) and discus (106-0) for the winners.

Emily Brown won the 400-meter hurdles (1:07.9) and 800 meters (N/A) for the Hillbillies.

3,200m relay: Fredonia (Claire Lanski, Anna Buchanan, Ashlyn Ambrose, Emily Brown). T–11:05.9

100m hurdles: Lily Constantino (S), Kayla Allen (S), Gabby Wigren (S). T–18.3

The Trojans’ Rosie Hagel runs the 400-meter relay. P-J photos by Lisa Monacelli

100m: Kenzi Doepp (S), Quinn Taylor (S), Emma Dow (S). T–N/A

1,500m: Lily Nelson (S), Anna Rauh (S), Mary Slater (S). T–5:49.3

400m relay: Southwestern (Emma Dow, Kenzi Doepp, Quinn Taylor, Rosie Hagel). T–N/A

400m: Carissa Minarovich (S), Ellie Lawton (S), Breah Orlando (S). T–1:08

400m hurdles: Emily Brown (F), Katja Kranzo (S), Gabby Wigren (S). T–1:07.9

800m: Emily Brown (F), Hannah Sullivan (S), Hannah Lilly (S).

200m: Cassidy Allen (S), Ellie Lawton (S), Kenzie Doepp (S). T–27.9

3,000m: Hannah Sullivan (S), Hannah Lillie (S), Lily Nelson (S). T–12:51.1

1,600m relay: Fredonia (Claire Lanski, Anna Buchanan, Emily Timmerman, Emily Brown). T–4:49.1

High jump: Ellen Reynolds (S). H–4-0

Pole vault: Cassidy Allen (S), Grijalva (S). H–10-0

Long jump: Quinn Taylor (S), Morgan Desnerck (S), Rosie Hagel (S). D–14-2

Triple jump: Quinn Taylor (S), Anna Buchanan (F), Rosie Hagel (S). D–29-10.5

Shot put: Gianna Hoose (S), Brooks (S), Hawkins (S). D–30-7.5

Discus: Gianna Hoose (S), Grace Lillie (S), Demming (S). D–106-0



FRANKLINVILLE — Maple Grove wrapped up the Division 3 crown with a 98-43 win over Franklinville/Ellicottville/West Valley.

Ava Crist claimed the 1,500 meters (4:59.2), 400 meters (1:05.2) and 800 meters (2:29.6) for the Red Dragons. Marisa Schuppenhauer captured the long jump (14-4.75) and triple jump (30-11.75) while Alyssa Steen won the shot put (33-11.5) and discus (90-7).

Janay Ghani won the 100 meters (13.4) and 200 meters (27.7) while Hayly Fredrickson took first in the 400-meter hurdles (1:16.7) and pole vault (8-6) for the Titans (4-2, 3-2).

100m hurdles: Logan Fredrickson (F/E/WV), Elsa Gruber (MG), Hayly Fredrickson (F/E/WV). T–17.6

100m: Janay Ghani (F/E/WV), Bryn Mozzi (MG), Zoey Green (F/E/WV). T–13.4

1,500m: Ava Crist (MG), Tina Peppy (MG), Carling Lockwood (MG). T–4:59.2

400m: Ava Crist (MG), Janay Ghani (F/E/WV), Hope Marshall (MG). T–1:05.2

400m hurdles: Hayly Fredrickson (F/E/WV), Elsa Gruber (MG), Brooke Butler (F/E/WV). T–1:16.7

800m: Ava Crist (MG), Tina Peppy (MG), Lillian Hansen (F/E/WV). T–2:29.6

200m: Janay Ghani (F/E/WV), Bryn Mozzi (MG), Gabby Milligan (F/E/WV). T–27.7

3,000m: Tina Peppy (MG), Abby Brunenavs (MG), Alysa Williams (F/E/WV). T–12:01.9

3,200m relay: Maple Grove (Brunenavs, Tarbrake, Pavlock, Marshall). T–11:00

400m relay: Maple Grove (Schuppenhauer, Gruber, Plymel, BMozzi). T–56.7

1,600m relay: Maple Grove (Marshall, Peppy, BMozzi, Crist). T–4:30

High jump: Emma Foley (MG), Logan Fredrickson (F/E/WV), Allie Cole (MG). H–4-8

Long jump: Marisa Schuppenhauer (MG), Emma Foley (MG), Logan Fredrickson (F/E/WV). D–14-4.75

Triple jump: Marisa Schuppenhauer (MG), Emma Foley (MG), Elsa Gruber (MG). D–30-11.75

Shot put: Alyssa Steen (MG), Courtney Hemminger (MG), Tessa Mozzi (MG). D–33-11.5

Discus: Alyssa Steen (MG), Meganne Chapman (F/E/WV), Tessa Mozzi (MG). D–90-7

Pole vault: Hayly Fredrickson (F/E/WV), Elsa Woodarek (F/E/WV) and Bailey Nocero (MG). H–8-6



RANDOLPH — Amanda Graham and Rian Finch were double winners for Randolph as the Cardinals edged Frewsburg, 70-69, in Division 3 action.

Graham won the 100-meter hurdles (19.7) and high jump (4-8) while Finch captured the long jump (13-9.5) and triple jump (30-8.25).

Samantha Annis took first in the 100 meters (14.1), 200 meters (29.3) and 400-meter hurdles (1:38.3) for the Bears.

3,200m relay: Randolph (Sydney Smith, Elisabeth Root, Claire Lewis, Lucy VanRensselaer). T–13:27.8

100m hurdles: Amanda Graham (R), Kelly Dubuc (R), Grace Cline (F). T–19.7

100m: Samantha Annis (F), Gracie Conlan (F), Brooklyn McCoslo (F). T–14.1

1,500m: Acacia Barber (F), Sydney Smith (R), Elisabeth Root (R). T–5:40.2

400m relay: Frewsburg (Sophie Walters, Samantha Annis, Gracie Conlan, Rachel Annis). T–56.5

400m: Kaylee Constantino (F), Tyra Clark (R), Siennah Bowles (R). T–1:09.5

400m hurdles: Samantha Annis (F), Tayla Keyes (R), Kelly Dubuc (R) 1:38.3

800m: Riley Gore (F), Claire Lewis (R), Lucy VanRensselaer (R). T–2:40.2

200m: Samantha Annis (F), Sophia Walters (F), Piper Keyes (R). T–29.3

3,000m: Sydney Smith (R), Elisabeth Root (R), Riley Gore (F). T–12:59.5

1,600m relay: Frewsburg (Riley Gore, Kaylee Constantino, Rachel Annis, Acacia Barber). T–4:44.3

Long jump: Rian Finch (R), Claire Johnson (F), Hannah Lecceadone (R). D–13-9.5

Triple jump: Rian Finch (R), Rachel Annis (F), D–30-8.25

High jump: Amanda Graham (R), Tyra Clark (R), Siennah Bowles (R). H–4-8

Pole vault: Claire Johnson (F), Willow Rader (R). H–7-0

Shot put: Maia Suruy (F), Kourtney Leeper (R), Megan Burnham (F). D–26-5

Discus: Kourtney Leeper (R), Hannah Eckert (F), Nicolette Dungan (R). D–73-2



GOWANDA — Sweeps in the triple jump and discus propelled Gowanda to a 70-67 Division 1 win over Dunkirk.

Taylor Ribblett was a double winner for the Panthers (4-3, 2-2), claiming the 400-meter hurdles (1:25.1) and high jump (3-10).

“The field events definitely came through for us,” Gowanda coach Rex Brown said. “Winning the 400-meter relay was also a big swing.”

Jericha Petrella captured the 100 meters (13.2) and 800 meters; Octavia Porter took the 400 meters (1:07.2) and 200 meters; and Gabrielle Hart won the 1,500 meters (6:01.5) and long jump (13-11) for the Marauders (1-4).

3,200m relay: Dunkirk (Siera Jacques, Gabi Lobe, Gabrielle Hart, Siera Porpiglia). T–11:26.8

100m hurdles: Ashton Francis (G), Lindsey Gabel (G), Amisaday Cedeno (D). T–18.1

100m: Jericha Petrella (D), Octavia Porter (D), Elise Forbes (G). T–13.2

1,500m: Gabrielle Hart (D), Kristine Twoguns (G), Yuribeth Castro (D). T–6:01.5

400m relay: Gowanda (Janel Williams, Lindsey Gabel, Julianna Grudzien, Elise Forbes). T–57.7

400m: Octavia Porter (D), Tia Moppert (G), Miranda Kaminski (G). T–1:07.2

400m hurdles: Taylor Ribblett (G), Amisaday Cedeno (D), Ashton Francis (G). T–1:25.1

800m: Jericha Petrella (D), Siera Jacques (D), Siera Porpiglia (D). T–N/A

200m: Octavia Porter (D), Alexis Davis (D), Julianna Grudzien (G). T–N/A

3,000m: Kristine Twoguns (G), Kayla Forthman (G), Emagin Warrior (G). T–14:46.5

Pole vault: Jessica Vasquez (D), Gabby Lobe (D), Olivia Surma (D). H–6-6

High jump: Taylor Ribblett (G). H–3-10

Long jump: Gabrielle Hart (D), Sherri Tyler (G), Elise Forbes (G). D–13-11

Shot put: Tatum Stitzel (G), Solmariel Rosado (D), Kristin Warrior (G). D–22-5

Triple jump: Lindsey Gabel (G), Ashton Francis (G), Emagin Warrior (G). D–28-9

Discus: Kristin Warrior (G), Tatum Stitzel (G), Debbie Dewey (G). D–67-3

1,600m relay: Dunkirk (Gabrielle Hart, Gabi Lobe, Siera Porpiglia, Siera Jacques). T–N/A



Clarence was a 79-58 winner over Jamestown in Erie County Interscholastic Conference Division 1 action at Strider Field.

Allie Stockwell took home the 100-meters (12.7) and the 200 meters (26.9) for Jamestown and joined teammates Zakya Slaughter, Quentasia Leeper and Giovana Calamunci to take home the 400-meter relay (52.5).

Calamunci also took home the 100-meter hurdles (16.5).

3,200m relay: Clarence (Camryn Cwiklinski, Sam Hughes, Anna Ridge, Lexi Marcinkowski). T–10:35

100m hurdles: Giovana Calamunci (J), Natalie Armon (C), Chelsy Scott (J). T–16.5

100m: Allison Stockwell (J), Quentasia Leeper (J), Zakya Slaughter (J). T–12.7

1,500m: Anna Ridge (C), Charlotte Costich (C), Lily Wolfley (C). T–5:17.5

400m: Mailey Geiger (C), Mari Quinones (C), Sam Evans (C). T–1:05.5

400m hurdles: Natalie Armon (C), Liz Scherrer (C), Sarah Hudi (C). T–1:12.2

800m: Payton Payne (C), Camryn Cwiklinski (C), Sam Hughes (C). T–2:31.3

200m: Allison Stockwell (J), Mailey Geiger (C), Giovana Calamunci (J). T–26.9

3,000m: Anna Ridge (C), Charlotte Costitch (C), Lauren Dunn (C). T–11:46.7

1,600m relay: Clarence (Natalie Armon, Liz Scherrer, Mari Quinones, Haruka Muto). T–4:30.8

400m relay: Jamestown (Zakya Slaughter, Quentasia Leeper, Allison Stockwell, Giovana Calamunci). T–52.5

Long jump: Claire Pumford (J), Madison Kehe (J), Sofie Ras (C). D–14-6.5

Tripe jump: Madison Kehe (J), Natalie Armon (C), Laina Bockus (C). D–31-1.5

Shot put: Paige Ravelski (C), Elli Polito (C), Nadine Sallai (C). D–33-3.5

Discus: Morgan Tracy (J), Paige Ravelski (C), Nadine Sallai (C). D–88-9.5

Pole vault: Holland Isaacson (J). H–5-6

High jump: Kara Triscari (J), Madison Kehe (J), Cadance Main (J). H–4-6



MAYVILLE — Amelia Brown and Autumn Gross were double winners to lead Chautauqua Lake past Cattaraugus-Little Valley, 107-30, in Division 2 competition.

Brown captured the 100-meter hurdles (19.6) and 400-meter hurdles (1:15.6) while Gross claimed the 1,500 meters (6:17) and 3,000 meters (13:43) for the Thunderbirds.

Lauren Eaton took the 100 meters (13.3), 200 meters (28.5) and long jump (13-5) for the Timberwolves.

3,200m relay: Chautauqua Lake (Obert, Brown, Zarpentine, Erickson). T–14:25.7

100m hurdles: Amelia Brown (CL), Emily Bauer (CL), Amelie Metzger (C-LV). T–19.6

100m: Lauren Eaton (C-LV), Lauren Alfa (CL), Angel Scriven (CL). T–13.3

1,500m: Autumn Gross (CL), Avery Boyles (C-LV), Brooklyn Scriven (CL). T–6:17

400m relay: Chautauqua Lake (Gilmore, Bauer, Erickson, Alfa). T–57.5

400m: Isabella Gilmore (CL), Emma Poccobello (C-LV), Lauren Alfa (CL). T–1:08.3

400m hurdles: Amelia Brown (CL), Aaliyah Small (C-LV), Emily Bauer (CL). T–1:15.6

800m: Calla Zarpentine (CL), Emma Poccobello (C-LV), Mercedez Obert (CL). T–2:58.2

200m: Lauren Eaton (C-LV), Isabella Gilmore (CL), Angel Scriven (CL). T–28.5

3,000m: Autumn Gross (CL), Calla Zarpentine (CL), Brooklyn Scriven (CL). T–13:43.0

1,600m relay: Chautauqua Lake (AScriven, Brown, Erickson, Gilmore). T–4:43.5

High jump: Mercedez Obert (CL), Kathryn Cox (CL), Mackenzie Rashbrook (CL). H–4-6

Long jump: Lauren Eaton (C-LV), Lauren Alfa (CL), Kathryn Cox (CL). D–13-5

Triple jump: Kira Erickson (CL), Calla Zarpentine (CL), Anika Patterson (C-LV). D–27-7

Shot put: Taylor Mantsch (CL), Anyah Carson (CL), Rose Ellis (C-LV). D–23-6

Discus: Anyah Carson (CL), Cailynne Bean (CL), Taylor Mantsch (CL). D–67-8

Pole vault: Haley Tripp (CL). H–6-0