Scroxton, Kinnear Lead Trojans; Jones Is Quadruple Winner For Red Dragons

Southwestern’s Chase Stevenson clears the bar in the pole vault. P-J photos by Lisa Monacelli

FREDONIA — Southwestern rolled to its third straight Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 1 boys track and field title and third straight undefeated season with a 93-43 win over Fredonia. The Trojans are now 7-0 overall and 5-0 against league opponents.

“Expectations were high for our boys entering the season,” Southwestern coach Jay Sirianni said. “Through great upperclassmen leadership and solid contributions from our younger athletes, we were able to win another league championship.”

Eddie Scroxton grabbed wins in the 1,600 meters (4:58) and the 800 meters (2:04) while Jaden Kinnear took home the 110-meter hurdles (16.1) and the high jump (5-4).

3,200m relay: Southwestern (Dagon Bryant, Marcus Kautzman, Carter McKotch, Garrett Swan). T–9:17

110m hurdles: Jaden Kinnear (S), Vance Alvarez (S), Hessen Baghat (F). T–16.1

The Trojans’ Jaden Kinnear runs the 400-meter hurdles.

100m; Dyress Battan (F), Gaven Dewey (S), Cameron Calimeri (S). T–11.7

1,600m: Eddie Scroxton (S), Ethan Luce (S), Dagon Bryant (S). T–4:58

400m relay: Double DQ

400m: Kautzman (S), Oliver Madariaga (F), Trenton Shutters (S). T–53.8

400m hurdles: Kinnear (S), Ryan Budzinksi (F), Swan (S). T–1:01

800m: Scroxton (S), Jack Carlson (F), McKotch (S). T–2:04

200m: Madariaga (F), Dewey (S), Scroxton (S). T–23.7

3,200m: Bryant (S), Luce (S), Jackson Vanstrom (S). T–10:26

1,600m: Fredonia (Kevin Redfield, Alex Field, Ledretho Velez-Olmo, Madariaga). T–4:02

Long jump: Budzinski (F), Calimeri (S), Swan (S). D–19-2

Triple jump: Calimeri (S), Alvarez (S), Budzinksi (F). D–37-2

High jump: Kinnear (S), Baghat (F), Zack Korzeniewski (F). H–5-4

Shot put: Cooper Pannes (S), Nate Shuart (F), Brice Lowe (S). D–45-2

Discus: Lowe (S), Pannes (S), Nick Everson (S). D–125-8

Pole vault: Baghat (F), Chase Stevenson (S), Dewey (S). H–12-0



FRANKLINVILLE — Maple Grove sealed up another perfect Division 3 season, winning its sixth straight title with a 90-51 win over Franklinville/Ellicottville/West Valley.

The Red Dragons now stand at 5-0 on the year while Franklinville is 4-1.

Darius Jones led the winners with wins in the 110-meter hurdles (15.4), 400-meter hurdles (1:03.9), 1,600 meters (5:05.8) and the pole vault (11-0).

Dave Brown took home the shot put (34-7.5) and the discus (99-9) for the Red Dragons while Carson Crist grabbed wins in the long jump (20-.75) and the high jump (37-6).

Noah Steinbroner claimed the 100 meters (11.5) and the 200 meters (23.7) for the hosts.

3,200m relay: Maple Grove (Helt, Tomlinson, Auer, Sventanic). T–9:18.1

110m hurdles: Jones (MG), Carson Crist (MG), John Yan (F/E/WV). T–15.4

100m: Noah Steinbroner (F/E/WV), Zack Hendrick (MG), Simon Lin (F/E/WV). T–11.5

1,600m: Jones (MG), Maddox Bush (F/E/WV), Tavi Riling (F/E/WV). T–5:05.8

Long jump: Crist (MG), Caleb Foley (MG), Sam Eimiller (MG). D–20-.75

400m relay: Franklinville/Ellicottville/West Valley (Oakes, Yan, Steinbroner, Lin). T–49.2

400m: Riley Auer (MG), Helt (MG), Eric Shattenberg (F/E/WV). T–53.7

Shot put: Dave Brown (MG), Dan Gan (F/E/WV), Averey Tockey (F/E/WV). D–34-7.5

Discus: Brown (MG), Tockey (F/E/WV), Mason Gowan (MG). D–99-9

400m hurdles: Jones (MG), Yan (F/E/WV), Sventanic (MG). T–1:03.9

800m: Adrian De Orbe (F/E/WV), Helt (MG), Liam Conroy (F/E/WV). T–2:15.4

Pole vault: Jones (MG) Reilly Auer (MG), Cyle Livingston (F/E/WV). H–11-0

200m: Steinbroner (F/E/WV), Caleb Foley (MG), Lin (F/E/WV). T–23.7

Triple jump: Foley (MG), Connor Terwilliger (F/E/WV), Yan (F/E/WV). D–37-6

High jump: Carson Crist (MG), Eimiller (MG), Austin Lindell (MG). H–5-6

3,200m: Riling (F/E/WV), Tomlinson (MG), AJ Shortz (F/E/WV). T–11:39.3

1,600m relay: Maple Grove (Helt, Sventanic, Eimiller, Auer). T–3:57.4



RANDOLPH — Randolph moved to 2-4 overall and 1-3 in Division 3 with a 91-45 win over Frewsburg.

Josh Walters and Skyler Wright each took home three events for the winners, with the former grabbing wins in the 100 meters (12.5), 200 meters (25.0) and the 400 meters (54.7) while Wright took home the high jump (5-2), shot put (42-2) and the discus (116-5).

Ronan McDonald took home the 1,600 meters in 4:00.2 and the 800 meters with a time of 2:11.6 for the winners.

3,200m relay: Randolph (Roan Kelly, Christian Riethmiller, Eli Olejniczak, Ronan McDonald). T–10:01.7

110m hurdles: Declan Gibbons (F), Ben Hitchcock (R), Joel Reinagel (F). T–21.9

100m: Josh Walters (R), Christian Blancaflore (R), Jon Alianell (F). T–12.5

1,600m: Rona McDonald (R), Riethmiller (R), Dan Clark (F). T–4:58.0

400m: Walters (R), Deter Miinte (R), Brad Nelson (F). T–54.7

400m relay: Randolph (Blancaflore, Skyler Wright, Miinte, Bush). T–50.0

400m hurdles: Hitchcock (R), Gibbons (F), Reinagel (F). T–1:19.8

800m: McDonald (R), Riethmiller (R), Clark (F). T–2:11.6

200m: Walters (R), Jake Constantino (F), Blancaflore (R). T–25.0

3,200m: Reithmiller (R), Kelly (R), Gibbons (F). T–11:05.3

1,600m relay: Randolph (Bush, Walters, Miinte, McDonald). T–4:00.2

Pole vault: Noah Collins (F). H–7-0

High jump: Wright (R), Nelson (F). H–5-2

Long jump: Nelson (F), Emmett Carlson (F), Bush (R). T–16-2.75

Triple jump: Miinte (R), Nelson (F), Carlson (F). T–36-9.25

Shot put: Wright (R), Quinn Conlan (F), Ian Conner (F). D–42-2

Discus : Wright (R), Conland (F), Jason Ploetz (R). D–116-5


MAYVILLE — Chautauqua Lake was a 105-26 winner over Cattaraugus-Little Valley in Division 2 action.

Anton Graham was victorious in the 110-meter hurdles (11.9), long jump (19-0) and the high jump (5-8) for the winners while Elias Quintero took home the 800 meters (2:18.6) and the 3,200 meters (11:30.6).

Bobby Steffy took home the 200 meters (25.9) and the discus (117-8) for the Timberwolves.

3,200m relay: Chautauqua Lake (D’Anthony, Putney, Quintero, Orton). T–11:17

110m hurdles: Will Stahlsmith (CL). T–22.9

110m: Anton Graham (CL), Steffy (C-LV), Godfrey (CL). T–11.9

1,600m: Carson D’Anthony (CL), Putney (CL), Orton (CL). T–5:16.7

400m relay: Chautauqua Lake (Godfrey, Anderson, Ormsby, Kuhn). T–50.2

400m: Marcus Fredrick (CL), Syper (CL), Nuse (CL). T–1:02.9

400m hurdles: Dominic Cusimano (CL), Williams (C-LV), Gard (CL). T–1:12.1

800m: Elias Quintero (CL), D’Anthony (CL), Dunlap (CL). T–2:18.6

200m: Bobby Steffy (C-LV), Fredrick (CL), Cusimano (CL). T–25.9

3,200m: Elias Quintero (CL), Gard (CL), Reyda (CL). T–11:30.6

1,600m relay: Double DQ

Long jump: Anton Graham (CL), Fredrick (CL), Martinez (C-LV). D–19-0

Triple jump: Bryan Anderson (CL), Martinez (C-LV), Graham (CL). D–37-6

High jump: Graham (CL), Martinez (C-LV), Anderson (CL). H–5-8

Pole vault: Jonas Simora (CL), Breads (CL). H–8-6

Shot put: Raiden Statler (CL), Steffy (C-LV), Linger (CL). D–33-10

Discus: Bobby Steffy (C-LV), Godfrey (CL), Statler (CL). D–117-8


Visiting Clarence was a 95-46 winner over Jamestown in Erie County Interscholastic Conference Division 1 track and field.

Nadav Langberg took home the 100 meters in 11.3 and the 200 meters in 23.5 to lead the winners.

Harrison Monfort claimed the 400 meters in 53.4 while Nathan Hill won the 400-meter hurdles in 1:01.8.

Hill and Monfort joined Colin Whiting and Luis Cora-Colon to lead the Red Raiders to victory in the 3,200-meter relay (9:03.2)

3,200m relay: Jamestown (Nathan Hill, Colin Whiting, Harrison Monfort, Luis Cora-Colon). T–9:03.2

110m hurdles: Gavin Bowen (J), Max Ervolina (C), Jovante Turner (J). T–17.4

100m: Nadav Langberg (C), Francisco Rodriguez (J), Kenny Suen (C). T–11.3

1,600m: John Insinna, (C), Grey Connover (C), Drew Carlson (J). T–4:45.7

400m: Monfort (J), Zach Esch (C), Clayton Walrich (C). T–53.4

400m hurdles: Hill (J), Ervolina (C), Lucas Shelton (C). T–1:01.8

800m: Dan Daddario (C), Nate Lange (C), Holden Pryll (C). T–2:03.4

200m: Langberg (C), Rodriguez (J), Jaiden McKoy (J). T–23.5

3,200m: Connover (C), Ryan Elibol (C), Will Reid (C). T–10:40.8

1,600m relay: Clarence (Ervolina, Walrich, Lange, Keller Krupe). T–3:47.9

400m relay: Jamestown (Rodriguez, McKoy, Monfort, Takye Branch). T–45.7

Long jump: Ethan Strobele (C), Branch (J), Suen (C). D–18-9.75

Triple jump: Esch (C), Branch (J), Julius Perry (C). D–39-10

Shot put: Mike Haefner (C), Bowen (J), Earl Wells (C). D–39-11

Discus: Haefner (C), Caleb Brady (C), Wells (C). D–108-5

High jump: Sam Lavoussi (C), Turner (J), Anthony Berrafato (C). H–5-6

Pole vault: Ian Fasdick (C), Jacob Berg (C), Will Vaeth (C). H–9-6