Falconer/CV And CSP Both Post Track & Field Sweeps

SINCLAIRVILLE — Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (5-2, 2-2) was an 89-52 winner over Olean (0-6, 0-5) in CCAA Division 1 track and field on Wednesday.

Four double-winners led the hosts to victory as Rayven Sample took the 1,600 meters (5:05.3) and the 200 meters (23.8); Collin Barmore the 400 meters (53.5) and the 800 meters (2:05.9); Kaden Bianco the shot put (35-6) and the discus (109-11); Sam Pischera the 400-meter hurdles (1:10.6) and the 110-meter hurdles (19.5).

3,200m relay: FCV (Seeley, Pillittieri, Erickson, Barmore). T–9:17.8

110m hurdles: Sam Pischera (F), Jason Copella (O), Zander Austin (F). T–19.5

100m: Noah Abrams (F), Windus (O), Reed Bower (F). T–12.0

1,600m: Rayven Sample (F), Pillittieri (F), John Brockelbank (F). T–5:05.3

400m relay: Olean. T–48.4

400m: Collin Barmore (F), Sample (F), Kwiatkowski (O). T–53.5

Long jump: Colby Spiller (O), Bee (O), Pischera (F). D–18-7

Shot put: Kaden Bianco (F), Patrick Green (O), Logan Coule (O). D–35-6

Pole vault: Nate Gablar (O), Hunter Teboe (F), Lucas Sakela (O). H–10-6

400m hurdles: Sam Pischera (F), Copella (O), Gabler (O). T–1:10.6

800m: Barmore (F), Bryce Baglia (F), Coleman (O). T–2:05.9

200m: Sample (F), Chance Frame (O), Noah Abrams (F). T–23.8

Triple jump: Dominic Bowers (F), Sakela (O), Copella (O). D-33-11

Discus: Bianco (F), Ty Mead (F), Logan Cowlas (O). D–109-11

High jump: Chance Frame (O), Patrick Green (O), Colby Spiller (O). H–5-6

3,200m : Barmore (F), Brockelbank (F), Joe Krenzer (F). T–11:19.5

1,600m relay: FCV (Bowers, Baglia, Pillittieri, Harrington). T–4:06.8


CLYMER — Clymer/Sherman/Panama was able to sneak out a 68-82 win over Westfield/Brocton in CCAA Division 3 track and field.

John Swabik took home the 110-meter hurdles (16.4), 800 meters (2:13.3) and the long jump (19-9) in the win while Colton Phillips claimed the shot put (38-6.5) and the discus (71).

Ryan Jafarjian won the 100 meters in 11.7 and the 200 meters in 25.7 for the visitors.

3,200m: Westfield. T–10:13.3

110m hurdles: John Swabik (C), Darren Morse (W). T–16.4

100m: Ryan Jafarjian (W), Nick Barrisi (W), Anthony Spann (W). T–11.7

1,500m: Owen White (C), Jack Wolfe (W), Jayden Malecki (C). T–5:44.1

400m relay: CSP (Jack Harding, Treyvon Kopfa, Luke Lundeen, Parker Gratto). T–48.9

400m: Keir Magill (W), Logan Miles (W). T–59.4

400m hurdles: Jordan Svetz (C), Harding (C), Morse (W). T–1:01.6

800m: Swabik (C), Wolfe (W), Marcus King (C). T–2:13.3

200m: Jafarjian (W), Lundeen (C). T–25.7

3,000m: Memphis Kopta (C). T–12:45.2

1,600m relay: Westfield.

High jump: Cameron Barmore (C), Swabik (C). H–6-4

Long jump: Swabik (C), Lundeen (C). D–19-9

Triple jump: Logan Miles (W), Luke Stephenson (W). D–35-.5

Shot put: Colton Phillips (C), Barmore (C). D–38-6.5

Discus: Phillips (C), Clamp (W), Hinkler (C). D–71



CLYMER–Clymer/Sherman/Panama is now 7-2 on the year and 4- 1 in CCAA Division 3 track and field after a 91-40 win over Westfield/Brocton.

Leading the winners was Kylie Schnars with victories in the 100-meter hurdles (17.3) and the Long jump (14-9.5).

Cydney Amoroso toko home the 100-meters in 13.4 and the 200 meters in 28.9 for the Wolfpack as well.

McKayla Wolfe claimed the 400-meter hurdles (1:13.9) and the high jump (5-0) for the visitors while Paige Nichols captured the shot put (27-1.5) and the discus (76-9).

3,200m relay: CSP (Yuchnitz, White, Carris, Odell). T–10:35.4

100m hurdles: Kylie Schnars (C), Jamie Black (W), Kasey Markham (C). T–17.3

100m: Cydney Amoroso (C), Mary Conclin (W), Jasmine Markham (C). T–13.4

1,500m: Leighanne Swan (C), Savannah Lashbrook (W), Emily Mills (C). T–5:28.9

400m relay: CSP (Yuchnitz, K. Markham, Kuno, Amaroso). T–55.0

400m: Carris (C), Schnars (C), Mortimer (W). T–1:05.6

400m hurdles: McKayla Wolfe (W), Kasey Markham (C), Anneke White (C). T–1:13.9

800: Kylee ODell (C), Mackenzie Gratto (C), Persons (C). T–2:33.0

200m: Cydney Amoroso (C), Swan (C), Masey Markham (C). T–28.9

3,000m: Savannah Lashbrook (W), Haley Odell (C), Hannah Schauman (C). T–12:06.7

High jump: McKayla Wolfe (W), Schnars (C), Yuchnitz (C). H–5-0

Long jump: Schnars (C), Odell (C), Morton (C). D–14-9.5

Triple jump: Makartney Mortimer (W), Justine Kuno (C). D-27-3

Shot put: Paige Nichols (W), Sally Watson (C), Christa Decker (C). D-27-1.5

Discus: Paige Nichols (W), Decker (C), J. Markham (C). D–76-9


SINCLAIRVILLE — Falconer moved to 5-2 overall and 3-1 in CCAA Division 1 with an 89-50 win over Olean.

Samantha Gilbert claimed the 100 meters (12.9) and the long jump (15-2) to lead the winners.

Marina Miketish won the 110-meter hurdles (17.5) and the high jump (4-10) for Olean while Ashley Collins took the 400 meters (1:07.2) and the 800 meters (2:35).

3,200m relay: FCV (Mikaela LeBaron, Grace Lundmark, Macey Arnone, Kaitlin Brentley). T–11:07

110m hurdles: Marina Miketish (O), Grace Lundmark (F), Grace Elder (F). T–17.5

100m: Samantha Gilbert (F), Ella Ekstrom (F), Samantha Thomas (O). T–12.9

1,500m: Arnone (F), LeBaron (F), Jasmine Spangler (F). T–5:44

400m relay: Olean. T–53.7

400m: Ashley Collins (O), Kaitlin Brentley (F), Hallie Destro (F). T–1:07.2

400m hurdles: Brynn Ackerman (O), Grace Elder (F). T–1:19.9

800m: Ashley Collins (O), Sarah Elder (F), Samantha Thomas (O). T–2:35

200m: Ella Ekstrom (F), Hannah Vanderhoff (O), Leah Williams (O). T–29.6

Long jump: Samantha Gilbert (F), Grace Lundmark (F), Reagan Stipt (O). T–15-2

High jump: Miketish (O), Brynn Ackerman (O), Grace Lundmark (F), Paiden Wittmeyer (F). T–4-10

Triple jump: Julia Stayer (O), Sarah Elder (F), Leah Williams (O). D–29-11

Pole vault: Rachael Ward (F), Sarah Disbro (F), Makayla Folts (O). H–11-0

Shot put: Destro (F), Disbro (F), Makayla Folts (O). D–26-11

Discus: Abbi Clark (F), Mackenzie Windus (O), Disbro (F). D–68-2

3,000m: Arnone (F), Jasmine Spangler (F).

1,600m: Olean.


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