Dragons Soar To Another Victory

Maple Grove’s Carson Crist flies through the air in the long jump during Tuesday’s Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 3 track and field meet.

P-J photo by Valory S. Isaacson

Maple Grove improved to 4-0 on the year, including 4-0 against Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 3 competition with an 83-58 win over Randolph at Maple Grove Junior-Senior High School on Tuesday.

Darius Jones continued his hot streak for the Red Dragons, winning the 110-meter hurdles in 15.5 seconds and 400-meter hurdles in 1:06. Carson Crist took the long jump (18-11) and high jump (5-6) while Riley Auer earned victories in the 400 meters (53.5) and 200 meters (24.5).

Christian Riethmiller was a triple winner in defeat, grabbing the 1,600 meters (5:22), 800 meters and 3,200 meters (11:28).

Maple Grove will look to seal up the league championship next week against Franklinville/Ellicottville.

3,200m relay: Maple Grove (Lucas Baer, Hal Sventanic, Riley Auer, RJ Helt). T–9:08.8

110m hurdles: Darius Jones (MG), Carson Crist (MG). T–15.5

100m: Jones (MG), Josh Walters (R), Zach Hendrick (MG). T–11.8

1,600m: Christian Riethmiller (R), Kelly (R), Baer (MG). T–5:22

400m relay: Randolph (Blancaflore, Wright, Miinte, Walters). T–49.5

400m: Auer (MG), Ronan McDonald (R), Helt (MG). T–53.5

400m hurdles: Jones (MG, Sventanic (MG), Hitchcock (R). T–1:06

800m: Riethmiller (R), Walters (R), Baer (MG).

200m: Auer (MG), McDonald (R), Sam Cummings (MG). T–24.5

3,200m: Riethmiller (R), Kelly (R). Alex Crist (MG). T–11:28

1,600m relay: Randolph (Walters, Bush, Miinte, McDonald). T–4:18

Long jump: Carson Crist (MG), Caleb Foley (MG), Austin Lindell (MG). D–18-11

High jump: Carson Crist (MG), Lindell (MG). H–5-6

Triple jump: Foley (MG), Miinte (R), Lindell (MG). D–36-8

Shot put: Wright (R), DJ Brown (MG), Mason Gowan (MG). D–37-2

Discus Gowan (MG), Wright (R), Brown (MG). 95-9

Pole vault: Helt (MG), Luke Tomlinson (MG). H–8-0



CATTARAUGUS — Salamanca was able to pick up a 94-37 win over Cattaraugus-Little Valley on the road Tuesday.

Robert Steffy took home the shot put (35-3) and the discus (25-3.5) for the host Timberwolves.

3,200m relay: Salamanca (Newark, Craumer, Bocharski, Helms). T–12:29.7

100m hurdles: Ambuske (S). T–17.4

100m: Reed (S), Robert Steff (C-LV), John (S). T–12.1

1,600m: Newark (S), Craumer (S), Cullen Guerin (C-LV). T–5:56.5

400m relay: Salamanca (Newark, Craumer, Guerin). T–5:56.5

400m: Helms (S), Mclarney (S), Ethan Hurd (C-LV). T–1:01.5

400m hurdles: Alex Williams (C-LV). T–1:17.3

800m: Newark (S), Bocharski (S), Matt Young (C-LV). T–2:36.9

200m: Steffy (C-LV), Reed (S), Gillette (S). T–25.0

3,200m: Newark (S), Craumer (S). T–13:04

1,600m relay: Salamanca (Ambuski, Hedlund, Gillette, Helms). T–4:08.0

Long jump: Tyler Hedlund (S), Quentin Martinez (C-LV), RJ Mclarney (S). D–17-9

Triple jump: Martinez (C-LV), Tyler Hedlund (S), Nick Greene (S). D–33-9

High jump: Kohl Ambuske (S), Martinez (C-LV). H–5-0

Pole vault: Nick Greene (S), Tristan Gillette (S), Zach Cotter (S). H–9-6

Shot put: Robert Steffy (C-LV), Will Meyer (S), Bocharski (S). D–35-3

Discus: Robert Steffy (C-LV), Seth Bocharski (S), Will Meyer (S). D-125-3.5



FREWSBURG — Zach Heberlein won three events and Brad Nelson won two to lead Frewsburg to a 77-62 Division 3 victory over Clymer/Sherman/Panama.

Heberlein took the 100 meters (11.5), 400-meter intermediate hurdles (1:02.3) and 200 meters (25.2) while Nelson captured the 400 meters (1:02.8) and triple jump (36-0) for the Bears (2-4, 2-2).

John Swabik was a quadruple winner in defeat, claiming the 110-meter high hurdles (16.1), 1,600 meters (4:55.7), long jump (19-0.5) and high jump (5-8) for the Wolfpack.

3,200m relay: Frewsburg (Evan Rounds, Carson Phillips, Noah Phillips, Ian Clark). T–10:09.6

110m high hurdles: John Swabik (C/S/P), Jordan Svetz (C/S/P), Declan Gibbons (F). T–16.1

100m: Zach Heberlein (F), Luke Lundeen (C/S/P), Parker Gratto (C/S/P). T–11.5

1,600m: John Swabik (C/S/P), Jordan Svetz (C/S/P), Evan Rounds (F). T–4:55.7

400m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (Jack Harding, Trevan Kopta, Luke Lundeen, Parker Gratto). T–48.9

400m: Brad Nelson (F), Noah Collins (F), Marcus King (C/S/P). T–1:02.8

400m intermediate hurdles: Zach Heberlein (F), Jack Harding (C/S/P), Cooper Brown (C/S/P). T–1:02.3

800m: Ian Clark (F), Evan Rounds (F), Marcus King (C/S/P). T–2:30.4

200m: Zach Heberlein (F), Luke Lundeen (C/S/P), Jacob Constantino (F). T–25.2

3,200m: Evan Rounds (F), Owen White (C/S/P), Declan Gibbons (F). T–11:59.5

1,600m relay: Frewsburg (Jon Alianell, Noah Collins, Carson Phillips, Jacob Constantino). T–4:08.3

Long jump: John Swabik (C/S/P), Zach Heberlein (F), Jordan Svetz (C/S/P). D–19-0.5

High jump: John Swabik (C/S/P), Jordan Svetz (C/S/P). H–5-8

Triple jump: Brad Nelson (F), Emmitt Carlson (F), Trevan Kopta (C/S/P). D–36-0

Shot put: Colton Phillips (C/S/P), Quinn Conlan (F), Cameron Barmore (C/S/P). D–37-11

Discus: Quinn Conlan (F), Colton Phillips (C/S/P), Cameron Barmore (C/S/P). D–95-1

Pole vault: Noah Collins (F), Frankie Iuculano (F). H–7-0



HAMBURG — Jamestown won three individual events and a relay, but fell to Frontier, 77-55, in Erie County Interscholastic Conference Division 1 action.

Gavin Bowen claimed the 110-meter high hurdles (17.4), Francisco Rodriguez took the 100 meters (11.1) and Grant Moore won the high jump (5-6) for the Red Raiders.

3,200m relay: Frontier (Layden Ochs, Alex Monaco, Preston Bova, Brendan Busch). T–9:50

110m high hurdles: Gavin Bowen (J), Adam Fisher (F), Jovante Turner (J). T–17.4

100m: Francisco Rodriguez (J), Jaiden McKoy (J), David Rosen (F). T–11.1

1,600m: Brian Gleason (F), Chase Deponceau (J), Ochs (F). T–4:35.2

400m: Bova (F), Harrison Monfort (J), Connor O’Brien (F). T–52.1

400m intermediate hurdles: Josh Peron (F), Grant Moore (J), Fisher (F). T–59.5

800m: O’Brien (F), Monaco (F), Luis Cora-Colon (J). T–2:07.1

200m: Peron (F), Rodriguez (J), McKoy (J). T–22.9

3,200m: Gleason (F), Deponceau (J), Ochs (F). T–10:50.1

1,600m relay: Frontier (Peron, Fisher, Bova, Monaco). T–3:48.2

400m relay: Jamestown (Takye Branch, McKoy, Rodriguez, Monfort). T–46.0

Long jump: Bova (F), Branch (J), Ricky Lofton (F). D–19-3

Triple jump: Peron (F), Branch (J), Bernard Carroll. D–41-5

High jump: Moore (J), Lofton (F), Bowen (J). H–5-6

Shot put: Brad Smith (F), Bowen (J), T.J. Kolpack (F). D–41-9

Discus: Smith (F), McKoy (J), Chase Jones (J). D–134-8


Jaden Kinnear, Gaven Dewey, Eddie Scroxton and Cooper Pannes were all double winners as Southwestern breezed past Gowanda, 116-25, in Division 1 competition.

Kinnear won the 100-meter high hurdles (16.3) and high jump (5-6), Dewey captured the 100 meters (11.5) and 200 meters (24.4), Scroxton claimed the 1,600 meters (4:48) and 800 meters (2:06), and Pannes took the shot put (45-8) and discus (128-4) for the Trojans (6-0, 4-0).

Dominik Rodriguez picked up Gowanda’s lone win at a height of 10-6 in the pole vault.

3,200m relay: Southwestern (Dagon Bryant, Carter McKotch, Trenton Shutters, Marcus Kautzman). T–9:16

100m high hurdles: Jaden Kinnear (S), Vance Alvarez (S), Austin Jankowski (G). T–16.3

100m: Gaven Dewey (S), Damon MacLeod (G), Cameron Calimeri (S). T–11.5

1,600m: Eddie Scroxton (S), Ethan Luce (S), Bryant (S). T–4:48

400m relay: Southwestern (Dewey, Chase Stevenson, Calimeri, Zishaun Munir). T–48.3

400m: Kautzman (S), Shutters (S), Harry Kaus (G). T–54.3

400m intermediate hurdles: Garrett Swan (S), Kinnear (S), Dominik Rodriguez (G). T–1:02

800m: Scroxton (S), McKotch (S), Jason Umlah (G). T–2:06

200m: Dewey (S), MacLeaod (G), Shutters (S). T–24.4

3,200m: Bryant (S), Luce (S), Jackson Vanstrom (S). T–10:42

1,600m relay: Southwestern (Kautzman, Swan, Kinnear, Scroxton). T–3:52

Long jump: Alvarez (S), Calimeri (S), Scroxton (S). D–18-8

Triple jump: Calimeri (S), Alvarez (S), Kaus (G). D–38-8

High jump: Kinnear (S), Jankowski (G), Alvarez (S). D–5-6

Shot put: Cooper Pannes (S), Andy Musacchio (G), Brice Lowe (S). D–45-8

Discus: Pannes (S), Musacchio (G), Lowe (S). D–128-4

Pole vault: Rodriguez (G), Stevenson (S), Dewey (S). H–10-6


FREDONIA — A dropped baton helped Fredonia open up a lead in the meet-ending 1,600-meter relay to secure a 71-70 Division 1 victory over Falconer/Cassadaga Valley.

Hessen Bahgat won the 110-meter high hurdles (17.9) and pole vault (11-0), Nate Shuart captured the discus (109-0) and shot put (37-1), and Rian Budzinski claimed the long jump (16-11) and 400-meter intermediate hurdles (1:05.2) for the Hillbillies (3-1).

Collin Barmore won the 1,600 meters (4:40.9) and 3,200 meters (10:57) while Rayven Sample took first in the 200 meters (24.0) and triple jump (37-11) for the Golden Cougars (5-2, 1-2).

3,200m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Pillitteri, Harrington, Hudson, Barmore). T–9:46.0

110m high hurdles: Hessen Bahgat (Fr), Pischera (F/CV), Budzinski (Fr). T–17.9

100m: Joell Colon (Fr), Dyress Batten (Fr), Thomas (F/CV). T–11.3

1,600m: Collin Barmore (F/CV), Diego Rey (Fr), Brockelbank (F/CV). T–4:40.9

400m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Thomas, Pischera, JJohns, Abrams). T–48.4.

400m: Bryce Baglia (F/CV), Rayven Sample (F/CV), Oliver Madriaga (Fr). T–52.1

Long jump: Rian Budzinski (Fr), Alex Fields (Fr), Marcus (Fr). D–16-11

Discus: Nate Shuart (Fr), Kaden Bianco (F/CV), Bahgat (Fr). D–109-0

Pole vault: Bahgat (Fr), Hunter Teboe (F/CV), Pischera (F/CV). H–11-0

400m intermediate hurdles: Rian Budzinski (Fr), Alex Fields (Fr), Vera (F/CV). T–1:05.2

800m: Diego Rey (Fr), Harrington (F/CV), Brockelbank (F/CV). T–2:16.6

200m: Rayven Sample (F/CV), Oliver Madriaga (Fr), Thomas (F/CV). T–24.0

Triple jump: Rayven Sample (F/CV), Devin Austin (F/CV), Rian Budzinski (Fr). D–37-11

Shot put: Nate Shuart (Fr), Bianco (F/CV), Mikula (Fr). D–37-1

High jump: Devin Austin (F/CV), N/A (Fr), Bahgat (Fr). H–5-6

3,200m: Collin Barmore (F/CV), Joe Krenzer (F/CV), Chris Annear (Fr). T–10:57

1,600m relay: Fredonia (Fields, Redfield, Velez, Madriaga). T–3:47.5