Gilbert Headlines Strong Effort By Falconer/CV

Falconer/Cassadaga Valley’s Samantha Gilbert wins the 200. P-J photo by Tim Frank

SALAMANCA — Samantha Gilbert continues to dominate her competition no matter the location.

Friday afternoon it was at the Super 8 Meet of Champions.

The Falconer/Cassadaga Valley junior was the lone double winner on the girls side, taking first in the 100 meters with a time of 12.65 seconds and topping the field in the 200 meters with a time of 26.21 seconds, en route to being named the girls Most Outstanding Athlete.

Gilbert’s Golden Cougars teammate Rachael Ward set a meet record in the pole vault, clearing a height of 12 feet, 5 inches to take first place.

Falconer/Cassadaga Valley’s boys 3,200-meter relay team broke its own record from a year ago as Rayven Sample, Collin Barmore, Bryce Baglia and Joey Pillittieri finished in 8:04.67 to set the mark by 6 seconds and establish a super-standard for the state meet. Sample, Barmore and Baglia teamed up with Austin Johns to win the 1,600-meter relay in 3:27.69 and establish a school record while again reaching a state standard.

Jamestown’s Allison Stockwell, right, hands the baton to teammate Giovana Calamunci in the girls 4x100 meter relay at the Super 8 Meet of Champions at Salamanca High School. P-J photo by Tim Frank

Sample also won the 400 meters in 50.67 seconds while Barmore captured the 1,600 meters in 4:44.04 en route to being named the boys Most Outstanding Athlete.

Both of Jamestown’s 400-meter relay teams took first place. On the girls side, Zakya Slaughter, Quentasia Leeper, Allison Stockwell and Giovana Calamunci finished in 51.3 seconds while Francisco Rodriguez, Harrison Monfort, Jaiden McKoy and Nathan Hill won the boys race in 45.13 seconds.

Maple Grove’s team of Abby Brunenavs, Hope Marshall, Ava Crist and Christina Peppy won the girls 3,200-meter relay in 9:44.41 while Clymer/Sherman/Panama’s foursome of Karianne Yuchnitz, Natalie Carris, Cydney Amoroso and Mackenzie Gratto won the 1,600-meter relay in 4:14.84. Southwestern’s Cassidy Allen claimed the triple jump with a leap of 33 feet, 6.75 inches.

Crist also won the 800 meters in 2:21.10 and Peppy won the 3,000 meters in 10:48.72 while their Red Dragons teammate Alyssa Steen claimed the shot put with a throw of 35 feet, 1.75 inches.

Franklinville/Ellicottville/West Valley’s Noah Steinbroner was a double winner on the boys side, taking first in the 100 meters (11.38) and 200 meters (23.31).

Southwestern’s Eddie Scroxton sprints to victory in the 800. P-J photo by Tim Frank

Southwestern’s Eddie Scroxton won the 800 meters in 1:59.92 and Randolph’s Ronan McDonald claimed the 3,200 meters in 10:01.65 while Jamestown’s Grant Moore took the high jump at a height of 6 feet. Maple Grove’s Darius Jones won the pole vault at 12 feet, 9 inches while his teammate, Carson Crist, captured the long jump with a leap of 20 feet, 7.75 inches.

Dunkirk’s Jericha Petrella won the 400 meters (59.55), Fredonia’s Emily Brown took the 400-meter hurdles (1:05.63), Westfield’s McKayla Wolfe claimed the high jump (5-1) and Gowanda’s Andrew Musacchio captured the shot put (49-1.75) to round out the local winners.


3,200m relay: Maple Grove (Abby Brunenavs, Hope Marshall, Ava Crist, Christina Peppy), Allegany-Limestone, Clymer/Sherman/Panama, Southwestern, Fillmore, Falconer/Cassadaga Valley, Westfield, Franklinville/Ellicottville/West Valley. T–9:44.41

100m hurdles: Marissa Klimczak (Pi), Giovana Calamunci (J), Kylie Schnars (C/S/P), Logan Fredrickson (F/E/WV), Maddie Lippert (A-L), Mandy Hurlburt (F/E/WV), Hayly Fredrickson (F/E/WV), Chelsey Scott (J). T–15.47

Southwestern’s Gianna Hoose prepares to throw the discus. P-J photo by Tim Frank

100m: Samantha Gilbert (F/CV), Lauren Eaton (C-LV), Allison Stockwell (J), Cassidy Allen (So), Kylie Procknal (SC), Jackie Daley (Po), Ava Belec (C-R), Mushirah Sheppard (Sa). T–12.65

1,500m: Ashlyn Collins (O), Amanda Burrichter (Fi), Angelina Napolean (A-L), Carling Lockwood (MG), Acacia Barber (Frew), Kevina Drennan (Pi), Kaitlin Brentley (F/CV), Lindsey Clawson (A-L). T–5:05.19

400m relay: Jamestown (Zakya Slaughter, Quentasia Leeper, Allison Stockwell, Giovana Calamunci), Cuba-Rushford, Olean, Pioneer, Silver Creek, Clymer/Sherman/Panama. T–51.3

400m: Jericha Petrella (D), Mackenzie Gratto (C/S/P), Grace DeCapua (A-L), Brooklyn Stisser (We), Maddie McDonald (B-R). T–59.55

400m hurdles: Emily Brown (Fred), Marissa Klimczak (Pi), Katja Kranzo (So), Ada Sylvester (Fi), Amelia Brown (CL), Emma Kinnicutt (Wel). T–1:05.63

Maple Grove’s Darius Jones clears the bar in the pole vault on his way to winning the event at the Super 8 Meet of Champions on Friday in Salamanca. P-J photo by Tim Frank

800m: Ava Crist (MG), Juliana Flick (SC), Kylee Odell (C/S/P), Ashlyn Collins (O), Hailey Andrews (Pi), Sofia Fortuna (A-L), Sophia Templeton (Fi), Anneke White (C/S/P). T–2:21.10

200m: Samantha Gilbert (F/CV), Allison Stockwell (J), Janay Ghani (F/E/WV), Cydney Amoroso (C/S/P), Jackie Daley (Po), Grace DeCapua (A-L). T–26.21

3,000m: Christina Peppy (MG), Emily Costello (Wel), Hannah Sullivan (So), Savannah Lashbrook (Wes), Abby Brunenavs (MG), Mikaela LeBaron (F/CV), Hannah Schauman (C/S/P), Lindsey Clawson (A-L), Isabel Porterfield (A-L). T–10:48.72

1,600m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (Karianne Yuchnitz, Natalie Carris, Cydney Amoroso, Mackenzie Gratto), Allegany-Limestone, Silver Creek, Pioneer, Franklinville/Ellicottville/West Valley, Chautauqua Lake. T–4:14.84

High jump: McKayla Wolfe (Wes), Summer Mattison (C-R), Marina Miketish (O), Angelina Napolean (A-L), . H–5-1

Pole vault: Rachael Ward (F/CV), Cassidy Allen (So), Mushirah Sheppard (Sa), Hayly Fredrickson (F/E/WV), Morgan McAfee (Pi), Emma Romanik (SC), Tabitha Clark (F/CV), Ashlyn Schuman (A-L). H–12-5

Long jump: Maddie McDonald (B-R), Claire Pumford (J), Samantha Gilbert (F/CV), Quinn Taylor (So), Mushirah Sheppard (Sa), Madison Snayczuk (Pi), Kylee Odell (C/S/P), Grace Lundmark (F/CV). D–16-2

Triple jump: Cassidy Allen (So), Samantha Gilbert (F/CV), Kira Erickson (CL), Madison Kehe (J), Claire Pumford (J), Anna Buchanan (Fred), Bryar Childs (Po), Grace DeCapua (A-L). D–33-6.75

Discus: Emma Kinnicutt (Wel), Gianna Hoose (So), Erin Billings (Wel), Morgan Tracy (J), Alyssa Roblee (Pi), Grace Lillie (S), Alyssa Steen (MG), Meganne Chapman (F/E/WV). D–121-3.25

Shot put: Alyssa Steen (MG), Alina Beadle (SC), Emma Kinnicutt (Wel), Gianna Hoose (So), Sophia Stalica (SC), Morgan Torrey (J), Meganne Chapman (F/E/WV), Morgan Tracy (J). D–35-1.75


3,200m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Rayven Sample, Collin Barmore, Bryce Baglia, Joey Pillittieri), Randolph, Portville, Maple Grove, Southwestern, Allegany-Limestone, Franklinville/Ellicottville/West Valley, Gowanda. T–8:04.67

110m hurdles: Michael Wolfgang (A-L), Liam Coulter (A-L), Darius Jones (MG), Carson Crist (MG), John Swabik (C/S/P), Jaden Kinnear (So), Kohl Ambuske (Sa), Mauricio Martinez (B-R). T–14.59

100m: Noah Steinbroner (F/E/WV), Francisco Rodriguez (J), Jayden Lassiter (Po), DeySeann Garey (O), Jonah Rosas (D), James Daley (Po), DeAndre Ahrens (C-R), Gaven Dewey (So). T–11.38

1,600m: Collin Barmore (F/CV), Jack Carlson (Fred), Drew Carlson (J), Jon Brockelbank (F/CV), Maddox Bush (F/E/WV), Joey Pillittieri (F/CV), Nolan Faulkner (B-R). T–4:44.04

400m relay: Jamestown (Francisco Rodriguez, Harrison Monfort, Jaiden McKoy, Nathan Hill), Portville, Dunkirk, Maple Grove, Franklinville/Ellicottville/West Valley. T–45.13

400m: Rayven Sample (F/CV), Riley Auer (MG), Oliver Madariaga (Fred), Josh Walters (R), Harrison Monfort (J), Miracle Berakah (D). T–50.67

400m hurdles: Liam Coulter (A-L), Michael Wolfgang (A-L), Nathan Hill (J), Austin Johns (F/CV), DeAndre Ahrens (C-R), Darius Jones (MG). T–55.22

800m: Eddie Scroxton (So), Derek Dean (Po), Christian Riethmiller (R), Anthony DeCapua (A-L), Luis Cora-Colon (J), Bryce Baglia (F/CV), Adrian de Orbe (A-L), Anthony Ruiz (D). T–1:59.92

200m: Noah Steinbroner (F/E/WV), Francisco Rodriguez (J), Jonah Rosas (D), DeySeann Garey (O), Dawson Wilmot (Fi), Ryan Jafarjian (Wes). T–23.31

3,200m: Ronan McDonald (R), Ethan Luce (So), Collin Barmore (F/CV), Dagon Bryant (So), Matt Garis (Whi), Elias Quintero (CL), Joe Krenzer (F/CV), Chase Deponceau (J). T–10:01.65

1,600m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Rayven Sample, Austin Johns, Collin Barmore, Bryce Baglia), Southwestern, Dunkirk, Portville, Allegany-Limestone, Randolph. T–3:27.69

High jump: Grant Moore (J), John Swabik (C/S/P), Kohl Ambuske (Sa), Cameron Kalsman (Po), Jaden Kinnear (So), Devan Moore (A-L), Devin Austin (F/CV) and Brock Ellsessor (GV). H–6-0

Pole vault: Darius Jones (MG), Chase Stevenson (So), Colton Studley (B-R), Hessen Bahgat (Fred), Hunter Teboe (F/CV) and Lucas Sakala (O), Cyle Livingston (F/E/WV), Nick Bierfeldt (A-L). H–12-9

Long jump: Carson Crist (MG), Anton Graham (CL), Kohl Ambuske (Sa), Devin Eddy (D), Caleb Foley (MG), John Swabik (C/S/P), Cameron Calimeri (So), Jarrod Polk (B-R). D–20-7.75

Triple jump: Alex Wenke (Po), Vance Alvarez (So), Devan Moore (A-L), Cameron Calimeri (So), Connor Majewski (Wel), Takye Branch (J), Bryan Anderson (CL). D–40-8

Discus: Patrick Walsh (A-L), Cooper Pannes (So), Chandler Eggleston (SC), Brice Lowe (So), Andrew Musacchio (G), Skyler Wright (R), Connor Walsh (A-L), Robert Steffy (C-LV). D–137-0

Shot put: Andrew Musacchio (G), Patrick Walsh (A-L), Cooper Pannes (So), Chandler Eggleston (SC), Skyler Wright (R), Connor Walsh (A-L), Gavin Bowen (J), Quinn Conlan (Frew). D–49-1.75


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