Trio Of Double Winners Lead Red Dragons

Pictured from left, Maple Grove’s Sam Cummings, Clymer/Sherman/Panama’s Luke Lundeen, Clymer/Sherman/Panama’s Cameron Barmore and Maple Grove’s Darius Jones compete in the 100 meters during Tuesday’s CCAA Division 3 track & field meet at Maple Grove Junior-Senior High School. P-J photos by Valory S. Isaacson

Carson Crist, Sam Cummings and R.J. Helt were all double winners as Maple Grove opened its Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association boys track & field season with a 105-33 Division 3 victory over Clymer/Sherman/Panama.

Crist captured the 110-meter high hurdles (15.9) and long jump (18-9); Cummings claimed the 100 meters (12.1) and 200 meters (25.3); and Helt took the 800 meters (2:28) and pole vault (7-0) for the Red Dragons (1-0, 1-0).

Owen White (3,200 meters), Cameron Barmore (high jump), Jordan Svetz (triple jump) and Colton Phillips (shot put) won for the Wolfpack (2-3, 0-1).

3,200m relay: Maple Grove (Brandon Russo, Luke Tomlinson, Hal Svetanics, R.J. Helt). T–9:45

110m high hurdles: Carson Crist (MG), Darius Jones (MG), Jordan Svetz (C/S/P). T–15.9

Lundeen competes in the long jump.

100m: Sam Cummings (MG), Darius Jones (MG), Cameron Barmore (C/S/P). T–12.1

1,600m: Lucas Baer (MG), Hal Svetanics (MG), Luke Tomlinson (MG). T–5:47

400m relay: Maple Grove (Sam Cummings, Sam Eimiller, Caleb Foley, Riley Auer). T–48.3

400m: Riley Auer (MG), Brandon Russo (MG), Hayden Battaglia (C/S/P). T–57.3

400m intermediate hurdles: Darius Jones (MG), N/A (C/S/P), Sam Eimiller (MG). T–1:03.1

Maple Grove’s Luke Tomlinson, left, and Clymer/Sherman/Panama’s Jack Harding compete in a relay during Tuesday’s CCAA Division 3 track & field meet at Maple Grove Junior-Senior High School.

800m: R.J. Helt (MG), King (C/S/P), Brandon Russo (MG). T–2:28

200m: Sam Cummings (MG), Caleb Foley (MG), Luke Lundin (C/S/P). T–25.3

3,200m: Owen White (C/S/P), Kopta (C/S/P), Hal Svetanics (MG). T–N/A

1,600m relay: Maple Grove (Riley Auer, Sam Cummings, R.J. Helt, Darius Jones). T–4:03.4

Long jump: Carson Crist (MG), Caleb Foley (MG), Sam Eimiller (MG). D–18-9

High jump: Cameron Barmore (C/S/P), Carson Crist (MG). H–6-0

Triple jump: Jordan Svetz (C/S/P), Sam Eimiller (MG). D–36-0

Shot put: Colton Phillips (C/S/P), Carson Crist (MG), D.J. Brown (MG). D–36-0

Discus: D.J. Brown (MG), Mason Gowan (MG), Alex Duncanson (MG). D–90-6

Pole vault: R.J. Helt (MG), Luke Tomlinson (MG). H–7-0



Southwestern’s Eddie Scroxton and Jaden Kinnear were both triple winners as the Trojans beat Olean, 108-33, in Division 1 action.

Scroxton won the 1,600 meters (4:54), 800 meters (2:10) and 200 meters (24.1) while Kinnear captured the 110-meter high hurdles (16.6), 400-meter intermediate hurdles (1:02) and high jump (5-10) for Southwestern (3-0, 1-0).

Cody Spihler’s win in the long jump (19-10) was the lone victory for the Huskies.

3,200m relay: Southwestern (Dagon Bryant, Garrett Swan, Carter McKotch, Marcus Kautzman). T–9:46

110m high hurdles: Jaden Kinnear (S), Vance Alvarez (S), Nate Gabbler (O). T–16.6

100m: Gaven Dewey (S), Deyshaun Grey (O), Cameron Calimeri (S). T–11.9

1,600m: Eddie Scroxton (S), Ethan Luce (S), Bryant (S). T–4:54

400m relay: Southwestern (Dewey, Chase Stevenson, Calimeri, Jason Ni). T–48.1

400m: Kautzman (S), Nate Kiviatkowski (O), Trenton Shutters (S). T–54.8

400m intermediate hurdles: Kinnear (S), Swan (S), Jason Capella (O). T–1:02

800m: Scroxton (S), Kautzman (S), McKotch (S). T–2:10

200m: Scroxton (S), Dewey (S), Chance Farme (O). T–24.1

3,200m: Bryant (S), Luce (S), McKotch (S). T–10:48

1,600m relay: Olean (Grey, Frame, Spihler, Kiviatkowski). T–3:51

Long jump: Cody Spihler (O), Calimeri (S), Swan (S). D–19-10

Triple jump: Calimeri (S), Spihler (O), Alvarez (S). D–37-5

High Jump: Kinnear (S), Grey (O), Spihler (O). H–5-10

Shot put: Copper Pannes (S), Chris Quinn (S), Brice Lowe (S). D–47-0

Discus: Lowe (S), Pannes (S), Quinn (S). D–122-4

Pole vault: Stevenson (S), Lucas Sakeala (O), Dewey (S). H–11-0



RANDOLPH — Connor Terwilliger, Noah Steinbroner and Jon Yan were all double winners as Franklinville/Ellicottville topped Randolph, 83-57, in Division 3 action.

Terwilliger claimed the 110-meter high hurdles (18.4) and long jump (17-1); Steinbroner captured the 100 meters (11.5) and 200 meters (23.8); and Yan won the 400-meter intermediate hurdles (1:07.3) and triple jump (34-0) for the Panthers.

Christian Reithmiller won the 800 meters (2:17) and 3,200 meters (11:10.3) while Skyler Wright took the shot put (41-0) and discus (112-10) for the Cardinals (1-2, 0-1).

3,200m relay: Franklinville/Ellicottville (Michael Stewart, Liam Conroy, Jack Snyder, Adrian de Orbe). T–10:08.4

110m high hurdles: Connor Terwilliger (F/E), Jon Yan (F/E), John Tinelli (F/E). T–18.4

100m: Noah Steinbroner (F/E), Josh Walters (R), Simon Lin (F/E). T–11.5

1,600m: Ronan McDonald (R), Christian Reithmiller (R), Maddox Bush (F/E). T–4:59.4

400m relay: Franklinville/Ellicottville (Tyler Oaks, Jon Yan, Noah Steinbroner, Simon Lin). T–50.1

400m: Walters (R), Eric Shattenberg (F/E), Charles Jenning (F/E). T–53.8

400m intermediate hurdles: Yan (F/E), Terwilliger (F/E), Tinelli (F/E). T–1:07.3

800m: Reithmiller (R), de Orbe (F/E), Conroy (F/E). T–2:17

200m: Steinbroner (F/E), Walters (R), Lin (F/E). T–23.8

3,200m: Reithmiller (R), Roan Kelly (R), Bush (F/E). T–11:10.3

1,600m relay: Randolph (Josh Bush, Walters, Christian Blancaflore, McDonald). T–4:04.8

Shot put: Skyler Wright (R), Dan Gann (F/E), Avery Pockey (F/E). D–41-0

Discus: Wright (R), Pockey (F/E), Kameron Finch (F/E). D–112-10

Long jump: Terwilliger (F/E), Bush (F/E), Bush (R). D–17-1

Triple jump: Yan (F/E), Ben Hitchcock (R), Tinelli (F/E). D–34-0

High jump: Wright (R), Bush (F/E), Tavi Piling (F/E). H–5-0

Pole vault: Oaks (F/E), Cyle Livingston (F/E). H–9-0


FREWSBURG — Frewsburg was a 79-56 winner over Westfield/Brocton in Division 3 action.

Zach Heberlein led the Bears (1-2, 1-0) with wins in the 110-meter high hurdles (18.4) and the 400-meter intermediate hurdles (1:06.4).

Ryan Jafarjian led the Wolverines with victories in the 100 meters (12.0) and the 200 meters (25.2).

3,200m: Frewsburg (Ian Conner, Carson Phillips, Noah Phillips, Ian Clark). T–10:23.9

110m high hurdles: Zach Heberlein (F), Darren Morse (W), Joel Reinagel (F). T–18.4

100m: Ryan Jafarjian (W), Quinn Conlan (F), Anthony Spann (W). T–12.0

1,600m: Clark (F), Evan Rounds (F), Declan Gibbons (F). T–5:39.2

400m relay: DQ.

400m: Brad Nelson (F), Hayden Backus (W), Logan Miles (W). T–1:00.2

400m intermediate hurdles: Heberlein (F), Darren Morse (W), Reinagel (F). T–1:06.4

800m: Jack Wolfe (W), Clark (F), Rounds (F). T–2:27.4

200m: Jafarjian (W), Jon Alianell (F), Jake Constantino (F). T–25.2

3,200m: Rounds (F), Gibbons (F), Isac Kabalero (W). T–12:27.3

1,600m: Frewsburg (Alianell, Carson Phillips, Noah Collins, Constantino). T–4:11.5

Long jump: Spann (W), Nelson (F), Emmitt Carlson (F). D–16-3

High jump: Backus (W), Nelson (F), Heberlein (F). H–5-2

Triple jump: Luke Stevenson (W), Nelson (F), Miles (W). D–34-7 1/2

Shot put: Conlan (F), Andrew Baribeau (W), Kyle Douglas (W). D–40-6 1/2

Discus: Baribeau (W), Noah Smith (W), Douglas (W). D–103

Pole vault: Frankie Iuculano (F), Collins (F). H–7-0



DUNKIRK — Falconer/Cassadaga Valley was an 89-52 winner over Dunkirk in Division 1 action.

Rayven Sample led the Golden Cougars (4-0, 1-0) in the 400 meters with a time of 52.8 and the triple jump with a mark of 28 feet, 2 inches while Collin Barmore took home wins in the 1,600 meters (4:58.3) and the 3,200 meters (10:32.3). Austin Johns also took home the 110-meter hurdles in 17.3 and the 400-meter hurdles in 1:01.2.

Jonah Rosas led the Marauders (0-1) with wins in the 100 meters (11.5) and the 200 meters (24.9).

3,200m relay: FCV (Hudson, Harrington, Austin, Baglia). T–9:17.3

110m hurdles: Austin Johns (F), Matt Hanlon (D), Josiah Cox (D). T–17.3

100m: Jonah Rosas (D), Max Valle (D), Austin Johns (F). T–11.5

1,600m: Collin Barmore (F), Anthony Ruiz (D), Joey Pillittieri (F). T–4:58.3

400m relay: Dunkirk (Rosa, Eddy, Rosario, Berakah). T–45.8

400m: Rayven Sample (F), Cervonta Thomas (F), Becker (D). T–52.8

400m hurdles: Austin Johns (F), Matt Hanlon (D), Cox (D). T–1:01.2

800m: Bryce Baglia (F), Collin Barmore (F), Sample (F). T–2:05.7

Discus: Kaden Bianco (F), Zac Cooper (D), Trent Phillips (F). D–103-3

Long jump: Devin Eddy (D), Angel Reyel (D), Jayden Johns (F). D–19-8

Pole vault: Hunter Teboe (F), Sam Pischeria (F), Jeff Fealy (F). H–9-6

200m: Rosas (D), Thomas (F), Nelson Rosario (D). T–24.9

Triple jump: Sample (F), Devin Eddy (D), Devin Austin (F). D–28-2

Shot put: Zac Cooper (D), Bianco (F), Owen Fred (D). D–38-4

High jump: Devin Austin (F), Johns (F), Cox (D). H–5-6

3,200m: Barmore (F), Pillittieri (F), Jon Brockelbank (F). T–10:32.3

1,600m relay: FCV (Sample, Thomas, Johns, Baglia). T–3:44.3


Armani Merlino, Elijah Kerner, Jonathan Surdej and Aiden Zerkowski were all double winners as Lancaster coasted past Jamestown, 125-16, in Erie County Interscholastic Conference Division 1 competition.

Merlino won the 1,600 meters (4:33.6) and 3,200 meters (9:50.1); Kerner claimed the 400 meters (53.8) and 200 meters (22.6); Surdej captured the shot put (55-10 1/2) and discus (141-10 1/2); and Zerkowski took the long jump (19-9¢) and high jump (5-10) for the Legends.

Jamestown’s lone win came from Takye Branch in the triple jump (38-11†).

3,200m relay: Lancaster (Derek Lasker, Brandon Paryz, Jared Rogalski, Steve Blatto). T–9:05.9

110m high hurdles: Josh Donner (L), Nick Wolcott (L), Dylan Winkel (L). T–17.4

100m: Nick Cimino (L), Ethan Jurkowski (L), Cooper Zak (L). T–11.6

1,600m: Armani Merlino (L), Zack Winnicki (L), Collin Rice (L). T–4:33.6

400m: Elijah Kerner (L), Tyrell Whitaker (L), Grayson Holt (J). T–53.8

400m intermediate hurdles: Rogalski (L), Derek Walter (L), Nathan Hill (J). T–59.7

800m: Lasker (L), Paryz (L), Jackson Blair (L). T–2:16.8

200m: Kerner (L), Cimino (L), Jurkowski (L). T–22.6

3,200m: Merlino (L), Winnicki (L), Rice (L). T–9:50.1

1,600m relay: Lancaster (Wolcott, Paryz, Blair, Evan Maher). T–3:56.2

400m relay: Lancaster (Josh Maranacio, Gabe Revelas, Anthony Santos, Jared Rupp). T–47.8

Long jump: Aiden Zerkowski (L), Takye Branch (J), Gavin Bowen (J). D–19-9 1/2

Triple jump: Branch (J), Zerkowski (L), Grant Moore (J). D–38-11 1/4

Shot put: Jonathan Surdej (L), Mike Wolford (L), Alex Hejna (L). D–55-10 1/2

Discus: Surdej (L), Wolford (L), Jaiden McKoy (J). D–141-10 1/2

Pole vault: Dominic Kucharski (L), Zackh Skrowronski (L), Winkel (L). H–8-0

High jump: Zerkowski (L), Moore (J), Wolford (L). H–5-10


CATTARAUGUS — A quartet of double winners led Allegany-Limestone to a 124-11 Division 2 boys win over Cattaraugus-Little Valley.

Michael Wolfgang led the boys with wins in the 110-meter hurdles (14.9) and the 400-meter hurdles (59.2); Ryan Wisniewski took home the 1,600 meters (5:32.7) and the 3,200 meters (11:37.2); Noel Dixon the long jump (17-6.5) and the triple jump (35-5) while Pat Walsh claimed wins in the shot put (41-8) and the discus (104-3).

3,200m relay: AL (Voegelin, DeCapua, Deemer, Higgs). T–10:04.4

110m hurdles: Michael Wolfgang (A), Liam Coulter (A). T–14.9

100m: Conner Golley (A), Robert Steffy (C), Devin Moore (A). T–11.6

1,600m run: Ryan Wisniewski (A), Donald Higgs (A), Kevin Voegelin (A). T–5:32.7

400m: Noah Paterniti (A), Shane Mcmullen (A), Nathan Emery (A). T–1:00.1

400m hurdles: Wolfgang (A), Coulter (A), Alex Williams (C). T–59.2

800m: DeCapua (A), Higgs (A), Deemer (A). T–2:19.3

200m: Golley (A), McMullen (A), Evan Kiener (A). T–24.7

3,200m: Wisniewski (A), Voegelin (A), Gurien (C). T–11:37.2

1,600m relay: AL (McMullen, Coulter, Paterniti, Wolfgang), AL. T–3:52.0

Long jump: Noel Dixon (A), Quentin Martinez (C), Nick Bierieidt (A). D–17-6 1/2

Triple jump: Dixon (A), Gustafson (A), Martinez (C). D–35 1/2

High jump: Devin Moore (A), Wolfgang (A), DeCapua (A). H–5-8

Shot put: Pat Walsh (A), Connor Walsh (A), Steffy (C). D–41-8

Discus: Pat Walsh (A), C. Walsh (A), Steffy (C). T–104-3