Maple Grove Prevails Despite Big Individual Days For Wolfpack

Clymer/Sherman/Panama’s Kylie Schnars competes in the hurdles. P-J photo by Valory S. Isaacson

Marisa Schuppenhauer won a pair of events and Maple Grove used its depth to down Clymer/Sherman/Panama, 69-63, in Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 3 girls track action Tuesday.

Schuppenhauer claimed the long jump (14-6§) and triple jump (30-10™) for the Red Dragons (1-0, 1-0).

Kylee Odell won the 1,500 meters (5:17.5) and 800 meters (2:32.1); Kylie Schnars captured the 100-meter high hurdles (18.3) and 400-meter intermediate hurdles (1:14.5); and Mackenzie Gratto claimed the 200 meters (29.5) and 400 meters (1:05.4) for the Wolfpack.

3,200m relay: Maple Grove (Crist, Brunenavs, Pavlock, Peppy). T–10:46

100m high hurdles: KSchnars (C/S/P), EGruber (MG), AKohl (MG). T–18.3

Maple Grove’s Ava Crist competes in the 3,200-meter relay during a CCAA Division 3 track & field meet against Clymer/Sherman/Panama on Tuesday at Maple Grove Junior-Senior High School.

100m: CAmaroso (C/S/P), BMozzi (MG), MPlymel (MG). T–13.6

1,500m: KOdell (C/S/P), ACrist (MG), CLockwood (MG). T–5:17.5

400m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (Amaroso, Yuchnitz, Markham, Kuno). T–54.4

400m: MGratto (C/S/P), CAmaroso (C/S/P), HMarshall (MG). T–1:05.4

400m intermediate hurdles: KSchnars (C/S/P), EGruber (MG), JKuno (C/S/P). T–1:14.5

800m: KOdell (C/S/P), CPeppy (MG), ACrist (MG). T–2:32.1

200m: MGratto (C/S/P), BMozzi (MG), MPlymel (MG). T–29.5

3,000m: CPeppy (MG), ABrunenavs (MG), HSchauman (C/S/P). T–11:44.5

1,600m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (Yuchnitz, Carris, Gratto, Amaroso). T–4:39.8

Long jump: MSchuppenhauer (MG), KSchnars (C/S/P), KOdell (C/S/P). D–14-6 3/4

Triple jump: MSchuppenhauer (MG), EFoley (MG), KYuchnitz (C/S/P). T–30-10 1/4

High jump: KYuchnitz (C/S/P), KSchnars (C/S/P), BMozzi (MG). H–4-10

Shot put: ASteen (MG), CHemminger (MG), TMozzi (MG). D–31-3

Discus: CHemminger (MG), ASteen (MG), TMozzi (MG). D–79-5 1/2


Southwestern’s girls won their first league meet of the season by sweeping six events against Olean in a 108-33 Division 1 victory.

Cassidy Allen was a triple winner, taking the 100 meters (13.0), 200 meters (28.4) and pole vault (9-0) while and Hannah Sullivan was a double winner, capturing the 1,500 meters (5:27) and 3,000 meters (12:12) for the Trojans (3-0, 1-0).

Marina Miketish won the 100-meter high hurdles (18.6) and high jump (5-0) for the Huskies.

3,200m relay: Southwestern (Lily Nelson, Melissa Todd, Anna Rauh, Lotte Kranzo). T–12:12

100m high hurdles: Marina Miketish (O), Kayla Allen (S), Lily Constantino (S). T–18.6

100m: Cassidy Allen (S), Kenzie Doepp (S), Quinn Taylor (S). T–13.0

1,500m: Hannah Sullivan (S), Ashlin Collins (O), Hannah Lillie (S). T–5:27

400m relay: Olean (Thomas, Vanderhoef, Stayr, Miketish). T–55.0

400m: Ellie Lawton (S), Natalie Fosberg (S), Reagan Stitt (O). T–1:09

400m intermediate hurdles: Kayla Allen (S), Lily Constantino (S), Gabby Wigren (S). T–1:19

800m: Ashlin Collins (O), Carissa Minarovich (S), Breah Orlando (S). T–2:37

200m: Cassidy Allen (S), Kenzie Doepp (S), N/A (S). T–28.4

3,000m: Hannah Sullivan (S), Hannah Lillie (S), Lily Nelson (S). T–12:12

1,600m relay: Southwestern (N/A). T–N/A

Long jump: Quinn Taylor (S), Rosie Hagel (S), Kayla Allen (S). D–14-7

Triple jump: Leah Williams (O), Cassidy Allen (S), Quinn Taylor (S). D–30-6

High jump: Marina Miketish (O), Gianna Hoose (S), Kayla Allen (S). H–5-0

Shot put: Abby Manelick (S), Madi Brooks (S), Gianna Hoose (S). D–29-0

Discus: Gianna Hoose (S), Abby Manelick (S), Mackenzie Windus (O). D–101-2

Pole vault: Cassidy Allen (S), Makala Folts (O), Isabella Grijalva (S). H–9-0


RANDOLPH — Logan Fredrickson and Janay Ghani were both triple winners while Hayly Fredrickson was a double winner as Franklinville ran past Randolph, 110-26, in Division 3 action.

Logan Fredrickson won the 100-meter high hurdles (17.8), 800 meters (2:53.7) and long jump (13-9¢) while her sister claimed the 400-meter intermediate hurdles (1:20.2) and pole vault (7-6) for the Panthers. Ghani won the 100 meters (13.3), 400 meters (1:08.5) and 200 meters (29.3).

The Cardinals’ lone victories came from Tyra Clark in the high jump (4-6) and Rian Finch in the triple jump (28-10).

3,200m relay: Franklinville (Sadie Hood, Abby Chudy, Cameron Kaleta, Alyssa Williams). T–11:38.9

100m high hurdles: Logan Fredrickson (F), Mandy Hurlburt (F), Hayly Fredrickson (F). T–17.8

100m: Janay Ghani (F), Zoey Green (F), Nikki Blackwell (F). T–13.3

1,500m: Alyssa Williams (F), Sydney Smith (R), Jewel Wozniak (F). T–6:05.6

400m relay: Franklinville (Brooke Butler, Mandy Hurlburt, Cameron Kaleta, Alyssa Williams). T–58.3

400m: Janay Ghani (F), Nikki Blackwell (F), Piper Keyes (R). T–1:08.5

400m intermediate hurdles: Hayly Fredrickson (F), Brooke Butler (F), Lucy Marchese (F). T–1:20.2

800m: Logan Fredrickson (F), Sadie Hood (F), Lillian Hansen (F). T–2:53.7

200m: Janay Ghani (F), Gabby Milligan (F), Mandy Hurlburt (F). T–29.3

3,000m: Alyssa Williams (F), Sydney Smith (R), Jewel Wozniak (F). T–13:09.4

1,600m relay: Franklinville (Gabby Milligan, Nikki Blackwell, Cameron Kaleta, Hayly Fredrickson). T–4:56.7

High jump: Tyra Clark (R), Gabby Milligan (F), Amanda Graham (R). H–4-6

Long jump: Logan Fredrickson (F), Rian Finch (R), Janay Ghani (F). D–13-9 1/2

Triple jump: Rian Finch (R), Lucy Marchese (F). D–28-10

Pole vault: Hayly Fredrickson (F). H–7-6

Shot put: Zoey Green (F), Meganne Chapman (F), Kourtney Leeper (R). D–29- 1/2

Discus: Meganne Chapman (F), Kourtney Leeper (R), Nicolette Dungan (R). D–67-5


FREWSBURG — Savannah Lashbrook helped Westfield sneak out a 68-67 Division 3 victory over Frewsburg.

Lashbrook won the 3,000 meters (14.22.2) and 1,500 meters (5:44.1) for the Wolverines.

Sophia Walter earned wins in the 100 meters (14.0) and the 200 meters (30.2) while teammate Claire Johnson took home the triple jump (26-2) and the pole vault (7-6) for the Bears (0-3, 0-1).

3,200m relay: Westfield (Makayla Wolfe, Macartney Mortimer, Sheala Bresa, Mackenzie Wolfe). T–11:37.7

100m hurdles: Jamie Black (W), Samantha Annis (F), Grace Cline (F). T–19.7

100m: Sophia Walter (F), Annis (F), Brooklyn McCosco (F). T–14.0

1,500m: Savannah Lashbrook (W), Rylee Gore (F), Mortimer (W). T–5:44.1

400m relay: Westfield (Bresa, Mackena Barresi, Mary Conquinn). T–58.6

400m: Kaylee Constantino (F), Sophie Beblan (W), Elise Cunningham (W). T–1:09.2

400m hurdles: Mackenzie Wolfe (W), Makayla Wolfe (W). T–1:35.3

800m: Acacia Barber (F), Gore (F), Lashbrook (W). T–2:44.5

200m: Sophia Walter (F), Conquinn (W), Kaylee Constantino (F). T–30.2

3,000m: Lashbrook (W), Mortimer (W). T–14:22.2

1,600m relay: Frewsburg (Rachel Annis, Barber, Rylee Gore, Constantino). T–4:41.9

Long jump: Mya Salvaggio (F), Barresi (W), Erin Dogan (W). D–11-9

High jump: Makayla Wolfe (W), Mackenzie Wolfe (W), Maia Suruy (F). H–4-10

Triple jump: Claire Johnson (F), Mortimer (W), Annis (F). D–26-2

Shot put: Paige Nichols (W), Suruy (F), Meaghan Burnam (F). D–26-2.5

Discus: Suruy (F), Nichols (W), Johnson (F). D–74-4

Pole vault: Johnson (F). H–7-6


CATTARAUGUS — A trio of double winners helped Allegany-Limestone beat Cattaraugus-Little Valley, 125-16, in Division 2 girls action.

Grace DeCapua led the Lady Gators with wins in the 400 meters (1:04), 200 meters (28.3), long jump (14-5) and triple jump (31); Angelina Napoleon took home the 1,500 meters in 5:32.1 and the high jump with a mark of 4 feet, 8 inches; and Kelsey Wilber was a double winner in the shot put with a mark of 30 feet, 1 inch and also took home the discus (80-4).

3,200m relay: AL (Angelina Napoleon, Bell Porterfield, Lindsay Clawson, Sofia Fortuna), AL. T–11;05.1

100m hurdles: Maddie Lippert (A), Ashlyn Schuman (A), Mal Voegelin (A). T–18.8

100m: Lexi Kinney (A), Emma Poccobello (C), Jillian Walsh (A). T–14.1

1,500m: Napoleon (A), Porterfield (A), Clawson (A). T–5:32.1

400m relay: AL (Kinney, Lippert, Voegelin, Walsh), AL. T–58.4

400m: Grace DeCapua (A), Sofia Fortuna (A), Poccobello (C). T–1:04.0

400m hurdles: Aaliyah Small (C), Maddie Straub (A), Schauman (A). T–1:17.4

800m: Fortuna (A), Summer Harper (C), Watkins (A). T–2:53.0

200m: Grace DeCapua (A), Poccobello (C), Walsh (A). T–28.3

3,000m: Porterfield (A), Clawson (A), Alyssa Studley (A). T–12:21.9

3,200m relay: AL (Napoleon, Fortuna, Straub, Lippert), CLV. T–4:48.0

Long jump: DeCapua (A), Lippert (A), Kinney (A). D–14-5

Triple jump: DeCapua (A), Straub (A), Wolfgang (A). T–31

High jump: Napoleon (A), Voegelin (A), Lippert (A). H–4-8

Shot put: Kelsey Wilber (A), Schifley (A), Rohrabacher (A). D–30-1

Discus: Wilber (A), Schifley (A), Rose Ellis (C). D–80-4