Courson’s 299-740 Leads Bowling Action At JBC

Justin Courson led the Ames Insurance League at Jamestown Bowling Company with a 299-247-740 while Dennis Nilson hit a 231-226-663.

In the JBC Monday Ladies Classic Ashley Zaffino was the leader with a 224-238-655 for DZ Designs.

Jamie Willey led the Jeremy’s Bel-View League with a 265-236-229-730 BellaVista.

Kate Foti fired a 213-255-654 for Chautauqua Landscape, Dana Stanton 222-204-224-650 for Catering Plus, Debbie Williams 217-227-612 for JBC Pro Shop, Heather Lyon 236-219-610 for JBC Pro Shop; Beth Sacilowski 201-233-607 for Chautauqua Landscape, Theresa Jackson 215-591 for Shoeless Joes, Jenn Peters 212-590 for Lena’s Pizza and Lyn McIntyre 228-584 for Gametime.

In the VSK Emporium League at Frewsburg Lanes, Bill Pownall led the way with a 276-677 for Real Estate Advantage.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Ames Insurance–Dan Sasso 579.

Monday Ladies Classic–Donna Clark 208-566, Bonnie Smith 203-565, Kathy Bradshaw 545, Sue Bero 541, Christy Leone 511, Daryl Wadsworth 486, Dawn Raynor 476.

Jeremy’s Bel-View–Joh Rasmussen 246-618, Mike Martinelli 244-602, Andy Swanson 223-597, Steve Ryberg 235-601, Jimmy Johnson 594.

Frewsburg Lanes: VSK Emporium League–Kevin Carlson Jr. 646, Jeff Arnold 610, Erik Lindquist 606, Jeremy Becker 586, Harry Jones 584.