Asquith Senior Tour Opens At Cassadaga CC And Corry CC

In Week 1 of the Art Asquith Senior Tour, Russ Vacanti had plenty to celebrate, acing the sixth hole at Cassadaga Country Club.

In White Flight A, Shelly Grant was plus six, Brian Eckwahl plus five and Sam Allesi minus three while Grant led the gross scores with a 73.

In White Flight B, Bob Burlingame was plus seven, Paul Edson plus six, Fred Bretl plus six while Paul Edson shot an 89 gross.

In Gold Flight A, Neil Cullen was minus two, Norm Beijag minus two while Roger Millspaw was minus four with an 84 gross.

In Golf Flight B, Joe Palermo shot 84 and was plus seven, Doug Spoto was plus four and John Ames was minus three.

Vacanti led Gold Flight C with a plus seven final, Bill Davenport was zero, and John Depew minus one with a 92 gross.

Jim Wirges led Gold Flight D with a 96 gross and plus10, Dave Nichols was plus six and Don Armstrong was minus one.

Depew was closest to the pin on No. 15 and Allesi on No. 17.

At Corry Country Club Scott Johnson shot 78 and was minus one to lead White Flight A, while Randy Carlson was minus five and Ted Charles minus seven.

In White Flight B, Fran Dexter was minus 3 with a 97 and Jack Saullo was minus three while Ken Aldrich led Gold Flight A with an 85 and plus one.

In Gold Flight B, Bruce Carlson was plus seven with an 83, Brian Shannon was plus five and Bill Cross zero.

Brian Champlin and Dan Kelly were both minus four and shot 95s to lead Gold Flight C, while Dave Snyder was also minus four.

Norm Thomas was plus eight, Ed Potter plus two and Dave Nagy plus one with a 104 to lead Gold Flight D.

Next week’s match will be at Chautauqua Point Golf Course or Pinehurst Golf Club.