YMCA Volleyball


A-Team was a 25-12, 25-23, 21-13 winner over Sets on the Beach, thanks to the play of MVP Connie Foster.

Ashley Stearns led Sets on the Beach with MVP play.


SixSkin topped Soul Pickle, 25-14, 25-21, 21-1.

Derek Houser led the winners as MVP while Megan Roetzer led Soul Pickle.


No Bones was a 25-16, 25-23, 21-15 winner over Bumping thanks to the play of Amanda Pinciaro.

Gina Volpe was MVP for Bumping.


TBD topped EZ-Pass, 25-15, 15-25, 21-16, with Anna Rauh shining for the winners.

Alan Strandburg was MVP for EZ-Pass.


Block You was a 25-19, 18-25, 21-18 winner over SWAT thanks to the play of Tracey Tellinghusien.

Heather Brown led SWAT.


5SA was a 27-25, 25-20, 21-19 winner over Empire Spikes Back.

Marty Richau was MVP for Empire Spikes Back.


Serves You Right was a 25-13, 25-16, 21-10 winner over Volleyllamas, with MVP Brittany Brace leading the way.

Kelsey Thomas led Volleyllamas.


Monday Funday topped Aged, 25-20, 25-21, 18-21.

Dustin Raynor was MVP for the winners and Aaren Woodrig led Aged.


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