Wadsworth Rolls 823, Raymond Hits 300-787

Jeff Wadsworth turned in a night to remember at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Andrew Raymond did, too.

And the two keglers had company.

It was that kind of Thursday at the Foote Avenue establishment in Jamestown.

Bowling for Mir Oil in the Dave Warren CDJR Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles, Wadsworth smashed a 277-279-267-823. Meanwhile, in the Miles Machine Men’s League, Raymond fired a 300-266-221-787 for Miles Machine.

The rest of the headliners in the Scratch Doubles League include: Dan Gould 259-234-259-752 for Harmony Sheet Metal; Ryan Colburn 245-278-738 for Scott’s Tree Ex.; Andy Blasdell 233-266-233-732 for Dave Warren Auto; Justin VanArsdale 268-226-236-730 for Zamborik-VanArsdale; Howie McIntyre Jr. 254-249-225-728 for A-Bat; Jim Mee 237-257-225-719 for Gametime; Brandon Miller 259-243-718 for Don’s Car Wash; Chelsey Mee 247-242-715 for Gametime; Dan Hallberg 223-289-703 for Southern Tier T-Shirts; Alan Felmlee 264-222-700 for Southern Tier T-Shirts; Alex Foti 265-238-690 for Brothers Foti; Andy Proctor 246-232-690 for Harmony Sheet Metal; Dave Saxton 244-244-681 for Dave Warren Auto; and Devin Kennelley 241-244-678 for Emco Finishing.

The remainder of the headliners in the Miles Machine League include: Mike Page 246-223-237-706 for Miles Machine; Rusty Martin 234-255-704 for JP Craig Racing; and Brent Miller 224-245-681 for JP Craig Racing.

Also at JBC, Jim Suckow showed the way in the Thursday Early Birds League with a 224-256-677.

Top games were turned in by George Wendell (269), Pat Ewing (268), Brandon Miller (257), Ed Petransky (257), Joe Jagoda (256) and Brandon Carlson (253), all at JBC.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Dave Warren CDJR Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles League — James Cappalino 234-224-671, Joe Jagoda 226-667; Bill Thompson 236-235-665, Tom Lester 244-664, Andrew Raymond 234-224-661, John Williams Jr. 227-661, George Wendell 229-652, Scott Cappa 231-648, Chris Conti 647, Dan Walker 229-646, Ashley Zaffino 245-644, Tom Volpe 222-224-639, Ryan Beaver 633, Mike Sacilowski 222-630, Paul Burdic 224-628, Mark Blasdell 238-627, Tom Sacilowski 624, Brent Miller 620, Jeff Guild 235-617, Mark Meleen 603.

Miles Machine Men’s League — Brandon Miller 670, Pat Ewing 667, Brandon Carlson 666, Nate Lester 663, Steve Maloy 221-247-654, Tom Lester 224-223-643, Brent Carlson 632, Toby Christensen 616, Tim Wares 227-612, Joe Sienicki 608, Todd Piazza 229-596, Justin Wheeler 596, Mike Wallen 220-592.

Thursday Early Birds — Lenny Bush 214-593, Ed Petransky 572, Bob Dowd 563, Roger Vine 562, roger Gustafson 530, Hank Moler 514, Sharon Dowd 479, Denis Weber 449, Karen Beattie 447, Marge Giddy 403.

Frewsburg Lanes: Celoron Moose Ladies Doubles — Jennifer Peters 209-551, LuAnn Spallino 493.

Angel Hair Ladies League — Kelly Lauffenburger 507.

Cutting Lanes: American League — Brad Robinson 623, Pat Bemis 222-599, Jason Rhodes 597, Adam Newhouse 584, Michael Reed 584, Jim Thompson 575.