Truver’s 750 Series Tops Bowling

Eric Truver smashed a 272-222-256-750 for Townline Auto in the Friday Night Belle-View East League at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Jeff Arnold produced the other top series in that league with a 243-238-688. Theresa Jackson smashed a 259-657 in the Friday Night Mixed Couples League.

Bill Warner Jr. rolled a 264 at JBC.

In the Saturday Night Mixed Couples League at JBC, Paul Burdic led the way with a 223-221-278-722.

In the same league, Mark Cobbe and Andy Chapman each had a 264 game, Kevin Stimson had a 253 game and Jane Chapman rolled a 228 game.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Friday Night Mixed Couples League — Jason Pool 225-592, Jeff Curtis 578, Bill Warner Jr. 580, Pat Ewing 580, Andrew Raymond 232-614, Mary Curtis 502, Rita Anderson 479.

Friday Night Belle-View East League — Matt Erickson 246-245-672, Nick Fardink 242-645, Bill Colburn 247-657, Doug Lindgren 241-628, Andy Chapman 620, TJ Weimer 605, Jim Chapman 597, Andy Territo 593, Greg Bush 591.

Saturday Night Mixed Couples League — Mark Cobbe 651, Kevin Stimson 227-642, Andy Chapman 636, Bill Colburn 246-626, Mike Gray 595, Doug Wheeler 581, Bruce Macey 578, Danielle Camarata 550, Linda Riffel 534, Grace Wheeler 513, Julie Budzinski 492, Marlene Macey 487.