Suckow Has Another Big Night

Jim Suckow led the Tuesday Coffee Bowl at Jamestown Bowling Company, tossing a 238-248-258-744 for a 10-pin step ladder.

In the Miles Machine Men’s League Brandon Miller hit a 234-223-248-705 for JP Craig Racing, while Joe Sienicki hit a 247-679 for JP Craig Racing.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Mile’s Machine Men’s League–Howie Wheeler Jr. 248-264-672, Pat Ewing 233-225-672, Brent Miller 245-661, Justin Wheeler 245-652, Brent Carlson 228-637, Todd Piazza 259-631, Jeff Ellis 234-623, Mike Page 256-622, Toby Christensen 242-621, Steve Maloy 234-604, Pedro Melendez 585, Brandon Carlson 581, Nate Lester 577.

JAL Tuesday Ladies League–Ann Knepshield 200-205-572, Brittany Miller 554, Pat Weeks 505, Lori Pumford 201-492.

Moon Brook Ladies–Ann Knepshield 499, Sheila Vergith 483.

Tuesday Coffee Bowl–Bob Peterson 211-597.