Mee Smashes 815 Set At JBC

Jim Mee turned in quite a performance in the Dave Warren CDJR Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles League at Jamestown Bowling Company on Thursday night.

Bowling for Gametime, Mee smashed a 279-257-279-815, one of several top efforts at the Foote Avenue establishment.

In other action, Joe Jagoda hit a 257-235-245-737 for Don’s Car Wash; Brandon Miller rolled a 225-267-230-722 for Don’s Car Wash; Ryan Colburn fired a 257-268-718 for Scott’s Tree Ex.; Ray Textor recorded a 224-247-236-707 for Butternut Brooke; Justin VanArsdale registered a 258-261-703 for VanArsdale-Zamborik; James Cappalino authored a 234-257-701 for Geraci & Co Accounting; Howie McIntyre Sr. hit a 247-257-695 for A-Bat; Alex Foti shot a 223-234-238-695 for Brothers Foti; Andy Proctor had a 244-242-691 for Harmony Sheet Metal; and John Williams Jr. fired a 266-684 for Southern Tier Supplies

Russ Payne led the VSK Emporium League at Frewsburg Lanes with a 244-230-240-714 for Real Estate Advantage.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Jim Suckow 618, Wayne Hunzinger 228-570, John Foster 566, Lenny Bush 546, Roger Gustafson 535, Tom Neyman 521, Gary Wells 517, Rick Golden 509, Keith Hartley 506, Denise Weber 483, Karen Beatie 468, Sharon Dowd 436.

CDJR Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles–Dan Gould 244-242-674, Howie McIntyre Jr. 221-225-661, Mark Blasdell 237-234-658, Kate Foti 651, Dave Saxton 244-245-650, Brent Miller 235-649, Alan Felmlee 644, Chris Conti 235-642, Dan Walker 227-233-641, Tom Sacilowski 231-222-633, Mark Meleen 234-630, Jim Chapman 236-625, Mike Sacilowski 245-619, Zack Leone 231-226-614, Dan Hallberg 226-610, Jeff Wadsworth 238-607.

Frewsburg Lanes: VSK Emporium League–Dave Johnson 660, Jeff Arnold 620, Erik Lindquist 257-616, Jeremy Becker 616, Troy Beightol 610, Kevin Carlson Jr. 609, Bill Farr 606, Kit Cusimano 604, Bruce Moore 590, Scott Nelson.

Cutting Lanes: Monday Men–Adam Newhouse 227-237-651, Brad Robinson 224-224-630, Ron Reed 259-614, Taylor TeCulver 234-584, Roger Post 580

Tuesday A.M. Senior–Jim Redfield 567, Sharon Utegg 468


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