Lyon Rolls Perfect Game At JBC

Heather Lyon began her three-game series for JBC Pro Shop with a perfect game followed by a 216 and a 204 for a total of 720 in the Ladies Classic at Jamestown Bowling Company on Monday night.

Stephanie Tompkins also rolled a 700 series with a 201-256-258-715 for Chautauqua Landscaping in the Ladies Classic.

Brad Robinson fired a 256-233-694 in the Boozers & Losers League at Cutting Lanes

Back in the Ladies Classic, Ashley Zaffino drilled a 203, 224 and 243 in a 670 series for DZ Designs, Kate Foti shot a 227-247-645 for Chautauqua Landscaping, Grace Wheeler a 221-225-626 for A-Bat and Dana Stanton had a 243-594 for Catering Plus. Debbie Williams dropped a 215-587 for JBC Pro Shop, Donna Clark unleashed a 234-576 for Catering Plus and Chelsey Mee fired a 206-200-576 for Shoeless Joe’s.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Ladies Classic–Theresa Jackson 214-572, Lyn McIntyre 203-571, Dawn Raynor 548, Kathy Bradshaw 537, Sue Bero 523, Leda Peterson 504, Mary Gayton 490, Daryl Wadsworth 478.

Chris Sieber Memorial League–Yolanda Verleni 223-534, Erin Himes 511, Gloria Martin 488, Debbie Latona 475.

Jeremy’s Bel-View League–Steve Ryberg 221-237-663, Andy Swanson 243-227-652, Mike Martinelli 239-621, Ron Lyon 603, Devin Kennelly 597, George Wendell 591, Amanda Woltz 523.

Ames Insurance League–Dan Walker 236-627, Dennis Nilson 622, Pat Ewing 592, Jeremy Becker 585, Heather Ewing 494, Lacey Evans 487.

Cutting Lanes: Boozers & Losers League — Steve Swan 222-223-627.