Colby Welker led the Hunter Class with a 321 during weekly action at His Way Archers.

Bill Kiendl led the Senior Hunter Class with a 326.

Craig Aklin led the Open Class with a 331.

Sarah O’Boyle led the Ladies Class with a 274 and Tage Coil led the Youth Class with a 310.

Hunter Class: Brandon Kellogg 315, Josh Ball 314, Shawn Abers 311, Chris Schwerk 305, Phil McChesney 301, Murl Kinal 296, Dan Abers 294, Colby Allen 288

Senior Hunter Class: Henry Johnson 315, Randy Brown 266

Open Class: Bill Petransky 298

Ladies Class: Brelynn Abers 273

Youth Class: Ethan Kellogg 266