Panama/CLCS/Maple Grove Post Swim Victory At Olean

OLEAN — Panama/Chautauqua Lake/Maple Grove was a 100-74 winner over Olean in boys swimming and diving action Thursday thanks to a trio of double winners.

RJ Helt took home the 200-yard individual medley and the 500-yard freestyle; Elliot Johnson won the 50-yard freestyle and the 100-yard freestyle; and Austin Strong claimed wins in the 200-yard freestyle and the 100-yard butterfly.

200y medley relay: Olean (Mark Brown, Troy Brennan, Evan Kiener, Graham Kinnard), Panama, Olean B. T–2:02.38

200y freestyle: Austin Strong (P), Colby Pantell (P), Gavin Weseman (O). T–1:59.69

200y individual medley: RJ Helt (P), Mark Brown (O), Eathan Johnson (P). T–2:20.42

50y freestyle: Elliot Johnson (P), London Parmalee (O), Jake Carlson (P). T–24.31

1m diving: David Marshall (P), Graham Kinnard (O). P–2.07

100y butterfly: Strong (P), Weseman (O), Kiener (O). T–1:06.98

100y freestyle: Elliot Johnson (P), Troy Brennan (O), Parmalee (O). T–54.69

500y freestyle: RJ Helt (P), Pantell (P), Schlepko (O). T–5:52.56

200y freestyle: Panama (Strong, Elliot Johnson, Eathan Johnson, Helt), Olean, Panama B. T–1:42.29

100y backstroke: Mark Brown (O), Carlson (P), Clayson (O). T–1:06.10

100y breaststroke: Eathan Johnson (P), Morawski (O), Brennan (O). T–1:13.54

400y freestyle relay: Panama (Elliot Johnson, Jake Carlson, Helt, Strong). T–3:50.68.


FREDONIA — Frewsburg/Southwestern improved to 10-0 on the year with a 115-67 win over Fredonia.

Zach Gifford took home the 200-yard freestyle (2:00.72) and the 500-yard freestyle (5:35.39) while Gannon Moore claimed the 100-yard backstroke (1:02.12) and the 200-yard individual medley (1:17.42).

Bill Osula led Fredonia with wins in the 50-yard and 100-yard freestyle.

200y medley relay: Fredonia (Finn Frerichs, Matthew Brockelbank, Ronan Murphy, Tyler Donohue), Frewsburg/Southwestern, Fredonia. T–1:58.04.

200y freestyle: Zachary Gifford (F/S), Nathan McDonald (F/S), Noah Collins (F/S). T–2:00.72.

200y individual medley: Gannon Moore (F/S), Brockelbank (F), Frerichs (F). T–1:17.42.

50y freestyle: Bill Osula (F), Cooper Thomas (F/S), Donohue (F). T–22.84.

1m diving: Tyler Ridout (F/S), Jacob Lawton (F/S), Xander Pitts (F/S). P–256.87.

100y butterfly: McDonald (F/S), Murphy (F), Max Kinkela (F). T– 1:01.58.

100y freestyle: Osula (F), Thomas (S), Cole Carlson (F/S). T–51.52.

500y freestyle: Gifford (F/S), Collins (F/S), Jacob Stearns (F/S). T– 5:35.39.

200y freestyle relay: Frewsburg (Carlson, McDonald, Thomas, Gifford), Fredonia, Frewsburg/Southwestern. T– 1:42.58.

100y backstroke: Moore (F/S), Caleb Barber (F/S), Evan Pirtz (F). T– 1:02.12.

100y breaststroke: Brockelbank (F), Eston Shedd (F/S), Brady Lindstrom (F/S). T– 1:13.12.

400y freestyle relay: Frewsburg/Southwestern (McDonald, Gifford, Thomas, Moore), Fredonia, Frewsburg/Southwestern. T– 3:43.75.