VanArsdale Hits 741 Set To Pace Area Bowling

Justin VanArsdale smashed a 263-233-245-741 for Boyle’s Auto Sales in the Dave Warren CDJR Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles at Jamestown Bowling Company on Thursday night to lead the area bowling action.

Also surpassing the 700 mark in that league were Josh Volk, who fired a 245-234-245-724 for Scott’s Tree Ex.

In other top series, Jim Mee rolled a 259-223-699 for Gametime; Howie McIntyre Jr. hit a 260-256-696 for A-Bat; Alan Felmlee hit a 267-692 for Southern Tier T-Shirts; Bill Thompson rolled a 269-689 for Safety Compliance; Matt Erickson shot a 222-234-232-688 for Allen’s Flooring; and Chris Conti authored a 245-229-679 for Dom’s Mobil.

Turning in top games were Mike Sacilowski with a 256, Joe Jagoda with a 268, Alex Foti with a 257, Brian Kennelley with a 279, Andrew Chapman with a 267 and Dan Gould with a 257.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Dave Warren CDJR Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles — Jim Elardo 667, Mike Sacilowski 256-667, Andy Blasdell 246-224-661, Jeff Wadsworth 2450657, Joe Jagoda 268-656, Alex Foti 257-656, Brian Kennelley 279-655, Andrew Raymond 648, James Cappalino 228-646, Joe Foti 637, Andrew Chapman 267-635, Ryan Colburn 236-634, Dan Walker 235-629, Devin Kennelley 233-627, Dan Gould 257-620, Brandon Miller 239-620, John Williams Jr. 243-617, Paul Burdic 234-616, Dave Saxton 225-610, Chelsey Mee 224-608, Steph Tompkins 607, Ron Lyon 604, Mark Meleen 603, Tom Sacilowski 227-602.

Thursday Early Birds –Jim Suckow 221-590, Rick Golden 201-560, Bob Dowd 210-556, Keith Hartley 201-553, Chuck Lee 547, Ed Petransky 526, Hank Mole 521, Sharon Dowd 500, Sandy Hoyt 419.

Schutt’s Arctic Cat League — Dennis Goodwill 623, Chris Goodwill 258-613, Shawn Savaree 590, Jenny Johnson 522, Heather Ewing 506, Suzi Bandley 493.