Himes Drills 300-756 At Frewsburg Lanes

Matt Himes had the bowling spotlight all to himself on Tuesday night.

Bowling in the Tuesday Doubles League at Frewsburg Lanes, Himes tossed a 300-262-756.

Meanwhile, Tim Wares found the mark for a 220-245-245-712 for R&R Auto in the Miles Machine Men’s League at Jamestown Bowling Company.

In other top series from that league, Brandon Miller hit a 246-245-694 for J.P Craig Racing, and Nate Lester fired a 236-238-687 for Chautauqua Mechanical.

Mike Page rolled a 254 game.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Tuesday Coffee Bowl — Bob Peterson 570.

Moon Brook Ladies League Ann Knepshield 514.

Miles Machine Men’s League– Mike Wallen 225-235-654, Mike Page 248-650, Barry Gustafson 227-236-6-47, Pedro Melendez 630, Brent Miller 236-624, Tom Lester 249-623, Justin Wheeler 241-621, John Van Horn 234-232-618, Brett Waltes 597, Tom Yocum 587.

JAL Tuesday Women’s League–Ann Knepshield 221-557, Pat Weeks 503, Lori Pumford 493.

Cutting Lanes: Monday Men’s League– Doug Smith 248-647, Ed Bailey 233-631, Steve Boozel 225-594, Chris Legters 248-593, Adam Newhouse 582.

Tuesday Morning Seniors League–Dan Richards 217, Boyd Whitehead 223-532, Jim Redfield 230-206-574.

Frewsburg Lanes: Tuesday Doubles League–Dan Zamborik 223-226-627, Ron Brown 224-624.