Cleveland Hill’s Wahler, Wilson’s Frerichs Share C North Honor

Cleveland Hill’s Aaron Wahler and Wilson’s Steven Frerichs have been named co-Players of the Year in Class C North football, while Wilson head coach William Atlas has been named Coach of the Year and Gowanda/Pine Valley has earned the team Sportsmanship Award.

Representing Gowanda/Pine Valley on the First Team were running back Ryan Gernatt, defensive lineman Andrew Musacchio, linebacker Adam Sisti and defensive back Damen MacLeod.

Silver Creek/Forestville First Team selections included offensive lineman Luke Szumigala, wide receiver Macadam Gadewoltz and linebacker Angel Caraballo.



Aaron Wahler Cleveland Hill RB 12

Ryan Gernatt Gowanda/Pine Valley RB 12

Steven Frerichs Wilson QB 12

Brandon Orr Akron QB 12

Javon Thomas Cleveland Hill A 12

Luke Szumigala Silver Creek/Forestville OL 12

Da’Rell Dabney JFK OL 11

Alex Rojek Cleveland Hill OL 11

Declan Faery Wilson TE 11

Macadam Gadewoltz Silver Creek/Forestville WR 12

Marcel Wilson Wilson WR 12



Timothy Longwell Akron DL 12

Millard Young Akron DL 12

Andrew Musacchio Gowanda/Pine Valley DL 11

Adam Sisti Gowanda/Pine Valley LB 12

Chris Diem Cleveland Hill LB 11

Angel Caraballo Silver Creek/Forestville LB 11

Drew Westmoreland Wilson LB 11

Jax Lighten JFK DB 11

Zach Manzella JFK DB 12

Damen MacLeod Gowanda/Pine Valley DB 12

Mario Grant Cleveland Hill DB 12



Andy Mietz Akron RB 10

Justin Kohn Gowanda/Pine Valley QB 12

Brady Andrews Gowanda/Pine Valley OL 12

Aaren Horvath Wilson OL 12

Ben Mahar Wilson OL 10

Curtis Krajewski Cleveland Hill OL 12

Dopson Bulonza Cleveland Hill OL 12

Andy Cegielski JFK OL 12

Carter Jensen Akron OL 12

Zach Smith Gowanda/Pine Valley TE 12

Santino Aramini JFK WR 10



Dar Cunningham Cleveland Hill DL 12

Anthony Dispenza Wilson DL 10

Scott Prell JFK DL 12

Brady Woleben Silver Creek/Forestville DL 12

Caleb Maloney Gowanda/Pine Valley LB 12

David Kalinowski Akron LB 10

Drew Westmorland Wilson LB 11

Carl Jackson Cleveland Hill LB 11

Nick Wood Akron LB 11

Bradyen Dunlap Wilson DB 11

Robert Witnauer JFK DB 11

Sam Braidich Silver Creek/Forestville DB 10

Dominic Jamison Silver Creek/Forestville DB 11


Akron: Brian Covell (11th), Mitch Dugan (10th)

Cleveland Hill: Sean Jones (12th), Taylor Durkin (12th), Devon Grant (11th), Zach Ransbury (12th)

Gowanda/Pine Valley: Christian Ortiz (10th), Kevin Hunt (12th), Chelton Bellinger (11th)

Wilson: Mitch Mahar (11th), Robert Atlas (11th), Andrew Hadsell (12th), Marc Dolyk (11th), Bradyen Thompson (11th)

Silver Creek/Forestville: Cole Golembieski (11th), Max Caccamese (11th), Quin Monroy (11th), Brad Norton (12th).