Panama Girls Team Claims First Division Title Since 1983

The Panama swim team celebrates after downing Southwestern, 111-75, in a Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association swim meet Thursday night. The victory clinched the Division 2 title for the Lady Panthers, their first league title since 1983. Photo by Nicole Johnson

PANAMA — It was an historic evening for the Panama swim team on Thursday night.

Behind the performance of Karianne Yuchnitz, the Lady Panthers captured the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 2 title — the program’s first championship since 1983 — with a 111-75 victory over Southwestern.

Highlighting the evening for Panama were four wins by Yuchnitz — the 50-yard freestyle (24.98), the 100 freestyle (55.36) and as a member of the 200 freestyle relay (1:49.18) and the 400 freestyle relay (3:57.09) — which pushed her to 200 victories in her decorated career.

“It was a great night and a goal that we had at the beginning of the year,” said Panama coach Todd Conklin. “I’m excited with the way the kids are swimming and can’t wait for championship season.”

Grace Wood and Katja Kranzo doubled for the Lady Trojans. Wood claimed the 200 freestyle (2:01.07) and the 500 freestyle (5:33.28), while Kranzo led the field in the 200 individual medley (2.24.66) and the 100 breaststroke (1:15.44).

Panama’s Karianne Yuchnitz shows her winning form in the 200-yard freestyle relay on Thursday night in a Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association swim meet against Southwestern. Photo by Nicole Johnson

200-yard medley relay: Panama (Willa Anderson, Abi Lisciandro, Sarah Quadt, Maddie Lisciandro), Southwestern, Panama. T–2:15.79.

200 freestyle: Grace Wood (S), Leah Saxton (P), Hialeah Johnson (P). T–2:01.07.

200 individual medley: Katja Kranzo (S), Izzi Bailey (P), Teagan Shedd (S). T–2:24.66.

50 freestyle: Karianne Yuchnitz (P), Natalie Fosberg (S), Isabella Gnjalva (S). T–24.98.

Diving: Abi Lisciandro (P), Hope Marshall (P), Claire Heimburg (P). P–216.53.

100 butterfly: Ellie Kreinheder (S), Jalyn Linton (P), Emily Lyon (P). T–1:19.51.

100 freestyle: Yuchnitz (P), Izzi Bailey (P), Tessa Mozzi (P). T–55.36.

500 freestyle: Wood (S), Leah Saxton (P), Johnson (P). T–5:33.28.

200 freestyle relay: Panama (Bailey, Mozzi, Saxton, Yuchnitz), Panama, Southwestern. T–1:49.18.

100 backstroke: Fosberg (S), Kreinheder (S), Willa Anderson (P). T–1:04.94.

100 breaststroke: Kranzo (S), Shedd (S), ALisciandro (P). T–1:15.44.

400 freestyle relay: Panama (Yuchnitz, Bailey, Mozzi, Saxton), Southwestern, Panama. T–3:57.09.


MAYVILLE — Frewsburg was a 122-61 winner over Chautauqua Lake.

For the winners, Madison Kramer took the 100-yard butterfly (1:06.76) and the 500-yard freestyle (5:39.59) while Kiah Johnson won the 200-yard freestyle (2:06.53) and the 100-yard backstroke (1:12.90).

200y medley relay: Frewsburg (Eckert, Ekstrom, Kramer, Claire Johnson), Frewsburg, Frewsburg. T–2:10.09

200y freestyle: Kiah Johnson (F), Dani Gray (F), Kendra Keyser (C). T–2:06.53

200y individual medley: Kaylynn Powers (F), Jade Shampoe (C), Madison Albright (F). T–2:40.01

50y freestyle: Amelia Brown (C), Kaylee Constantino (F), Eckstrom (F). T–27.02

1m diving: Claire Johnson (F), Kristina Oyer (F), Haley Tripp (C). P–195.07

100y butterfly: Madison Kramer (F), Shampoe (C), Powers (F). T–1:06.76

100y freestyle: Gray (F), Brown (C), Riley Chitester (F). T–58.43

500y freestyle: Kramer (F), Grace Bukowski (C), Abby Ward (F). T–5:39.59

200y freestyle relay: Chautauqua Lake (Brown, Shampoe, Bukowski, Keyser), Frewsburg, CL. T–1:54.05

100y backstroke: Keyser (C), Eckert (F), Teresa Mole (F). T–1:12.90

100y breaststroke: Kiah Johnson (F), Constantino (F), Brianna Rosequist (F). T–1:14.19

400y freestyle: Frewsburg (Claire Johnson, Olivia Eckstrom, Riley Chitester, Kiah Johnson), CL, Frewsburg. T–4:08.74


SALAMANCA — Salamanca claimed an 89-38 win over Gowanda as Mushirah Sheppard took home the 50-yard freestyle (27.87) and the 1-meter diving with 327.93 points, which was good for the Section VI mark.

Emma Brown won the 100-yard butterfly in 1:31.73 and the 100-yard freestyle in 1:08.74.

200y medley relay: Salamanca (Jordan Ray, Emma Brown, Camryn Quigley, Mushirah Sheppard), Gowanda. T–2:30.90

200y freestyle: Myra Breazeale (S), Alex Seekings (S). T–2:51.69

200y individual medley: Hayley Stang (G), Emma Brown (S). T–3:03.21

50y freestyle: Sheppard (S), Brown (S), Clabeaux (G). T–27.87

1m diving: Sheppard (S). P–327.93

100y butterfly: Brown (S), Clabeaux (G). T–1:31.73

100y freestyle: Brown (S), Merrill (G), Breazeale (S). T–1:08.74

500y freestyle: Jordan Ray (S). T–6:51.93

200y free relay: Salamanca (Breazeale, Brown, Quigley, Brown), Gowanda. T–2:12.99

100y backstroke: Ray (S), Stang (G), Merrill (G). T–1:22.36

100y breaststroke: Quigley (S), Latimore (G). T–1:40.69

400y freestyle relay: Salamanca (Breazeale, Ray, Brown, Sheppard). T–4:58.57