Mike Sacilowski’s 268-266-738 Shows The Way At JBC

In the Dave Warren CDJR Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles League at Jamestown Bowling Company, Mike Sacilowski rolled a 268-266-738 for Pace’s Pizza while Matt Erickson hit a 243-267-725 for The Body Shop.

Josh Volk tossed a 257-248-722 for Scott’s Tree Ex., Justin VanArsdale hit a 225-227-256-708 for Boyles Auto Sale, Howie McIntyre Jr. shot a 239-228-225-692 for Farm Fresh Foods, Brian Kennelley fired a 269-683 for Ecmo Finishing and James Mee tossed a 246-265-682 for Gametime.

In the Thursday Seniors League, Jim Suckow tossed a 229-226-646.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Dave Warren CDJR–Dan Walker 247-671, Dan Gould 224-238-666, Ray Textor 236-661, Brandon Miller 243-660, Bill Thompson 238-658, Ryan Colburn 235-220-651, Jim Lamancuso 247-645, Tom Volpe 227-246-645, Stephanie Tompkins 247-634, Jeff Wadsworth 238-632, Chris Conti 224-627, Dan Zamborik 222-627, Mark Blasdell 623, Alex Foti 224-622, Mark Meleen 619, Brent Miller 226-230-618, Kate Foti 237-615, James Cappalino 614, Andrew Chapman 611, Andy Proctor 236-608, Tom Sacilowski 224-608, Howie McIntyre Sr. 258-603.

Thursday Seniors–Lenny Bush 549.

Frewsburg Lanes: Celoron Moose Ladies Doubles–Theresa Jackson 523, Tonie Wirsen 513. Angel Hair Lagies League–Kimberly Tedquist 514.