Kramer Doubles, Frewsburg Swims Past Southwestern

FREWSBURG — The Frewsburg Bears picked up a 104-81 Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association girls swimming and diving win over Southwestern on Thursday.

Madison Kramer was a double winner for the Bears, taking both the 200-meter individual medley (2:42.91) as well as the 100-meter butterfly (1:12.95).

For Southwestern, Grace Wood took home the 200-meter freestyle in 2:19.85 and the 400-meter freestyle in 4:57.98 while Natalie Fosberg claimed the 100-meter backstroke (1:12.85) and the 50-meter freestyle (28.82).

200m medley relay: Southwestern (Natalie Fosberg, Katja Kranzo, Teagan Shedd, Grace Wood), Frewsburg, Frewsburg. T–2:13.07

200m freestyle: Grace Wood (S), Kaylee Constantino (F), Olivia Ekstrom (F). T–2:19.85

200m individual medley: Madison Kramer (F), Teagan Shedd (S), Kaylynn Powers (F). T–2:42.91

50m freestyle: Natalie Fosberg (S), Kiah Johnson (F), Isabella Gnjalva (S). T–28.82

1m diving: Claire Johnson (F), Elise Coffin (S), Ashlyn Swan (S). P–163.75

100m butterfly: Madison Kramer (F), Kranzo (S), Ava Palmquist (F). T–1:12.95

100m freestyle: Dani Gray (F), Kaylee Constantino (F), Ellie Kreinheder (S). T–1:05.66

400m freestyle: Grace Wood (S), Olivia Ekstrom (F), Riley Chitester (F). T–4:57.98

200m freestyle relay: Frewsburg (Johnson, Ekstrom, Gray, Constantino), Southwestern, Frewsburg. T–2:02.54

100m backstroke: Natalie Fosberg (S), Kiah Johnson (F), Palmquist (F). T–1:12.85

100m breaststroke: Brianna Rosequist (F), Teagan Shedd (S), Kranzo (S). T–1:24.31

400m freestyle relay: Frewsburg (Gray, Constantino, Ekstrom, Kramer), Southwestern, Frewsburg. T–4:26.10



SALAMANCA — Panama went on the road to pick up a 114-47 win over Salamanca.

Emily Lyon took the 200-yard individual medley (2:52.22) and the 100-yard butterfly (1:26.77), while Karianne Yuchnitz claimed the 100-yard backstroke (1:11.33) and the 100-yard freestyle (56.76).

Also for Panama, Izzi Bailey claimed the 50-yard freestyle (27.05) and the 100-yard breaststroke (1:24.73)

200y medley relay: Panama (Willa Anderson, Izzi Bailey, Abi Lisciandro, Karianne Yuchnitz), Salamanca, Panama. T–2:08.62

200y freestyle relay: Olivia Morton (P), Jalyn Linton (P), Christa Decker (P). T–2:33.26

200y individual medley: Emily Lyon (P), Britta Watkins (P), Camryn Quigley (S). T–2:52.22

50y freestyle: Izzi Bailey (P), Saxton (P), Sheppard (S). T–27.05

1m diving: Abi Lisciandro (P), Hope Marshall (P). P–235.43

100y butterfly: Lyon (P), Watkins (P), Jalyn Linton (P). T–1:26.77

100y freestyle: Karianne Yuchnitz (P), Sarah Quadt (P), Maddigan Bless (P). T–56.76

500y freestyle: Jordan Ray (S), Leah Saxton (P), Hialeah Johnson (P). T–6:20

200y free relay: Panama (Sarah Quadt, Tessa Mozzi, Leah Saxton, Johnson). T–1:56.23

100y backstroke: Yuchnitz (P), Alex Seekins (S), Emily Brown (S). T–1:11.33

100y breaststroke: Izzi Bailey (P), Mushirah Sheppard (S), Camryn Quigley (S). T–124:73

400y freestyle: Panama (Ford, Lyon, Mozzi, Lisciandro), Salamanca, Panama. T–4:39.36.