Trap Leagues

High Sub Veteran Sid Meeder Sr. shot a 49 while Sheila Yokom’s 47 was good for High Lady as Ripley beat North East, 324-299, in the Western Chautauqua County Trap League.

Cheyenne Meeder was the High Jr. Lady with a 38 and Luka Bensink was the High Jr. with a 37. The High Sub Jr. with a 37 was Sam Carris while Jack Mosier was the High Veteran with a 44, Bob Murray was the High Sr. Veteran with a 41 and Don Yokom was the High Super Sr. Veteran with a 44 for Ripley.

High Lady Linda Gilbert led North East with a 45 and High Jr. Robert Spencer had a 25. Guy Greenough’s 41 was good for High Sub Veteran, Ken Hitz was High Sr. Veteran with a 43 and Bob Koenig was High Super Sr. Veteran with a 39.

Scott Hammer shot a pair of perfect 25s for a 50 to lead Big Tree past Westfield, 328-318.

Tara VanVolkenberg was Big Tree’s High Lady with a 45 and Al Chrispell was the High Sub Veteran with a 47. A 43 from Jim Hutchinson earned High Veteran, Gary Olson’s 38 was good for High Sr. Veteran and the Super Sr. Veteran was Jerry Burnett with a 48.

Jeff Gens led Westfield with a 48 while Rose Corbran’s 47 was good for High Lady. Bob Wright earned High Veteran with a 44 and Mike Cluchey was the High Super Sr. Veteran with a 47.

Chrispell, Cluchey, Sheila Yokom and Meeder Sr. all had 25s while Josh Pierce hit a 25 to complete his first 50 straight and VanVolkenberg picked up her first 25 straight.

RIPLEY (324): Sid Meeder Sr. 49, Sheila Yokom 47, Shane Lindstrom 46, Donald Henry 46, Tim Farnham 46, Marc Babcock 45, Howard Maille 45

NORTH EAST (299): Linda Gilbert 45, Sue Concilla 44, Ken Hitz 43, Rick Hesch 43, Jim Courtwright 42, Guy Greenough 41, Ed Firment Sr. 41

BIG TREE (328): Scott Hammer 50, Jerry Burnett 48, Al Chrispell 47, Cole Hammer 47, Steve Milliman 46, Cliff Hammer 45, Tara VanVolkenberg 45

WESTFIELD (318): Jeff Gens 48, Mike Cluchey 47, Rose Corbran 47, Ashley Dulmus 45, Bob Wright 44, Mac McCausland 44, Kevin Sturzenbecker 43