Asquith Tour Plays At Green Meadows

NORTH EAST, Pa.–Leading the way in the Asquith Senior Tour at Green Meadows Golf Course this week in the White Flight A was Sam Allessi at plus 12, Dave Stewart at plus 6 and Dave Young with a plus 5 and 70 gross.

In White Flight B, Tom Szydlo led the way with a plus 10 and 84 gross. Scott Vogan was plus 8 and Bob Burlingame was plus 4.

In Gold Flight A, Roger Millspaw had a great round of 77 and plus 7, shooting his age, while Jim Phillips was plus 5 and Ken Aldrich was plus 3.

In Gold Flight B, Pete Pascatore shot 82 and plus 8. Joe McCourt had a plus 8 and Joe Palermo plus 6, while Dennis Richards led Gold Flight C with an 87 and plus 5. Dave Snyder finished plus 5 and Ray Head had a plus 4.

In Gold Flight D, Richard Tyler was plus 13 with a 91, Charlie Stafford plus 9 and Don Maxson plus 8.

Closest to the pin on No. 4 was Mike Peyton, on No. 8 was Palermo, on No. 11 was Aldrich and on No. 16 was McCourt.