Trap Leagues

Several 50s were recorded in the Chautauqua County Trap League recently.

Doing the honors were Rose Corbran, Kenton Knopp and Jeff Gens of Celoron; Ben Paddock of Busti; Kim Milford, Andrew Hvizdzak and Dale Speta of Randolph; and Ray Lee of Carroll.

Corbran was the High Lady and Lee was the High Senior Veteran.

Will Ortman of Busti and Mike Mackey of Celoron tied for High Veteran with 49s while Kris Badjo and Matt Tutmaher of Celoron tied Hayden Edwards of Carroll for High Junior with 48s.

Sydnie Tutmaher of Celoron had a 44 for High Sub Junior and Howard Arnold of Randolph drilled a 49 for High Super Senior Veteran.

Garrett Swan had a 25 straight for Celoron.

In team results, Randolph edged Celoron, 346-344, and Busti defeated Carroll, 339-337.

RANDOLPH (346): Kim Milford 50, Dale Speta 50, Andrew Hvizdzak 50, Howard Arnold 49, Clarence Dickerson 49, Shaun Russell 49, Steve Crudele 49.

CELORON (344): Rose Corbran 50, Kenton Knopp 50, Jeff Gens 50, Scott Pearson 49, Dave Kingsley 49, Kris Badjo 49, George Powley 48.

BUSTI (339): Ben Paddock 50, Reed Johnson 49,, Will Ortman 49, Dave Weber 49, Jim Kestler Sr. 48, Ron Harmon 47, Bill Kestler 47.

CARROLL (337): Ray Lee 50, Mike Mackey 49, Hayden Edwards 48, Blake Ristau 48, Bob Gray 48, Austin Anderson 47, Jerry Martin 47.


WARREN, Pa. — Nick Lapinski and William Mitchell of Corry; Gary Johnson of Pine Grove; Garrett Bailey and Chris Kibbey of Sugar Grove I; Ed Haregsin of Brokenstraw; and Taylor Hansen of Tidioute shot perfect 50s in the Warren County Trap League.

Lapinski and Mitchell had perfect 50s in leading Corry past Pine Grove, 344-339; Bailey and Kibbey had 50s when Sugar Grove I downed Sheffield, 343-299; Kalbfus edged Brokenstraw 341-337, despite Haregsin’s perfect score; and Tidioute, led by Hanson’s perfect score, got past Sugar Grove II, 336-333.

Lapinski of Corry and Bailey of Sugar Grove I had 50s for High Junior; Gary Johnson had a 50 for Pine Grove for High Super Senior Veteran; Hanson was High Lady with a 50; Mike Mackey of Kalbfus had a 49 for High Veteran; Dawson Diethrick of Sugar Grove 1 and Pierce Landis of Kalbfus shot 47s for High Sub Junior; Lee of Pine Grove and Denny Joy of Kalbfus had 49s for High Senior Veteran; and Mike Mackey of Kalbfus High Veteran with a 40.

CORRY (344): Nick Lapinski 50, William Mitchell 50, Chris Maker 49, Ken Berkhous 49, Shawn Mitchell 49, Ashley Gurdak 49, Reid Scott 48,

PINE GROVE (339): Gary Johnson 50, Ray Lee 49, Rob Simcick 48, Brian Ecelberger 48, Jerry Willett 48, Rich Foster 48, Jeff Gens 48.

SUGAR GROVE I (343): Garrett Bailey 50, Chris Kibbey 50, Jake Taylor 49, Elijah Trawick 49, Rick Espin 49, Colton Black 48, Ethan Black 48,

SHEFFIELD (299): Lee Dunkle 47, Ralph Challingworth 45, Andrew Hvizdzak 45, Mark Buck 44, Bob Dixon 41, Joe Leichtenberger 39, Joey Donato 38