LeBaron Is D2 West Player Of The Year

Cassadaga Valley junior pitcher Brittyn LeBaron was named Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 2 West Player of the Year. P-J file photo

Junior pitcher Brittyn LeBaron of league-champion Cassadaga Valley was named the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 2 West Player of the Year.

LeBaron was joined by three teammates on the league’s First Team: junior left fielder Holly Crandall, junior catcher Hannah Edwards and junior shortstop Bella Ruiz.

Forestville senior pitcher Brooke Ostrye was named the league’s Pitcher of the Year and also joined by three teammates on the First Team: senior catcher Alison Mierzwa, sophomore shortstop Clare Kingsfield and sophomore designated player Kaitlyn Alguire.

Panama placed junior catcher Madalyn Bowen, freshman pitcher Ashlyn Harvey and junior second baseman Abi Lisciandro on the First Team; Brocton/Westfield was represented by sophomore pitcher Megan Gloss and senior utility player Jen Potter; and Clymer was represented by senior pitcher Erica Gustafson and senior second baseman Sydney Beal.

Senior second baseman Savannah Nickerson, senior third baseman Jewelee Schauman, senior first baseman/center fielder Sara Briggs, sophomore center fielder Allissa Morey and senior first baseman/right fielder Mikaela Rearick represented Cassadaga Valley on the Second Team.

Forestville was represented on the Second Team by senior third baseman Makenzie Press, senior center fielder Caroline Kaicher and sophomore right fielder Phoebe Kingsfield while Panama was represented by senior third baseman Elle Angeletti and junior shortstop Maci Johnson.

Brocton/Westfield placed sophomore catcher Jenelle Grigelevich and freshman infielder Juli Smith on the Second Team; Clymer placed senior shortstop Nashia Duryee and eighth-grade center fielder Mikala Einink; and Sherman was represented by freshman shortstop Amaya Lewczyk.

Cassadaga Valley’s Ken Balling was named the league’s Coach of the Year while Clymer received the Team Sportsmanship Award. Individual Sportsmanship Award winners were Panama eighth-grader Willa Anderson, Brocton/Westfield senior Michaela Manos, Briggs, Clymer junior Tori Beckwith, Press and Sherman junior Gabby Carris.


Brittyn LeBaron Cassadaga Valley Junior Pitcher

Holly Crandall Cassadaga Valley Junior Left Fielder

Hannah Edwards Cassadaga Valley Junior Catcher

Bella Ruiz Cassadaga Valley Junior Shortstop

Brooke Ostrye Forestville Senior Pitcher

Alison Mierzwa Forestville Senior Catcher

Clare Kingsfield Forestville Sophomore Shortstop

Kaitlyn Alguire Forestville Sophomore Designated Player

Madalyn Bowen Panama Junior Catcher

Ashlyn Harvey Panama Freshman Pitcher

Abi Lisciandro Panama Junior Second Baseman

Megan Gloss Brocton/Westfield Sophomore Pitcher

Jen Potter Brocton/Westfield Senior Utility Player

Erica Gustafson Clymer Senior Pitcher

Sydney Beal Clymer Senior Second Baseman


Savannah Nickerson Cassadaga Valley Senior Second Baseman

Jewelee Schauman Cassadaga Valley Senior Third Baseman

Sara Briggs Cassadaga Valley Senior First Baseman/Center Fielder

Allissa Morey Cassadaga Valley Sophomore Center Fielder

Mikaela Rearick Cassadaga Valley Senior First Baseman/Right Fielder

Makenzie Press Forestville Senior Third Baseman

Caroline Kaicher Forestville Senior Center Fielder

Phoebe Kingsfield Forestville Sophomore Right Fielder

Elle Angeletti Panama Senior Third Baseman

Maci Johnson Panama Junior Shortstop

Jenelle Grigelevich Brocton/Westfield Sophomore Catcher

Juli Smith Brocton/Westfield Freshman Infielder

Nashia Duryee Clymer Senior Shortstop

Mikala Einink Clymer Eighth Grade Center Fielder

Amaya Lewczyk Sherman Freshman Shortstop



Emily Roberts Cassadaga Valley Senior First Baseman

Madison Rothleider Cassadaga Valley Sophomore Designated Player

Cece Egan Forestville Senior First Baseman

Lille Gould Forestville Sophomore Left Fielder

Natalie Angeletti Panama Sophomore First Baseman

Marra Hovey Panama Freshman Center Fielder

Kiara Booker Brocton/Westfield Senior Outfielder

Cheyanna Rivera Brocton/Westfield Sophomore First Baseman

Kate Honey Clymer Junior Third Baseman

Rowen Fisher Sherman Junior First Baseman