Westfield Outlasts Timberwolves; Odell Wins Four Times For Wolfpack

Clymer/Sherman/Panama’s Kylie Schnars leads the way in the 100-meter hurdles. P-J photo by Scott Kindberg

CATTARAUGUS — Westfield was a 78-59 Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Athletic Association Division 3 winner over host Cattaraugus-Little Valley on Tuesday evening thanks to a pair of wins in the shot put (22-10.5) and discus (73-7.75) from Paige Nichols.

Abby Gostomski won the 400 meters in 1:01.4, 3,000 meters in 11:31.9, and long jump with a distance of 14 feet 4 inches for the Timberwolves while Bailey Gostomski claimed the 1,500 meters in 5:12.7, 800 meters in 2:30.9 and triple jump in 32 feet 1 inch.

3,200m relay: Westfield (Savannah Lashbrook, McKenzie Wolfe, Susie Wolfe, Makartnee Mortimer). T–13:13.0

100m hurdles: Jamie Black (W), Amelie Mezger (C-LV), Emma Poccobello (C-LV). T–19.7

100m: Lauren Eaton (C-LV), Hannah Hoebener (W), Elise Cunningham (W). T–12.9

Frewsburg’s Maddie Caflisch competes in the long jump. P-J photo by Scott Kindberg

1,500m: Bailey Gostomski (C-LV), Savannah Lashbrook (W), Mckenzie Wolfe (W). T–5:12.7

400m relay: Westfield (Hannah Hoebener, Danielle Jafarjian, Elise Cunningham, Susie Wolfe). T–56.9

400m: Abby Gostomski (C-LV), Elise Cunningham (W), Sophie Devlin (W). T–1:01.4

400m hurdles: Makartnee Mortimer (W), Amelie Metzger (C-LV), Jamie Black (W). T–1:25.2

800m: Bailey Gostomski (C-LV), Savannah Lashbrook (W), Mckenzie Wolfe (W). T–2:30.9

200m: Hannah Hoebener (W), Lauren Eaton (C-LV), Sophie Devlin (W). T–28.7

3,000m: Abby Gostomski (C-LV), Makartnee Mortiner (W), Summer Harper (C-LV). T– 11:31.9

1,600m relay: Cattaraugus-Little Valley (Bailey Gostomski, Abby Gostomski, Lauren Eaton, Jessica Ritchie).T– 4:27.1

Shot put: Paige Nichols (W), Lauren Quags (W), Kayla Nichols (W). D– 22-10.5

Discus: Paige Nichols (W), Lauren Quags (W), Hailey Dunmire (C-LV). D–73-7.75

Long jump: Abby Gostomski (C-LV), Danielle Jafarjian (W), Erin Dougan (W). D–14-4

Triple jump: Bailey Gostomski (C-LV), Makartnee Mortimer (W), Jaeden Hubbard (C-LV). D–32-1

High jump: Mckenzie Wolfe (W), Susie Wolfe (W), Jessica Ritchie (C-LV). H–4-6

Pole vault: Jessica Ritchie (C-LV). H–9-0


GOWANDA — Southwestern (4-0) rolled to a 124-17 Division 1 win over Gowanda (0-3) on Tuesday night thanks to a triple-win performance by Cassidy Allen.

Allen claimed the 100 meters in 13.2, pole vault with a height of 8 feet, and triple jump in 29 feet 10.5 inches.

Also winning for Southwestern was Lauren Swan as she took home the 200 meters in 27.8 and 100 meter-hurdles in 17.1.

Hannah Sullivan was a double winner with victories in the 800 meters (2:37.0) and 3,000 meters (12:19.0) for the winners.

3,200m relay: Southwestern (Hannah Sullivan, Breah Orlando, Hannah Lillie, Carissa Minarovich) . T–10:32.8

100m hurdles: Lauren Swan (S), Skyler Lindquist (G), Lindsey Gable (G). T–17.1

100m: Cassidy Allen (S), Lauren Swan (S), Katja Kranzo (S). T–13.2

1,500m: Hannah Lillie (S), Karen Johnson (S), Kayla Forthman (G). T–5:34.9

400m: Breah Orlando (S), Natalie Fosberg (S), Kallie Lindell (S). T–1:06.4

400m relay: Southwestern (Kranzo, Cassidy Allen, Kayla Allen, Lauren Swan). T–53.7

400m hurdles: Lily Constantino (S), Kristine Twoguns (G), Ashton Francis (G). T–1:23.0

800m: Hannah Sullivan (S), Carissa Minarovich (S), Hannah Lillie (S). T–2:37.0

200m: Lauren Swan (S), Aubin Cotter (S), Katja Kranzo (S). T–27.8

3,000m: Hannah Sullivan (S), Karen Johnson (S), Twoguns (G). T–12:19.0

Shot put: Emily Rybicki (S), Abby Manelick (S), Grace Wood (S). D–30-8

High jump: Aubin Cotter (S), Kayla Allen (S), Bailey North (G). H–4-6

Long jump: Elise Forbes (G), Cotter (S), Ashley Lundmark (S). D–14-8.5

Pole vault: Cassidy Allen (S), Rosie Hagel (S), Kayla Allen (S). H–8-0

Triple jump: Cassidy Allen (S), Cotter (SW), Emagin Warrior (G). D–29-10.5

Discus: Grace Lillie (S), Abby Manelick (S), Emily Rybicki (S). D–99-3

1,600m relay: Southwestern (Lindell, Lundmark, Fosberg, Hoose). T–4:50.0



MAYVILLE — Allegany Limestone earned a 78-63 Division 2 win over Chautauqua Lake as Grace DeCapua took home the 400 meters in 1:00.8, the 200 meters in 27.9, the long jump (14 feet 8 inches) and the high jump (31 feet 6 inches) for the Gators. Kelsey Wilbur had victories in the discus (82 feet 1.75 inches) and the shot put (28 feet 8.5 inches) for the winners while Chautauqua Lake claimed all three relays.

3,200m relay: Chautauqua Lake (Rizzo, Obert, Zarpentine, Erickson) T–11:35.7

110m hurdles: Madeline Lippert (A-L), Molly Wolfgang (A-L), Marta Alonso (CL). T–17.7

100m: Lauren Alfa (CL), Lexi Kinney (A-L), Mallory Voegelin (A-L). T–13.8

1,500m: Angelina Napoleon (A-L), Anna Sena (CL), Logan Walczak (CL). T–5:26.8

400m relay: Chautauqua Lake (Lauren Alfa, Sydney Lachajczyk, Marta Alonso, Hannah Gilmore). T–54.3

400m: Grace DeCapua (A-L), Kira Erickson (CL), Amber Eichlberger (CL). T–1:00.8

400m hurdles: Amelia Brown (CL), Mallory Voegelin (A-L), Molly Wolfgang (A-L). T–1:14.3

800m: Sofia Fortuna (A-L), Mackenzie Rizzo (CL), Mercedez Obert (CL). T–2:40.3

200m: Grace DeCapua (A-L), Lexi Kinney (AL), Hannah Gilmore (CL). T–27.9

3,000m: Anna Sena (CL), Logan Walczak (CL), Emily Rohrs (A-L). T–12:18.8

1,600m relay: Chautauqua Lake (Hannah Gilmore, Amelia Brown, Kira Erickson, Lauren Alfa). T–4:33.7

Long jump: Grace DeCapua (A-L), Sydney Lachajczyk (CL), Lauren Alfa (CL). D–14-8

Triple jump: Grace DeCapua (A-L), Kira Erickson (CL), Molly Wolfgang (A-L). D–31-6

High jump: Sydney Lachajczyk (CL), Angelina Napoleon (A-L), Mallory Voegelin (A-L). H–4-10

Discus: Kelsey Wilbur (A-L), Luaran Schifley (A-L), Ashley Motz (A-L). D–82-1.75

Shot put: Kelsey Wilbur (A-L), Ashley Mott (A-L), Maddie Lippert (A-L). D–28-8.5

Pole vault: Logan Walczak (CL), Lexi Kinney (A-L), Ashlyn Schuman (A-L). H–6-6



FREWSBURG — Clymer/Sherman/Panama was an 86-48 Division 3 winner over Frewsburg (1-4, 1-3) thanks to Kylee Odell’s wins in the 1,500 meters (5:30.3), 400 meters (1:03.7), 200 meters (28.1) and long jump (14 feet 8.5 inches).

Maddie Sohl is having a great start to her jumping career for Frewsburg, as she broke Janessa Annis’s mark in the triple jump from one year ago with a distance of 34 feet 5 inches, an automatic Section VI qualifying leap.

Sohl also won the long jump in 14 feet 8.5 inches for the Bears.

3,200m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (Natalie Carris, Leigh Ann Swan, Maddie Luden, Emily Mills). T–12:06.0

100m hurdles: Kylie Schnars (C/S/P), Mikayla Gabalski-Jones (F), Lauren Michaels (C/S/P). T–16.2

100m: Hannah King (C/S/P), Sophia Walter (F), Taja Overton (C/S/P). T–13.5

1,500m: Kylee Odell (C/S/P), Acacia Barber (F), Rilee Gore (F). T–5:30.3

400m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (Karianne Yuchnitz, King, Lauren Barmore, Schnars). T–53.3

400m: Kylee Odell (C/S/P), Kelsey Wolfe (F), Kaylee Constantino (F). T–1:03.7

100m hurdles: Michael (C/S/P), Kate Wagner (C/S/P). T–1:21.6

800m: Anneke White (C/S/P), Barber (F), Gore (F). T–2:40.0

200m: Kylee Odell (C/S/P), Mackenzie Gratto (C/S/P), Natalie Carris (C/S/P). T–28.1

3,000m: Emily Mills (C/S/P), Yuchnitz (C/S/P), Alexys Marsh (C/S/P). T–13:33.2

1,600m relay: Frewsburg (Constantino, Kiara Marchincin, Maddie Sohl, Wolfe). T–4:28.3

Long jump: Kylee Odell (C/S/P), Barmore (C/S/P), C. Johnson (C/S/P). D–14-8.5

High jump: Sohl (F), Schnars (C/S/P), Barmore (C/S/P). H–5-0

Triple jump: Sohl (F), Hannah Murdock (C/S/P), Johnson (F). D–34-5

Pole vault: Johnson (F). H–8-0

Shot put: Maria Jacobi (F), Tricia Walker (C/S/P), Christina Decker (C/S/P). D–30-11

Discus: Tricia Walker (C/S/P), Jacobi (F), Decker (C/S/P). D–98-3



SALAMANCA — Silver Creek posted a 92-48 Division 2 win over host Salamanca despite the fact that Mushirah Sheppard posted wins in the 100 meters (13.1), long jump (16 feet .5 inches) and pole vault with a new school record of 10 feet, 9 inches for the Warriors.

Ellie Decker won the 1,500 meters in 6:25.9 for the Black Knights and also took the 3,000 meters in 11:52.4.

3,200m relay: Silver Creek (Denman, Decker, Flick, Suguchi). T–11:21.8

1,600m relay: Silver Creek (Flick, Penman, Suguchi, Procknal). T–N/A

400m relay: Salamanca (Rasha, Hill, Collins, Sheppard). T–55.5

100m hurdles: S. Boothe (SC), O. Boothe (SC), Yarbour (S). T–19.4

100m: Sheppard (S), Kylie (SC), Rasha (S). T–13.1

1,500m: Decker (SC), Flick (SC), Wilson (S). T–6:25.9

400m: Procknal (SC), Sequchi (SC), Borowiak (SC). T–1:07.6

400m hurdles: S. Boothe (SC), Small (S), O. Booth (SC). T–1:14.4

800m: Sequch (SC), League (SC), Clark (SC). T–2:39.2

200m: Rasha (S), Hill (S), Penman (SC). T–28.9

3,000m: Decker (SC), Wilson (S). T–11:52.4

Long jump: Sheppard (S), Procknal (SC), Borowiak (SC). D–16-0.50

Triple jump: Hill (S), Collins (S), Clark (S). D–28-9

Shot put: Beadle (SC), Stalion (SC), McGonigle (S). D–29-6

Discus: Stalien (SC), Bundle (SC), McGonigle (S). D–69-4

High jump: R. John (S), Kennedy (SC), S. John (S). D–4-0

Pole vault: Sheppard (S), Penman (SC), Clark (S). D–10-9


OLEAN — Rachael Ward set a new Falconer/Cassadaga Valley record with a vault of 12 feet, 3 inches in the pole vault as the Golden Cougars beat Olean, 87-54, in Division 1 action.

Samantha Gilbert won four events for Falconer/Cassadaga Valley, taking first in the 100 meters (12.8), 400 meters (1:03.8), 200 meters (27.7) and triple jump (31-11). Grace Lundmark won the long jump (14-6) and 400-meter hurdles (1:17.9) for the Golden Cougars.

3,200m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Grace Lundmark, Kaitlin Brentley, Mikaela LeBaron, Grace Elder). T–12:37

100m hurdles: ShyAnne Turner (O), Grace Lundmark (F/CV), Marie LaMay (F/CV). T–18.2

100m: Samantha Gilbert (F/CV), LaShonte Thomas (F/CV), Chelsey Vincent (F/CV). T–12.8

1,500m: Ashley Collins (O), Mikaela LeBaron (F/CV), Kaitlin Brentley (F/CV). T–5:25

Long jump: Grace Lundmark (F/CV), Lily Schenell (O), Allisen DeJesus (F/CV). D–14-6

Shot put: Terri Poortenga (O), Brianna Carter-Turner (O), Jessie Morrison (F/CV). D–29-3

High jump: Mariana Miketish (O), Hannah Binkley (F/CV), Aubrey Tobula (O). H–4-6

400m: Samantha Gilbert (F/CV), Aubrey Tobula (O), Grace Elder (F/CV). T–1:03.8

400m hurdles: Grace Lundmark (F/CV), Shana Turner (O), Chelsey Vincent (F/CV). T–1:17.9

800m: Marina Miketish (O), Mikaela LeBaron (F/CV), Grace Penhollow (F/CV). T–2:37.7

200m: Samantha Gilbert (F/CV), Chelsey Vincent (F/CV), LaShante Thomas (F/CV). T–27.7

3,000m: Ashley Collins (O), Sarah Lefford (F/CV), Mikaela LeBaron (F/CV). T–12:45

Triple jump: Samantha Gilbert (F/CV), Lily Schenell (O), Mackenzie Windus (O). D–31-11

Discus: Ashley Sischo (F/CV), Jessie Morrison (F/CV), Terri Poortenga (O). D–77-9

Pole vault: Rachael Ward (F/CV), Sarah Disbro (F/CV), Brittany Willmart (O). H–12-3

1,600m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Cassie Nickerson, Sarah Disbro, Taylor DeLellis, Marie LaMay). T–5:05

400m relay: Olean (N/A). T–53.8



PORTVILLE — Beth Miller won the 100 meters (13.4), 400 meters (1:07) and high jump (4-8) as Portville beat Randolph, 101-34, in Division 2.

Bryar Childs won the long jump (13-9) and triple jump (28-11.5) while Carly Williams captured the 1,500 meters (5:29.3) and 800 meters (2:44.8) for the Panthers (4-1, 2-1).

Claire Roosa won the 3,000 meters (13:30) and discus (83-6) for the Cardinals.

100m hurdles: Alexis Aloi (P), Katie Nothem (P), Graham (R). T–17.4

100m: Beth Miller (P), Jackie Daley (P), Leeper (R). T–13.4

200m: Jackie Daley (P), Lewis (R), Graham (R). T–28.1

400m: Beth Miller (P), Lewis (R), Brittany Steadman (P). T–1:07

400m hurdles: Katie Nothem (P), Kayla Little (P). T–1:23.3

800m: Carly Williams (P), Alexis Aloi (P), Lindquist (R). T–2:44.8

1,500m: Carly Williams (P), Roosa (R), Lindquist (R). T–5:29.3

3,000m: Roosa (R), Brittany Steadman (P). T–13:30

Shot put: Leeper (R), Cora Witherell (P), Leeper (R). D–31-3.75

Discus: Roosa (R), Leeper (R), Alexis Schuman (P). D–83-6

Long jump: Bryar Childs (P), Katie Nothem (P), Leah Weimer (P). D–13-9

Triple jump: Bryar Childs (P), Katie Nothem (P), Lizzy Miller (P). D–28-11.5

Pole vault: Brittany Steadman (P). H–5-0

High jump: Beth Miller (P), Kayla Little (P), Graham (R). H–4-8

400m relay: Portville (Taylor Rodgers, Kaylin Cavanaugh, Jackie Daley, Bryar Childs). T–56.2

1,600m relay: Portville (Jackie Daley, Kayla Little, Taylor Rodgers, Kaylin Cavanaugh). T–5:33.9

3,200m relay: Portville (Alexis Aloi, Carly Williams, Kayla Little, Beth Miller). T–11:33.3



CLARENCE — Clarence was a 75-65 winner over visiting Jamestown in Erie County Interscholastic Conference Divison 1 action, despite the Red Raiders claiming the 1,600-meter and 400-meter relays.

3,200m relay: Clarence (Grande, Pryll, Payne, Ray). T–10:31.6

100m hurdles: Arman (C), Giovanna Calamunci (J), Chelsy Scott (J). T–16.6

100m: Quentasia Leeper (J), Zakya Slaughter (J), Shier (C). T–12.9

1,500m: Ridge (C), Danzel (C), Beckage (C). T–5:21.6

400m: Burned (C), Zoe White (J), Payne (C). T–1:04.5

400m hurdles: Armen (C), Pickles (C), Grande (C). T–1:09.0

800m: Marfort (C), Pryll (C), Ray (C). T–2:34.7

200m: Naciela Barber (J), Z. Slaughter (J), Alexa Bloomquist (J). T–27.8

3,000m: Biegner (C), Ridge (C), Mivelys Clavijo (J). T–12:15.0

1,600m relay: Jamestown (Scott, White, Regan Nordwall, Korryne Capizzi). T–4:39.1

400m relay: Jamestown (Z. Slaughter, Leeper, Bloomquist, Wichelnerys Torres). T–55.3

Long jump: Grande (C), Fabien (C), Calamunci (J). D–15-3.5

Triple jump: Madison Kehe (J), Calamunci (J), Fabien (C). D–32-11.75

Shot put: Paige Pavelski (C), Laura Bagley (C), Kiara Slaughter (J). D–32-7

Discus: Morgan Tracy (J), Havalynn Saunders (J), Bagley (C). D–97-1

High jump: Fabien (C), Kehe (J), Emma Pumford (J). D–4-8

Pole vault: Holly Isaacson (J), Sara Beebe (J)-6-6