Still On Track

Weather Delay Doesn’t Faze Triple-Winner Gilbert

Jamestown’s Orianne Simon takes the pass from Alexa Bloomquist in the 4x100-meter relay final at the Golden Falcon Invitational on Friday night. P-J photo by Tim Frank

FALCONER — Friday’s weather forecast had officials, athletes and spectators alike worried that the 17th annual Golden Falcon Invitational would be a repeat of last year’s race.

“Right after we gave the Joe Paterniti Awards last year, before the 400 hurdles, we had the thunderstorms and they weren’t letting up so we canceled last year,” said Falconer/Cassadaga Valley girls coach Mike LeBaron. “We can’t move the meet to a different day, because of a lot of different reasons. We get nervous because we invest a lot of money into the awards, the ribbons, the shirts, the trophies, the concession-stand food. It’s nerve-wracking, you want to be able to have it.”

While heavy rain did force a delayed start to this year’s contest and high winds were a factor throughout the evening, Samantha Gilbert earned herself Most Outstanding Track Athlete honors for the host Golden Cougars after taking home three events on Friday to lead the pack. First, the sophomore clocked a 12.77 to take home the 100 meters, finishing ahead of Cassidy Allen of Southwestern (13.15).

“This is the fastest that I have run this season. I was .06 off from my fastest last season,” said Gilbert after the win. “The wind helped me because it was to my back, so it was pushing me actually, (so) the wind was a great thing. I have the school record for the 100, and its 12.71 so I’m hoping to beat that.”

Gilbert followed that up with a time of 26.59 to earn gold in the 200 meters as well, and rounded out her day with a distance of 32 feet, 11 inches in the triple jump, which was ahead of Madison Kehe of Jamestown in second place (32-6.5).

Southwestern’s Alex Card flies through the air in the triple jump. P-J photo by Tim Frank

Cameron Barmore of Clymer/Sherman/Panama was named the Most Outstanding Field Athlete after his win in the high jump with a mark of 6 feet, 4 inches, which tied the previous meet mark.

Barmore also grabbed fourth in the long jump with a mark of 18-6.5, while it was Alex Card of Southwestern who took gold in that event with his jump of 19-3.5.

Despite this season being his first with the Trojans, Card left the track Friday as a double winner, taking home the triple jump with a distance of 40-1.5 inches, just half an inch ahead of teammate Derek Miller.

“I want to play college football, so I decided to do track to get faster for that,” Card said. “This is my first year of track actually. I got 19-3.5 today which is my (personal best), my best before that was 19-3 so I’m improving slowly.”

While Gilbert was the runner to beat in the girls’ sprints, Chautauqua Lake’s Josh Walsh did his best to take advantage of the wind as well, taking home the 100 meters in 11.34.

the Lady Golden Cougars’ Samantha Gilbert leads the way in the 100 meters. P-J photo by Tim Frank

“This is a good time for this early in the season. Last year at sectionals I just missed states in third place with an 11.2, so I’m feeling pretty great about this season. The wind was a major factor,” said Walsh.

The Southwestern girls had themselves a day in the field events, as Emily Rybicki took home the shot put with a distance of 31-7.25 inches, while teammate Grace Lillie took home the discus with a throw of 106 feet.

“She threw 106 feet, so it’s a 10-foot (personal best) on the season (and) it’s about 14 feet of improvement from last year,” said Trojans throwing coach Adam Brown. “(Grace) really worked hard throughout the offseason and during the season to keep working her technique and strength and everything. It’s really starting to pay off for her.”

Also in the field, Claire Stokes took home the high jump with a mark of 5 feet, while Emily Brown led the Hillbillies in the 400 meters with a time of 1:06.73. Fredonia also had Lydia Lanski take home the 100-meter hurdles in 15.66.

The 800-meter run saw Abby Gostomski of Cattaraugus-Little Valley take second with a time of 2:25.30, behind Molly McLaughlin of East Aurora who clocked a meet-record time of 2:17.65.

4X100 Jamestown’s Jaiden McKoy, left, runs the anchor leg of the victorious 4x100-meter relay. P-J photo by Tim Frank

Jamestown took home the boys 400-meter relay with a time of 45.92, earning medals for the team of Francisco Rodriguez, Savon VanSickle, Nathan Hill and Jaiden McKoy, while the girls team of Zakya Slaughter, Julissa Navarro, Quentasia Leeper and Orianne Simon took home the girls race in 53.06.

Kylie Odell of Clymer/Sherman/Panama was also able to work through the wind, ultimately winning the 1,500 meters in 5:03.63 and taking third in the 800 meters with a 2:25.94.

“The wind was tough, but strategy was key, because tucking behind girls who were leading made them take the wind instead of you,” said Odell. “Compared to last week I’m doing pretty good.”

Ian Russ of East Aurora was named the Outstanding Track Athlete for the boys Jayna Galley of Holland was named the Outstanding Field Athlete for the girls.

Matt Evans of Randolph set a new school mark in the 3,200 meters with a time of 9:52.32, breaking Kurt Van Sickle’s record from 1993, while Mackenzie Haskins set a new mark in the 800 meters with a time of 2:30.64, breaking Stevi Culverwell’s mark from 2001.

Lauren Swan of Southwestern and Evan Blakeslee of Chautauqua Lake took home the Joe Paterniti Memorial Sportsmanship Awards.

“Lauren is one of those kids that is great to coach. She’s enthusiastic, but the thing that really makes her special is that she’s enthusiastic about her teammates, too, and her other competitors. She likes the competition, she likes to get out there and battle with people, but she also is OK if she didn’t win,” said Southwestern coach Cristin Hockenberry.

When it comes to the weather, the Trojans head coach said simply: “Everybody has to compete in it. It’s the same for everybody and it’s just about making adjustments and making changes, and you have to change that race strategy a little bit.”

Girls 3,000m: Megan McLaughlin (EA), Riley Jones (H), Christina Peppy (MG), Karis Ertel (EA), Abby Brunenavs (MG). T–10:22.88

Boys 3,200m: Ian Russ (EA), Michael Peppy (MG), Matthew Evans (R), Dagon Bryant (S), Cole Hanks (H). T–9:18.92

Girls 3,200m relay: East Aurora (N/A), Maple Grove, Clymer/Sherman/Panama, Allegany-Limestone, Westfield. T–9:56.04

Boys 3,200m relay: East Aurora (Jack Watson, John Lyons, Parker Tent, Ian Russ), Falconer/Cassadaga Valley, Holland, Fredonia, Southwestern. T–8:32.24

Girls 100m hurdles: Lydia Lanski (Fred), Kylie Schnars (C/S/P), Kalei Winter (H), Giovanna Calamunci (J), Lauren Swan (S). T–15.66

Boys 110m hurdles: Michael Wolfgang (A-L), Austin Johns (F/CV), Darius Jones (MG), Noah Pullins (P), Macadam Gadewoltz (SC/F). T–15.34

Girls 100m: Samantha Gilbert (F/CV), Cassidy Allen (S), Chloe Kibbe (MG), Kylie Procknal (SC/F), Maddie McLaughlin (EA). T–12.77

Boys 100m: Joshua Walsh (CL), Francisco Rodriguez (J), Nash Nelson (MG), Joell Colon (Fred), Ryan Jafarjian (W). T–11.34

Girls 1,500m: Kylee Odell (C/S/P), Hannah Sullivan (S), Ava Crist (MG), Bailey Gostomski (C-LV), Caitlin Caltagirone (H). T–5:03.63

Boys 1,600m: Ian Russ (EA), Eddie Scroxton (S), Diego Rey (Fred), Brody Jones (H), John Swabik (C/S/P). T–4:29.16

Girls 400m relay: Jamestown (Zakya Slaughter, Quentasia Leeper, Julissa Navarro, Orianne Simon), Clymer/Sherman/Panama, Holland, Fredonia, Chautauqua Lake. T–53.06

Boys 400m relay: Jamestown (Francisco Rodriguez, Nathan Hill, Savon VanSickle, Jaiden McKoy), Fredonia, Chautauqua Lake, Portville, Maple Grove. T–45.92

Girls 400m: Grace DeCapua (A-L), Naciela Barber (J), Kylie Procknal (SC/F), Mackenzie Gratto (C/S/P), Carissa Minarovich (S). T–1:02.68

Boys 400m: Collan Zimmerman (EA), Harrison Monfort (J), Riley Auer (MG), Quinn Conlan (Frew), Rayven Sample (F/CV). T–51.28

Girls 400m hurdles: Emily Brown (Fred), Lauren Swan (S), Celia Cocca (EA), Kalei Winter (H), Katja Kranzo (S). T–1:06.73

Boys 400m hurdles: Michael Wolfgang (A-L), Liam Coulter (A-L), Nathan Hill (J), Zach Heberlein (Frew), Austin Johns (F/CV). T–58.15

Girls 800m: Molly McLaughlin (EA), Abby Gostomski (C-LV), Kylee Odell (C/S/P), Ava Danieu (EA), Hannah Sullivan (S). T–2:17.65

Boys 800m: Parker Tent (EA), Diego Rey (Fred), Eddie Scroxton (S), Andrew Young (F/CV), Grady Regan (H). T–2:01.85

Girls 200m: Samantha Gilbert (F/CV), Maddie McLaughlin (EA), Grace DeCapua (A-L), Chloe Kibbe (MG), Fotini Landis (Fred). T–26.59

Boys 200m: Ryan Jafarjian (W), Kane Carlson (R), Nash Nelson (MG), Malik Williams (Frew), Joshua Walsh (CL). T–23.88

Girls 1,600m relay: East Aurora (N/A), Fredonia, Allegany-Limestone, Clymer/Sherman/Panama, Maple Grove. T–4:15.46

Boys 1,600m relay: East Aurora (Collan Zimmerman, Nick Clark, Jack Watson, Parker Tent), Falconer/Cassadaga Valley, Jamestown, Randolph, Maple Grove. T–3:36.18

Girls shot put: Emily Rybicki (S), Kara Leeper (R), Kiara Slaughter (J), Lauren Kluck (Fred), Amy Lesinski (H). D–31-7™

Boys shot put: Patrick Walsh (A-L), Jake Guerra (Fred), Cooper Pannes (S), Connor Walsh (A-L), Chris Quinn (S). D–39-10™

Girls discus: Grace Lillie (S), Morgan Tracy (J), Amy Lesinski (H), Gianna Hoose (S), Alyssa Steen (MG). D–106-0

Boys discus: Patrick Walsh (A-L), Connor Walsh (A-L), Skylar Myers (J), Cooper Pannes (S), Nick Bishop (F/CV). D–133-3

Girls long jump: Jayna Galley (H), Marisa Schuppenhauer (MG), Emily Hereth (H), Grace Lundmark (F/CV), Lauren Barmore (C/S/P). D–15-7§

Boys long jump: Alex Card (S), Takye Branch (J), Caleb Foley (MG), Cameron Barmore (C/S/P), Deiter Miinte (R). D–19-3¢

Girls high jump: Claire Stokes (Fred), Kylie Schnars (C/S/P), Kaitlyn Bulega (H), Maddie McLaughlin (EA), Aubin Cotter (S). H–5-0

Boys high jump: Cameron Barmore (C/S/P), Michael Wolfgang (A-L), John Swabik (C/S/P), Cameron Kalsman (P), Zachary Pawlak (H) and Dylan Cook (P). H–6-4

Girls triple jump: Samantha Gilbert (F/CV), Madison Kehe (J), Bailey Gostomski (C-LV), Ava Linder (H), Hannah Murdock (C/S/P). D–32-11

Boys triple jump: Alex Card (S), Derek Miller (S), Devan Moore (A-L), Justin Zimmerman (EA), Deiter Miinte (R). D–40-1¢