34th Annual Frank Hyde Scholarship Application Deadline Is June 10

Individuals seeking an application for the 34th annual Frank Hyde Memorial Scholarship can secure one by emailing The Post-Journal at sports@post-journal.com. A copy of the application will emailed to applicants in return. Deadline is June 10.

The $1,000 scholarship is presented in the memory of the late Frank Hyde, sports editor of The Post-Journal for 35 years from 1945-79.

It is awarded to the outstanding college-bound athlete, male or female, from Chautauqua and Cattaraugus counties. Applicants are judged on the basis of their achievement in sports, their character, academic achievement, leadership and school and community involvement.

Past winners are: 1985, Steve Penhollow, Cassadaga Valley; 1986, Rich Crane, Sherman; 1987, Nancy Dornsife, Randolph; 1988, Mary Mansfield of Pine Valley; 1989, Jackson Rohm, Southwestern; 1990, Pam Crowell, Pine Valley; 1991, Cory Emory, Sherman; 1992, Ken Davenport, Falconer; 1993, Jennifer Tate, Falconer; 1994, Justin Johnson, Jamestown; 1995, Andy McMaster, Jamestown; 1996, Patrick Swanson, Sherman; 1997, Adam Beckerink, Frewsburg; 1998, Matthew Baideme, Westfield; 1999, Leigh Baumgart, Falconer; 2000, Craig Swanson, Jamestown; 2001, Trevor Cable, Frewsburg; 2002, Kathy Baum, Ripley; 2003, Ashley Kulju, Maple Grove; 2004, Rob Prinzi, Jamestown; 2005, Matt Mazgaj, Southwestern; 2006, Natalie Thorpe, Southwestern; 2007, Michael McGinnis, Falconer; 2008, Nicole Frederickson, Jamestown; 2009, Jennifer Andrews, Randolph; 2010, Mallory Deuink, Clymer; 2011, Joey Campion, Jamestown; 2012, Shannon Murphy, Falconer; 2013, Zachary Eklum, Jamestown; 2014, Jordan Powers, Southwestern; 2015, Zack Panebianco, Jamestown; 2016, Matthew Marsh, Jamestown; and 2017, Wyatt Perry, Southwestern.