Scott Helps Jamestown Win Opener

Jamestown’s Korryne Capizzi holds onto a lead in front of a Frontier runner during Tuesdays ECIC Division 1 track and field meet at Strider Field. P-J photo by Valory S. Isaacson

Chelsy Scott was a double winner as Jamestown won its Erie County Interscholastic Conference Division 1-opening girls track and field meet, 70-62, over Frontier on Tuesday at Strider Field.

Scott claimed the 100-meter hurdles (17.2) and 400-meter hurdles (1:19.1) for the Red Raiders (1-0).

Kelly Reinhardt captured the 1,600 meters (5:30.2) and 3,200 meters (11:32) while Gwen Gauldowski took the 400 meters (1:06) and long jump (14-9 1/2) for the Falcons (0-1).

3,200m relay: Frontier (Chloe Fisher, Kelly Reinhardt, Alli Kline, Claire Kuszra). T–11:09

100m hurdles: Chelsy Scott (J), Giovanna Calamunci (J), Carly Calugary (F). T–17.2

Alexa Bloomquist rounds the final turn. P-J photo by Valory S. Isaacson

100m: Quentasia Leeper (J), Orianne Simon (J), Zakya Slaughter (J). T–13.1

1,600m: Reinhardt (F), Kline (F), Kuszra (F). T–5:30.2

Long jump: Gwyneth Gauldowski (F), Calamunci (J), Ainsly Pirotta (F). D–14-9¢

Shot put: Kiara Slaughter (J), Amanda Craft (F), Morgan Tracy (J). D–29-1¢

400m: Gauldowski (F), Zoe White (J), Promyss Williams (J). T–1:06

The Red Raiders’ Emma Pumford competes in the long jump. P-J photo by Valory S. Isaacson

400m hurdles: Scott (J), Calugary (F), Claire Pumford (J). T–1:19.1

800m: Emily McGough (F), Kline (F), Tori Fidaighy (F). T–2:38.1

200m: Naciela Barber (J), Julissa Navarro (J), Gauldowski (F). T–27.5

Discus: MTracy (J), Craft (F), Lauren Tracy (J). D–93-9

3,200m: Reinhardt (F), Kline (F), Tori Fidaighy (F). T–11:32

High jump: Craft (F), Kassy (F), Madison Kehe (J). H–4-8

Triple jump: Emma Pumford (J), CPumford (J), Kehe (J). D–31-4§

1,600m relay: Jamestown (Scott, Williams, White, Regan Nordwall). T–4:39

400m relay: Jamestown (ZSlaughter, Simon, Leeper, Navarro. T–53.1



RANDOLPH — Grace DeCapua was a triple-winner as Allegany-Limestone beat Randolph, 104-33.

DeCapua won the 400 meters (1:04.4), 200 meters (28.5) and triple jump (29-5 1/2) for the Gators.

Lexi Kinney and Lindsay Clawson were both double-winners in the victory. Kinney won the 100 meters (14.2) and pole vault (6-0) while Clawson captured the 1,500 meters (5:50.3) and 3,000 meters (12:28.9).

Kourtney Leeper won the lone event for the Cardinals, taking first in the discus (84-6).

3,200m relay: Allegany-Limestone (Sofia Fortuna, Lindsay Clawson, Anna Seaman, Emily Rohrs). T–11:20.7

100m hurdles: Madeline Lippert (A-L), Molly Wolfgang (A-L), Ashlyn Schuman (A-L). T–18.4

100m: Lexi Kinney (A-L), Piper Keyes (R), Kelly Dubuc (R). T–14.2

1,500m: Lindsay Clawson (A-L), Sydney Smith (R), Emily Rohrs (A-L). T–5:50.3

400m relay: Allegany-Limestone (Lexi Kinney, Madeline Lippert, Mallory Voegelin, Molly Wolfgang). T–57.1

400m: Grace DeCapua (A-L), Mallory Voegelin (A-L), Claire Lewis (R). T–1:04.4

400m hurdles: Molly Wolfgang (A-L), Tyra Clark (R), Ashlyn Schuman (A-L). T–1:20.8

800m: Sofia Fortuna (A-L), Lucy VanRensselaer (R), Anna Seaman (A-L). T–2:47.2

200m: Grace DeCapua (A-L), Lexi Kinney (A-L), Piper Keyes (R). T–28.5

3,000m: Lindsay Clawson (A-L), Sydney Smith (R), Emily Rohrs (A-L). T–12:28.9

1,600m relay: Allegany-Limestone (Sofia Fortuna, Grace Decapua, Mallory Voegelin, Anna Seaman). T–4:44.3

Long jump: Anna Seaman (A-L), Rian Finch (R), Madeline Lippert (A-L). D–12-3

Triple jump: Grace DeCapua (A-L), Molly Wolfgang (A-L), Rian Finch (R). D–29-5¢

Pole vault: Lexi Kinney (A-L). H–6-0

Discus: Kourtney Leeper (R), Ali Black (A-L), Claire Roosa (R). D–84-6

Shot put: Kelsay Wilbur (A-L), Kourtney Leeper (R), Ashley Mott (A-L). D–26-11

High jump: Mallorie Voegelin (A-L), Sofia Fortuna (A-L), Tyra Clark (R). D–4-6



FALCONER — Samantha Gilbert won three events to lead Falconer/Cassadaga Valley past Dunkirk, 97-37, in Division 1 girls action.

Gilbert won the 100-meter hurdles (18.9), 100 meters (12.9) and triple jump (31-3) for the Golden Cougars (1-2, 1-0).

Macey Arnone won the 1,500 meters (6:00) and 800 meters (2:54); Jessie Morrison won the shot put (27-3) and discus (79-7); and Grace Lundmark captured the long jump (14-2) and 400-meter hurdles (1:18.8) in the victory.

Emilee Hanlon won the high jump (5-0) and 200 meters (28.0) for the Marauders (0-2).

3,200m relay: Dunkirk (Jericha Petrella, Julia Fred, Gabby Heart, Sierra Jacques). T–11:07

100m hurdles: Samantha Gilbert (F/CV), Grace Lundmark (F/CV), Marie LeMay (F/CV). T–18.9

100m: Samantha Gilbert (F/CV), Emilee Hanlon (D), Jessica Beehler (D). T–12.9

1,500m: Macey Arnone (F/CV), Sarah Lefford (F/CV), Rebekah Nickerson (F/CV). T–6:00

Long jump: Grace Lundmark (F/CV), Allisen DeJesus (F/CV), Grace Elder (F/CV). D–14-2

Shot put: Jessie Morrison (F/CV), Ashley Sischo (F/CV), Hannah Binkley (F/CV). D–27-3

High jump: Emilee Hanlon (D), Hannah Binkley (F/CV), Taylor DeLellis (F/CV). H–5-0

400m: Jericha Petrella (D), Emilee Hanlon (D), Julia Fred (D). T–1:06.1

400m hurdles: Grace Lundmark (F/CV). T–1:18.8

800m: Macey Arnone (F/CV), Chelsey Vincent (F/CV), Marie LeMay (F/CV). T–2:54

200m: Emilee Hanlon (D), Jericha Petrella (D), Emily Porter (D). T–28.0

3,000m: Sarah Lefford (F/CV), Kyia Bloom (F/CV). T–13:45

Triple jump: Samantha Gilbert (F/CV), Grace Elder (F/CV), Taylor DeLellis (F/CV). D–31-3

Discus: Jessie Morrison (F/CV), Hannah Binkley (F/CV), Sarah Disbro (F/CV). D–79-7

Pole vault: Sarah Disbro (F/CV), Rachael Ward (F/CV). H–6-0

1,600m relay: Dunkirk (N/A). T–4:43


OLEAN — Lauren Swan, Cassidy Allen and Breah Orlando were all double-winners to help Southwestern remain undefeated with a 116-25 Division 1 victory over Olean.

Swan won the 100-meter hurdles (17.2) and 400-meter hurdles (1:08); Allen claimed the 100 meters (13.3) and 200 meters (29.0); and Orlando captured the 400 meters (1:09) and 800 meters (2:35) for the Trojans (4-0, 2-0).

Southwestern took the top three places in the 1,500 meters, 400 meters, 400-meter hurdles, 800 meters, 200 meters, shot put and discus.

3,200m relay: Southwestern (Lily Nelson, Lotte Kranzo, Rosie Hagel, Hannah Sullivan). T–11:58

100m hurdles: Lauren Swan (S), Katja Kranzo (S), Shyanne Turner (O). T–17.2

100m: Cassidy Allen (S), Lauren Swan (S), Mariah Miketish (O). T–13.3

1,500m: Hannah Sullivan (S), Hannah Lillie (S), Karen Johnson (S). T–5:30

400m relay: Olean (Sam Thomas, Aubrey Tobula, Delaney Mazza, Mariah Miketish). T–55.0

400m: Breah Orlando (S), Callie Lindell (S), Allison Lundmark (S). T–1:09

400m hurdles: Lauren Swan (S), Katja Kranzo (S), Lily Constantino (S). T–1:08

800m: Breah Orlando (S), Hannah Sullivan (S), Carissa Minarovich (S). T–2:35

200m: Cassidy Allen (S), Aubin Cotter (S), Kayla Allen (S). T–29.0

3,000m: Hannah Lillie (S), Karen Johnson (S), N/A (O). T–12:22

1,600m relay: Southwestern (Callie Lindell, Natalie Fosberg, Allison Lundmark, Lotte Kranzo). T–4:59

Long jump: Marina Miketish (O), Aubin Cotter (S), LSchnell (O). D–14-1

Triple jump: Lily Schnell (O), Aubin Cotter (S), Cassidy Allen (S). D–29-7

High jump: Lily Schnell (O), Aubin Cotter (S), Kayla Allen (S). H–4-8

Shot put: Emily Rybicki (S), Grace Wood (S), Abbey Manelick (S). D–31-6

Discus: Grace Wood (S), Abby Manelick (S), Gianna Hoose (S). D–96-5¢

Pole vault: Rosie Hagel (S), Cassidy Allen (S), Brittany Wilmart (O). H–8-0



Maple Grove rolled to a Division 3 victory over Cattaraugus-Little Valley on Tuesday behind wins in the 1,500 meters (5:12.4) and 800 meters (2:34.1) by Christina Peppy, who was also in on a victory in the 3,200-meter relay.

Marisa Schuppenhauer won the triple jump with a mark of 30 feet 5.5 inches and the long jump in 13 feet 3 inches for Maple Grove, which also had Cate Walter take home the 100 meters (13.8) and the 200 meters (29.7).

3,200m relay: Maple Grove (Peppy, Brunenavs, Kelemen, Crist). T–10:51

100m hurdles: Elsa Gruber (M), Brynn Mozzi (M). T–18.7

100m: Cate Walter (M), Marisa Schuppenhauer (M), Emma Pocobello (C). T–13.8

1,500m: Peppy (M), Brunenavs (M), Marshall (M). T–5:12.4

400m relay: Maple Grove (Schuppenhauer, Walter, Mozzi, Kibbe). T–55.6

400m: Ava Crist (M), Emma Pocobello (C), Carling Lockwood (M). T–1:07.7

400m hurdles: Allie Kohl (M). T–1:34.5

800m: Peppy (M), Crist (M), Hannah Tarbrake (M). T–2:34.1

200m: Walter (M), Kelemen (M), Jessica Ritchie (CLV). T–29.7

3,000m: Lockwood (M), Harper (C), Madison Borst (M). T–12:05.7

1,600m relay: Maple Grove (Helt, T. Pavlock, Marshall, Crist). T–4:57.6

Long jump: Schuppenhauer (M), Elsa Gruber (M), Mozzi (M). T–13-3

Triple jump: Schuppenhauer (M), Gruber (M), Marshall (M). T–30-5¢

High jump: Bryn Mozzi (M), Allie Kohl (M), Ritchie (C). H–4-8

Shot put: Alyssa Steen (M), Hemminger (M), Chloes Benson (M). D–30-0

Discus: Courtney Hemminger (M), Steen (M), Tessa Mozzi (M). D–71-11¢



SALAMANCA–Portville posted a 75-55 win over host Salamanca on Tuesday as Bethany Miller claimed the high jump (4-6), 100 meters (13.8) and 800 meters (2:55.7).

Mushirah Sheppard was a double winner for Salamanca in the long jump (15-3 1/2) and 400-meter hurdles (1:14.8).

3,200m relay: Portville (Little, Aloi, Miller, C. Williams). T–12:22.0

100m hurdles: Nothem (P), Sheppard (S), Aloi (P). T–17.90

100m: Miller (P), Hill (S), Rogers (P). T–13.8

1,500m: R. John (S), Wilson (S). T–6:06.9

400m relay: Portville (Daley, Kavanagh, Rogers, Blade). T–57.4

400m: Pierce (S), Daley (P), Blade (P). T–1:12.6

400m hurdles: Sheppard (S), Nothem (P), Aloi (P). T–1:14.80

800m run: Miller (P), Aloi (P), John (S). T–2:55.7

200m: Hill (S), Rasha (P), Rogers (P). T–30.1

3,000m run: Wilson (S), Steadman (P). T–14:05.8

1,600m relay: Salamanca (Pierce, John, Hill, Sheppard). T-4:47.9

Long jump: Sheppard (S), Childs (P), Nothem (P). D–15-3¢

Triple jump: Nothem (P), Childs (P), Hill (S). D–29-4¢

High jump: Miller (P), Little (P), Witherall (P). H–4-6

Shot put: Crouse (S), Schuman (P), Witherall (P). D–29-3

Discus: Schuman (P), Witherall (P), Crouse (S). D–75-3



SILVER CREEK–Silver Creek/Forestville earned its first CCAA Division 2 win by topping Chautauqua Lake, 72-69.

Kylie Procknall took home the 100 meters in 13.6, the 400 meters in 1:06.6 and was also a member of the winning 1,600-meter relay team.

Long jump: Lauren Alfa (CL), Kylie Procknall (SC/F), Alivia Penman (SC/F). T–13-8

3,200m relay: Chautauqua Lake (Erickson, Zarpentine, Obert, Rizzo).

100m hurdles: Sarah Booth (SC/F), Marta Alonson (CL), Amelia Brown (CL). T–19.4

100m: Procknal (SC/F), Alfa (CL), Emma Romanik (SC/F). T–13.6

1,500m: Rei Sugiuchi (SC/F), Anna Sena (CL). T–5:34.4

400m: Procknal (SC/F), Juliana Flick (SC/F), Penman (SC/F). T–1:06.6

400m hurdles: Brown (CL), Boothe (SC/F), Krystel Schwab (SC/F). T–1:19.1

800m: Lily League (SC/F), Melanie Wilson (SC/F), Mercedez Obert (CL). T–2:59.2

200m: Emma Romanik (SC/F), Lachajczyk (CL), Gilmore (CL). T–30.5

3,000m: Ellie Decker (SC/F), Suguichi (SC/F), Sena (CL). T–12:16.9

Discus: Alina Beadle (SC/F), Alyssas Scriven (CL), Kathryn Cox (CL). D–58-10

Pole Vault: Sena (CL), Rizzo (CL), Cox (CL).

High jump: Lachajczyk (CL), Walczak (CL), Rashbrook (CL). H–4-4

Triple jump: Erickson (CL), Zarpentine (CL), Brown (CL). D–26-4.5

Shot put: Sophia Stalica (SC/F), Beadle (SC/F), Mantsch (CL). D–26-7

1,600m relay: Silver Creek (Flick, Schwab, Sugiuchi, Procknal). T–4:38.6



CLYMER — Kylee Odell and Kylie Schnars won three events apiece as Clymer/Sherman/Panamna beat Franklinville/Ellicottville/West Valley, 83-58, in Division 3 action.

Odell won the 1,500 meters (5:14.5), 800 meters (2:33.8) and 3,000 meters (12:09.2) while Schnars took the high jump (4-8), 200 meters (27.9) and 100-meter hurdles (16.7) for the Wolfpack.

3,200m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (Anneke White, Hannah Schauman, Emily Mills, MacKenzie Gratto). T–11:21.8

100m hurdles: Kylie Schnars (C/S/P), Logan Fredrickson (F/E/WV), Hayly Fredrickson (F/E/WV). T–16.0

100m: Karianne Yuchnitz (C/S/P), Hannah King (C/S/P), Rena Riley (F/E/WV). T–13.5

1,500m: Kylee Odell (C/S/P), Madalyn Luden (C/S/P), Becky Sullivan (C/S/P). T–5:14.5

400m relay: Franklinville/Ellicottville/West Valley (Gabby Milligan, Cheyenne Fultz, Logan Fredickson, Rena Riley). T–56.1

400m: Natalie Carris (C/S/P), McKena Kaleta (F/E/WV), Nicole Burton (F/E/WV). T–1:07.7

400m hurdles: Hayly Fredrickson (F/E/WV), Hannah King (C/S/P), Mandy Hurlburt (F/E/WV). T–1:14

800m: Odell (C/S/P), Logan Fredrickson (F/E/WV), Lauren Olejniczak (F/E/WV). T–2:33.8

200m: Kylie Schnars (C/S/P), Yuchnitz (C/S/P), Hurlburt (F/E/WV). T–27.9

3,000m: Odell (C/S/P), MacKenzie Gratto (C/S/P), Anneke White (C/S/P). T–12:09.2

1,600m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (Yuchnitz, Carris, Maddie Johnson, King). T–4:42.5

High jump: Schnars (C/S/P), Milligan (F/E/WV), Yuchnitz (C/S/P). H–4-8

Long jump: Logan Fredrickson (F/E/WV), Schnars (C/S/P), Odell (C/S/P). D–13-6¢

Triple jump: Emily Anderson (F/E/WV), Hannah Murdock (C/S/P), Sabrina Skinner (F/E/WV). D–28-2

Shot put: Rena Riley (F/E/WV), Trisha Walker (C/S/P), Zoey Green (F/E/WV). D–29-6

Discus: Walker (C/S/P), Meghan Chapman (F/E/WV), Green (F/E/WV). D–81-8


FREWSBURG — Kelsey Wolfe doubled in leading Frewsburg to a 71-64 Division 3 decision over Westfield.

Wolfe won the 400 meters (1:06.4) and 200 meters (29.5) for the Bears.

3,200m relay Westfield (Savannah Lashbrook, Kensey Wolfe, McCartney Mortimer, McKayla Wolfe). T–12:28

110m hurdles: Mikayla Gabalski-Jones (F), Kiara Marchinsin (F), Janie Black (W). T–19.5

1,500m: Acacia Barber (F), Lashbrook (W), Rylie Gore (F). T–5:27

3,200m relay: Westfield (Danielle Jafarjian, Sophia Devlin, Erin Dugan, Morgan Spann). T–1:03.8

400m: Kelsey Wolfe (F), Kaylee Constantino (F), Elise Cunningham (W). T–1:06.4

400m hurdles: Kiara Marchincin (F), Black (W). T–1:19.2

800m: Lashbrook (W), Gore (F), McKenzie Wolfe (W). T–2:46.4

200m: Wolfe (F), Hannah Hoebner (W), Pixley (F). T–29.5

3,000m: Mikayla Wolfe (W), Mortimer (W). T–13.33

1,600m relay: Frewsburg (Sophia Walter, Pixley, Gore, Wolfe). T–4:44.7

Long jump: Hoebner (W), Claire Johnson (F), Korey Knapp (W). D–17-7

High jump: Maddie Sohl (F), Wolfe (W), SWolfe (W). D–4-9

Triple jump: Mortimer (W), Hoebner (W), Johnson (F). D–42-1

Shot put: Maria Jacobi (F), Mia Suray (F), Avery Knapp (W). D–N/A

Discus: Paige Nichols (W), Jacobi (F), Johnson (F). D–71-0

Pole vault: Johnson (F). H–6-0