Rodriguez Doubles In Vain For Red Raiders

Jamestown’s Take Branch competes in the long jump. P-J photo by Valory S. Isaacson

Joe Groth and Josh Peron were double-winners to help Frontier get past Jamestown, 84-57, in Erie County Interscholastic Conference Division 1 boys track and field action at Strider Field on Tuesday afternoon.

Groth won the 1,600 meters (4:53.4) and 3,200 meters (10:32.8) while Peron claimed the 400 meters (52.8) and triple jump (36-10¢) for the Falcons (1-0).

Francisco Rodriguez was a double-winner for the Red Raiders (0-1), taking first in the 100 meters (11.5) and 200 meters (23.6).

3,200m relay: Frontier (Joe Groth, Preston Bova, Connor O’Brien, Branden Reinhardt). T–8:48.4

110m hurdles: Matthew Blakey (J), AFisher (F), Gavin Bowen (J). T–17.7

Jamestown’s Grant Moore, left, rounds the corner ahead of a Frontier runner. P-J photo by Valory S. Isaacson

100m: Francisco Rodriguez (J), Savon VanSickle (J), Jaiden McKoy (J). T–11.5

1,600m: Groth (F), Noah Letsch (F), Reinhardt (F). T–4:53.4

Long jump: Friedrich Diehl (F), Joshua Peron (F), Ricky Lofton (F). D–20-8

Shot put: Rob Ernst (F), Jack Sargent (F), Brad Smith (F). D–39-4¢

400m: Peron (F), Harrison Monfort (J), Bova (F). T–52.8

400m hurdles: Nathan Hill (J), Blakey (J), Fisher (F). T–1:01.3

800m: O’Brien (F), Letsch (F), Jaidyn Conyer (J). T–2:12.4

200m: Rodriguez (J), Diehl (F), VanSickle (J). T–23.6

Discus: Sargent (F), Smith (F), McKoy (J). D–136-5¢

3,200m: Groth (F), Chase Deponceau (J), Alexander Reynolds (J). T–10:32.8

Pole vault: Cody Pool (J), Michael (F), Patrick (F). H–11-6

High jump: Grant Moore (J), Jack Jackson (F), Tyler Clark (F). H–5-2

Triple jump: Peron (F), Takye Branch (J), Blakey (J). D–36-10 1/2

1,600m relay: Frontier (Diehl, Peron, O’Brien, Letsch). T–3:41.4

400m relay: Jamestown (Rodriguez, VanSickle, McKoy, Hill). T–46.8



FALCONER — Falconer/Cassadaga Valley is now 3-0 overall after earning its first CCAA Division 1 win of the season, 87-53, over Dunkirk.

Collin Barmore took home the 1,600 meters in 4:50.7, 800 meters in 2:14.6 and 3,200 meters in 10:59.

Isaiah Valez led the Marauders (0-2) with wins in the 100 meters (11.6), long jump (20-4) and triple jump (39-5).

3,200m relay: Falconer/Cassadaga Valley (Deperna, Baglia, Barmore, Harrington). T–9:36.5

110m hurdles: Austin Johns (F/CV), Pischera (F/CV). T–17.5

100m: Isaiah Valez (D), AJohns (F/CV), Eli Johns (F/CV). T–11.6

1,600m: Collin Barmore (F/CV), Ruiz (D), Pelliteria (F/CV). T–4:50.7

400m relay: Dunkirk (N/A). T–45.8

400m: Nate Ganey (D), Berekah (D), Thomas (F/CV). T–55.0

Long jump: Valez (D), EJohns (F/CV), Eddy (D). D–20-4

Discus: Kaden Bianco (F/CV), Wise (F/CV), Bishop (F/CV). D–101-8

High jump: Derrik Turner (F/CV), Bellardo (F/CV), Bower (F/CV). H–4-10

400m hurdles: Bryce Baglia (F/CV), Pischera (F/CV), Santiago (D). T–1:03.0

800m: Barmore (F/CV), Yenney (D), Harrington (F/CV). T–2:14.6

200m: Rayven Sample (F/CV), Eddy (D), Rozario (D). T–24.5

Triple jump: Valez (D), Eddy (D), Sample (F/CV). D–39-5

Shot put: Nick Bishop (F/CV), Cooper (D), Peterson (F/CV). D–39-8

Pole vault: Hunter Teboe (F/CV), Pischera (F/CV), Reves (D). H–8-6

3,200m: Barmore (F/CV), Deperna (F/CV), Ruiz (D). T–10:59.0

1,600m relay: Dunkirk (Lockett, Rozario, Ganey, Berakah). T–3:48.0



Darius Jones was a triple-winner as Maple Grove (2-0) beat Cattaraugus-Little Valley.

Jones won the 110-meter hurdles, 100 meters and 400-meter hurdles for the Red Dragons (2-0). Michael Peppy won the 1,600 meters and 800 meters while Nash Nelson won the 200 meters and high jump in the victory.


FREWSBURG — Dylan Davis won three events to lead Frewsburg past Westfield, 72-60, in a Division 3 meet.

Davis recorded wins in the 1,600 meters (5:05.6), 3,200 meters (12:09.9) and 800 meters (2:27.3) for the Bears (1-1, 1-2).

Zach Heberlein was a double-winner for Frewsburg, capturing the 110-meter hurdles (18.2) and 400-meter hurdles (1:05.2).

The Wolverines’ Ryan Jafarjian won the 100 meters (11.07) and 200 meters (24.6).

3,200m relay: Westfield (Jim Wolfe, Owen Bates Tom Skinner, Dave Skinner). T–9:31.4

110m hurdles: Zach Heberlein (F), Alex Stanley (W), Jaiden Slagle (F). T–18.2

100m: Ryan Jafarjian (W), Malik Williams (F), Dylin Williams (F). T–11.07

1,600m: Dylan Davis (F), Josh Hime (W), Tim Skinner (W). T–5:05.6

400m relay: Westfeld (Anthony Spann, Jafarjian, Nick Parisi, Williams). T–48.3

400m: Drew Pownall (F), Logan Miles (W), Noah Knappenberger (W). T–11:02

400m hurdles: Heberlein (F), Alec Stanley (W), Aaron Morse (W). T–1:05.2

800m: Davis (F), Pownall (F), Dave Skinner (W). T–2:27.3

200m: Jafarjian (W), MWilliams (F), DWilliams (F). T–24.6

3,200m: Davis (F), Owen Bates (W), Jimmy Wolfe (W). T–12:09.9

1,600m relay: Frewsburg (Heberlein, MWilliamns, Quinn Conlan, Pownall). T–3:55.1

Long jump: Nick Parisi (W), Brad Nelson (F), Spann (W). D–17-0

High jump: Bryce Gibbions (F), Stawler (W), Dave Kircher (W). H–4-10

Triple jump: Nelson (F), Luke Stevenson (W), Logan Miles (W). D–35-1

Shot put: Conlan (F), Gibbons (F), Lincoln Paternosh (W). D–37-7

Discus: Alejandro Reyes (F), Paternosh (W), Caleb Terhune (F). D–91-5



RANDOLPH — Allegany Limestone moved to 1-0 on the season and handed host Randolph its first loss of the year as the Gators picked up a 72-69 win on the back of Michael Wolfgang’s wins in the 110-meter high hurdles (15.5), 400-meter intermediate hurdles (1:00.1) and long jump (17-8) as well as wins in the shot put (40-11 1/2) and discus (124-5) by Patrick Walsh.

Matt Evans claimed the 800 meters (2:19.5), 1,600 meters (5:05.1) and 3,200 meters (10:48.2) for Randolph.

3,200m relay: Randolph (Christian Reithmiller, Bryan Nomes, Isaac Wakefield, Matt Evans). T–9:38

110m high hurdles: Micheal Wolfgang (A-L), Brendan Stover (A-L), Jordan Higbee (R). T–15.5

100m: Kane Carlson (R), Micka Osby (A-L), Nick Mascioni (A-L). T– 12.2

1,600m: Evans (R), Ronan McDonald (R), Sam Filbert (A-L). T– 5:05.1

400m: Deter Miinte (R), Moore (A-L), Nick Mullen (A-L). T– 55.4

400m relay: Randolph (Angel Benitez, Christian Blancaflore, Wyatt Sluga, Skyler Wright). T–50.3

400m hurdles: Wolfgang (A-L), Ian Coulter (A-L), Josh Walters (R). T–1:00.1

800m: Evans (R), Wakefield (R), Reithmiller (R). T–2:19.5

200m: Carlson (R), Miinte (R), Liam Moricca (A-L). T–24.5

3,200m: Evans (R), McDonald(R), Filbert (A-L). T–10:48.2

Long jump: Wolfgang (A-L), Carlson, (R), Benetez (R). D–17-8

Triple jump: Devin Moore (A-L), Allan Wildfire (A-L), Miinte (R). D–36-11

Pole vault: Sluga (R), Higbee (R), Filbert (A-L). H–N/A

High jump: Stover (A-L), Wildfire (A-L), Higbee (R). H–5-6

Shot put: Patrick Walsh (A-L), Michael Nye (A-L), Connor Walsh (A-L). D–40-11¢

Discus: Patrick Walsh (A-L), Connor Walsh (A-L), Nye (A-L). D–124-5

1,600m relay: Allegany-Limestone (Mascioni, Coulter, Moricca, Wolfgang). T–3:40.6



OLEAN — Southwestern (4-0, 2-0) earned a 78-63 Division 1 victory over host Olean on Tuesday thanks to Eddie Scroxton’s times of 4:46 in the 1,600 meters, 52.5 in the 400 meters and 2:15 in the 800 meters.

Cooper Pannes had a throw of 40 feet, 11 inches to take the shot put for the Trojans and a discus mark of 124 feet, 6 inches.

3,200m relay: Southwestern (Dagon Bryant, Marcus Kautzman, Garrett Swan, Tony Vezina). T–10:02

110m high hurdles: Chris Crino (O), Vance Alvarez (S), Jaden Kinnear (S). T–17.9

100m: Dante Jeter (O), Jaydon Deangelo (O), Alex Weakfall (O). T–11.5

1,600m: Eddie Scroxton (S), Bryant (S), Jackson Vanstrom (S). T–4:46

400m relay: Olean (Josh Bihler, Jeter, Weakfall, Deangelo). T–45.4

400m: Scroxton (S), Jeter (O), Vezina (S). T–52.5

400m hurdles: Kinnear (S), Crino (O), Alvarez (S). T–1:04

800m: Scroxton (S), Kautzman (S), Bryant (S). T–2:15

200m: Bihler (O), Deangelo (O), Gaven Dewey (S). T–23.7

3,200m: Vezina (S), Scroxton (S), Bryant (S). T–11:20

1,600m relay: Olean (Harry Coleman, Crino, Alex Jodush, Jeter). T–3:43

Long jump: Deangelo (O), Nick Decerbo (O), Alex Card (S). D–20-3

Triple jump: Derek Miller (S), Bihler (O), Card (S). D–41-1

High jump: George Kilarvari (O), DeyJean Gavey (O), Kinnear (S). H–5-8

Shot put: Cooper Pannes (S), Collin Cook (S), Austin Ring (O). D–40-11

Discus: Pannes (S), Brice Lowe (S), Cook (S). D–124-6

Pole vault: Grant Fox (O), Chase Stevenson (S), Kautzman (S). H–13-0



SALAMANCA — Noah Pullins and James Daley were double-winners as Portville coasted past Salamanca, 99-30, in Division 2 action.

Pullins won the 110-meter hurdles (17.1) and 400-meter hurdles (1:06.6) while Daley captured the 100 meters (12.2) and 400 meters (56.8) for the Panthers.

3,200m relay: Portville (Nothem, Cook, Snyder, Beemer). T–10:30.9

110m hurdles: Pullins (P), Ambuske (S), KHall (P). T–17.1

100m: Daley (P), Hedlund (S), LSmith (P). T–12.2

1,600m: Cook (P), Dean (P), Nothem (P). T–5:17.7

400m relay: Portville (Daley, Murawski, Beemer, Wenke). T–48.2

400m: Daley (P), Dean (P), Hall (P). T–56.8

400m hurdles: Pullins (P), Wenke (P), Ambuske (S). T–1:06.6

800m: Hall (P), Cook (P), Helms (S). T–2:22.7

200m: Smith (P), Murawski (P), Gillette (S). T–25.0

3,200m: Nothem (P), Snyder (P). T–12:27.3

1,600m relay: Portville (Hall, Beemer, Daley, Pullins). T–3:57.1

Shot put: Shoup (S), Meyer (S), Smith (P). D–35-11

Discus: Smith (P), Lassiter (P), Meyer (S). D–95-9

Long jump: Hedlund (S), Murawski (P), Stone (P). D–17-7§

High jump: Ambuske (S), Wenke (P), Cook (P). H–5-8

Triple jump: Pullins (P), Hedlund (S), Small (S). D–37-4¢


SILVER CREEK — Alex Godfrey was a double-winner as Chautauqua Lake coasted by Silver Creek/Forestville, 106-35, in Division 2 action.

Godrey won the long jump (17-7) and triple jump (34-8¢) for the Thunderbirds, who won all three relays while also sweeping the 800 meters, triple jump, pole vault and shot put.

100m hurdles: Wilson (CL), McCaslin (CL), Gadewoltz (SC/F). T–16.9

100m: Narraway (SC/F), Fisher (CL), Walsh (CL). T–11.6

1,600m: Putney (CL), Rhodes (SC/F), Hardenburg (CL). T–5:36.6

400m: Walczak (CL), Saldana (CL), Narraway (SC/F). T–55.9

400m hurdles: McCaslin (CL), Wilson (CL), Gadewoltz (SC/F). T–1:03.5

800m: Orton (CL), Godfrey (CL), Saldana (CL). T–2:27.6

200m: Frederick (CL), Narraway (SC/F), Walsh (CL). T–24.4

3,200m: Wilson (SC/F), Rhodes (SC/F), Quintero (CL). T–11:55.6

400m relay: Chautauqua Lake (McCaslin, Fisher, Blakeslee, Walsh). T–50.5

1,600m relay: Chautauqua Lake (Wilson, Blakeslee, McCaslin, Fisher). T–4:04.5

3,200m relay: Chautauqua Lake (Wilson, Saldana, Quintero, Hardenburg). T–9:47.1

Long jump: Godfrey (CL), Walsh (CL), Gadewoltz (SC/F). D–17-7

High jump: Janicki (CL), Gadewoltz (SC/F), Fisher (CL). H–5-4

Triple jump: Godrey (CL), Janicki (CL), Anderson (CL). D–34-8¢

Pole vault: Hardenburg (CL), Walczak (CL), Janicki (CL). H–N/A

Discus: Hallowell (SC/F), Linger (CL), Stalter (CL). D–86-4

Shot put: Norene (CL), Stalter (CL), Linger (CL). D–32-3



CLYMER — Clymer/Sherman/Panama had no trouble with Franklinville/Ellicottville/West Valley, picking up a 101-40 Division 3 win.

John Swabik claimed the 1,600 meters (5:00.2), 800 meters (2:11) and triple jump (35-1¢) for the winners while Cameron Barmore took the high jump (6-0) and long jump (17-6¢).

3,200m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (Alex Scarem, Wes Simmes, Hunter Wassink, Fineghan McDonald). T–9:48.7

110m hurdles: Elliot Bowen (F/E/WV), Luke Lundeen (C/S/P), John Swabik (C/S/P). T–16.2

100m: Brandon Hall (C/S/P), Matt Walters (F/E/WV), Elliot Johnson (C/S/P). T–12.1

1,600m: Swabik (C/S/P), Holthouse (C/S/P), Jordan Sventz (C/S/P). T–5:00.2

400m relay: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (Hall, Elliot Johnson, Lundeen, Eathan Johnson). T–47.9

400m: Cole Manwaring (C/S/P), Mike Boberg (F/E/WV), Svetz (C/S/P). T–56.3

400m hurdles: Fineghan McDonald (C/S/P), Bowen (F/E/WV), Jon Yaa (F/E/WV). T–1:02.2

800m: Swabik (C/S/P), Holthouse (C/S/P), Adrion DeOrbe (F/E/WV). T–2:11

200m: Matt Walter (F/E/WV), Elliot Johnson (C/S/P), Fin Brennan (F/E/WV). T–24.5

3,200m: Hunter Wassink (C/S/P), Modihs Bush (F/E/WV), Alex Scarem (C/S/P). T–11:19.2

1,600m: Clymer/Sherman/Panama (Johnson, McDonald, Holthouse, Johnson). T–3:55.5

High jump: Cameron Barmore (C/S/P), Dustin Neckers (C/S/P), Svetz (C/S/P). H–6-0

Long jump: Barmore (C/S/P), Mitch Hovey (C/S/P), Svetz (C/S/P). D–17-6¢

Triple jump: Swabik (C/S/P), Kolby Aldrich (F/E/WV), Jon Yon (F/E/WV). D–35-1¢

Pole vault: Tyler Oaks (F/E/WV), Josh Allegra (F/E/WV), Cyle Livingston (F/E/WV). H–N/A

Shot put: Jordan Smouse (C/S/P), McLain Hinkler (C/S/P), Mike Boberg (F/E/WV). D–33-6¢

Discus: Hinkler (C/S/P), Smouse (C/S/P), Averey Pockey (F/E/WV). T–91-7