Frewsburg/Southwestern Clinches Title

DUNKIRK — Frewsburg/Southwestern swimming improved to 9-2 overall and clinched the CCAA swimming title with a record of 8-1 after topping Dunkirk/Fredonia/Silver Creek/Forestville/Cassadaga Valley/Brocton, 111-69, on Thursday night.

Jacob Rhodes was a double winner in the victory after posting a 2:21.72 in the 200-yard individual medley and a 1:04.58 in the 100-yard backstroke.

Nathan McDonald took home the 200-yard freestyle in 2:03.46 and the 100-yard butterfly in 1:03.07.

Bill Osula took home the 100-yard freestyle in 51.47 and the 50-yard freestyle in 22.71 for the Narwhals.

200y medley relay: Frewsburg/Southwestern (Cooper Thomas, Drew Pownall, Nathan McDonald, Gannon Moore), Dunkirk/Fredonia/Silver Creek/Forestville/Cassadaga Valley/Brocton, Dunkirk/Fredonia/Silver Creek/Forestville/Cassadaga Valley/Brocton. T–1:51.53

200y freestyle: Nathan McDonald (F/S), Zach Gifford (F/S), Nathan Bowers (D/Fr/SC/Fo/CV/B). T–2:03.46

200y individual medley: Jacob Rhodes (F/S), Tyler Donahue (D/Fr/SC/Fo/CV/B), Eston Shedd (F/S). T–2:21.72

50y freestyle: Bill Osula (D/Fr/SC/Fo/CV/B), Pownall (F/S), Thomas (F/S). T–22.71

1m diving: Tyler Ridout (F/S), Jacob Lawton (F/S). P–266.62

100y butterfly: McDonald (F/S), Owen Bates (D/Fr/SC/Fo/CV/B), Adam Fred (D/Fr/SC/Fo/CV/B). T–1:03.07

100y freestyle: Osula (D/Fr/SC/Fo/CV/B), Matt Brockelbank (D/Fr/SC/Fo/CV/B), Shedd (F/S). T–51.47

500y freestyle: Thomas (F/S), Gifford (F/S), Jacob Sterns (F/S). T–5:31.44

200y freestyle relay: Frewsburg/Southwestern (Rhodes, Shedd, Moore, Gifford), Dunkirk/Fredonia/Silver Creek/Forestville/Cassadaga Valley/Brocton, Frewsburg/Southwestern. T–1:48.17

100y backstroke: Rhodes (F/S), Donahue (D/Fr/SC/Fo/CV/B), Gannon Moore (F/S). T–1:04.58

100y breaststroke: Pownall (F/S), Brockelbank (D/Fr/SC/Fo/CV/B), Andrew Tibbetts (F/S). T–1:07.63

400y freestyle relay: Frewsburg/Southwestern (Mcdonald, Thomas, Rhodes, Pownall), Dunkirk/Fredonia/Silver Creek/Forestville/Cassadaga Valley/Brocton, Frewsburg/Southwestern. T–3:44.85


OLEAN — Panama/Chautauqua Lake/Maple Grove came up with eight first-place finishes to dominate Olean/Portville/Allegany-Limestone/Franklinville and Pioneer.

Cole Manwaring was a double winner for the Panthers by winning the 200-yard freestyle (1:58.88) and 100-yard freestyle (52.24).

200y medley relay: Panama/Chautauqua Lake/Maple Grove (Austin Strong, Brian Kayes, Justin Wiemer, Elliott Johnson), Olean/Portville/Allegany-Limestone/Franklinville, Pioneer. T–1:59.40

200y freestyle: Cole Manwaring (P/CL/MG), R.J. Helt (P/CL/MG), Peyton Fontaine (Pi). T–1:58.88

200y individual medley: Mark Brown (Pi), Jake Carlson (P/CL/MG), Eathan Johnson (P/CL/MG). T–2:28.48

50y freestyle: Elliott Johnson (P/CL/MG), Justin Wiemer (P/CL/MG), Aaron Priel (Pi). T–24.86

1m diving: David Marshall (P/CL/MG), Averey Pockey (O/P/A-L/F). P–172.55

100y butterfly: R.J. Helt (P/CL/MG), Austin Strong (P/CL/MG), Peyton Fontaine (Pi). T–1:07.66

100y freestyle: Cole Manwaring (P/CL/MG), Evan Kiener (O/P/A-L/F), Ean Kless (Pi). T–52.24

500y freestyle: Zachary Marks (Pi), Brian Kayes (P/CL/MG), Aeden Farrington (O/P/A-L/F). T–6:02.11

200y freestyle relay: Panama/Chautauqua Lake/Maple Grove (Austin Strong, Justin Wiemer, Elliott Johnson, Cole Manwaring), Pioneer, Olean/Portville/Allegany-Limestone/Franklinville. T–1:40.64

100y backstroke: Mark Brown (O/P/A-L/F), Zachary Marks (Pi), Isaac Tripp (P/CL/MG). T–1:06.72

100y breaststroke: Eathan Johnson (P/CL/MG), Brian Kayes (P/CL/MG), Troy Brennan(O/P/A-L/F). T–1:12.55

400y freestyle relay: Olean/Portville/Allegany-Limestone/Franklinville (Aeden Farrington, Chris Crino, Mark Brown, Evan Kiener), Pioneer, Pioneer. T–4:05.39