Foti Rolls 685 At JBC

Kate Foti led seven bowlers who reached the 600 mark for the ladies in the Monday Night Ladies Classic League at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Foti upended a 256-224-205-685 for Angel Hair to lead the way for the ladies.

Meanwhile, Bill Pownall led the men with a 276-213-209-698 for Real Estate Advantage and Troy Beightol added a 254-247-689 for VSK Emporium in the VSK Emporium League at Frewsburg Lanes.

Stephanie Tompkins was the runnerup to Foti in the Monday Ladies Classic League by shooting a 205-216-231-652 for Catering Plus. Ashley Zaffino had a 234-214-201-649 for DZ Designs, Heather Lyon rolled a 290-642 for JBC Pro Shop, Chelsey Mee had a 256-209-612 for Shoeless Joe’s, Donna Clark spilled a 243-607 for Catering Plus and Leda Peterson had a 246-600 for Lena’s Pizza. Lyn McIntyre shot a 225-596 for Jo’s Tupperware.

Gary Wells put together a 232-608 in the Hot Shots League at JBC.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Monday Night Ladies Classic League — Beth Sacilowski 572, Pat Weeks 552, Jenn Peters 551, Theresa Jackson 532, LuAnn DeFrisco 485, Sue Bero 478.

Jeremy’s Bel-View League — Steve Ryberg 245-225-658, Jim Glace 223-590, Dave Woodfield Sr. 220-587, Carmelo Mazzurco 581.

Chris Sieber Memorial League — Yolanda Verleni 228-534, Gloria Martin 529, Debbie Latona 213-520.

Seniors League — Dick Franzen 532, Rick Gardner 522, Linda Conti 478, Josie Nicosia 456, Pat Dispenza 452, Dana Gardner 409, Candy Carlson 409, Mel Liddie 408.

Hot Shots League — John Foster 202-550, Ed Petransky 200-522, Roger Vine 520, Lenny Bush 508, Keith Harvey 500, Mary Lowe 423, Sharon Dowd 415, Betty Puleo 403.

Frewsburg Lanes: VSK Emporium League — Jeff Arnold 668, Jeremy Becker 651, Dave Johnson 650, Dan Terhune 620, Bruce Moore 611, Chuck Chapman 611, Dave Eriksen 610, Wayne Harvey 610, Clayt Willsie 603, Mike Carlson 594, Bill Farr 588, Dean Deuble 584, Paul Keppel 584, Erik Lindquist 576.