Maple Grove, Silver Creek Girls Shine

Red Dragons, Black Knights Capture Team Titles; Odell, Peppy Win Individual Crowns

Clymer/Sherman/Panama’s Kylee Odell runs in the 53rd annual McQuaid Invitational on Saturday in Rochester. Submitted photo

ROCHESTER — Maple Grove’s girls won the Girls Seeded Varsity A race while Silver Creek’s girls won the Girls Unseeded Varsity A-3 race at the 53rd annual McQuaid Invitational held at Genesee Valley State Park on Saturday.

Clymer/Sherman/Panama sophomore Kylee Odell won the individual title in the Girls Unseeded Varsity A-3 race with a time of 18:24.6, nearly 10 full seconds faster than her nearest competitor. Also in that race, Silver Creek sophomore Jaylah Cossin was third (18:36.5), Clymer/Sherman/Panama freshman Mackenzie Gratto was sixth (19:13.5) and Frewsburg freshman Acacia Barber was eighth (19:31.9). Silver Creek’s winning team total was 124 points while Clymer/Sherman/Panama finished fourth (208).

Scoring for the Black Knights were Cossin, freshman Ellie Decker (19:59.0) in 10th, eighth-grader Daisy League (20:32.0) in 25th, junior Lily League (21:24.9) in 39th and sophomore Julia Kennedy (21:40.5) in 47th. Scoring for Clymer/Sherman/Panama were Odell, Gratto, sophomore Emily Mills (22:23.1) in 62nd, senior Lauren Michael (22:40.1) in 69th and freshman Destinie Sabol (22:43.1) in 72nd. Frewsburg junior Joyce Wiltsie (23:29.7) was 132nd.

In the Girls Seeded Varsity A race, Maple Grove freshmen teammates Carling Lockwood (18:28.1), Ava Crist (18:28.1) and Christina Peppy (18:33.1) finished fourth through sixth, respectively. Eighth-grader Abby Brunenavs (19:42.4) was 21st and senior Grace Auer (19:50.1) was 24th to complete the five scoring positions for the first-place Red Dragons.

Maple Grove senior Michael Peppy won the Boys Seeded Varsity A individual title with a time of 15:19.4 to lead the Red Dragons to a fourth-place team finish. Maple Grove junior teammate Frank Colburn (16:28.5) was 25th, sophomore Peter Auer (16:30.2) was 26th, senior Shane Hetrick (16:52.8) was 43rd and sophomore Riley Auer (17:15.6) was 58th.

Randolph finished 16th as a team in the Boys Seeded Varsity A race with senior Matthew Evans (16:17.8) leading the way in 19th. Sophomore Ronan McDonald (16:33.4) was 31st, sophomore Joshua Walters (18:56.2) was 117th, senior Isaac Wakefield (19:10.3) was 120th and freshman Billy Jones (19:47.4) was 130th.

Clymer/Sherman/Panama freshman John Swabik (15:59.5) finished second in the Boys Unseeded Varsity A-3 race to lead the Wolfpack to a fifth-place team showing. Freshman teammate Hunter Wassink (17:23.6) was 45th, senior Logan Holthouse (17:24.0) was 46th, senior Fin McDonald (17:54.8) was 64th and senior Cordell Cook (18:43.2) was 122nd.

Frewsburg was 18th behind an 11th-place finish from junior Dylan Davis (16:36.9) and 19th-place finish by senior Drew Pownall (16:59.4). Junior Caleb Barber (18:18.9) was 94th, eighth-grader Toby Gifford (18:21.2) was 96th and sophomore Emmett Carlson (22:20.7) was 264th. Silver Creek was 28th, paced by junior Riley Wilson (18:22.8) in 98th. Freshman Josh Bunnell (18:30.1) was 106th, senior Jon McDaneld (19:07.0) was 149th, eighth-grader Gabe Rhodes (19:31.7) was 170th and senior Alex Bogosian (20:26.6) was 214th.

Fredonia sophomore Emily Brown finished second with a time of 18:53.4 in the Girls Unseeded Varsity A-2 race to lead the Hillbillies to a third-place finish as a team. Senior teammate Hannah Gullo (20:10.2) was 15th, sophomore Savannah Lashbrook (20:12.4) was 18th, sophomore Anna Buchanon (21:08.7) was 49th and eighth-grader Ashlyn Ambrose (21:55.3) was 74th.

Falconer was 19th as a team, led by senior Mari Waite (21:01.1) in 45th, freshman Mikaela Lebaron (21:39.7) in 62nd, junior Macey Arnone (22:10.4) in 82nd, senior Rebekah Nickerson (24:12.7) in 150th and senior Sarah Lefford (24:24.1) in 157th. Gowanda finished 21st behind sophomore Emagin Warrior (21:44.7) in 65th, junior Kristine Twoguns (21:50.5) in 68th, freshman Kayla Fortman (23:12.5) in 121st, senior Kala Farley (23:38.6) in 136th and freshman Katrina Licht (23:52.2) in 142nd.

Southwestern junior Hannah Sullivan (20:00.4) was 14th, freshman Lily Nelson (22:21.1) was 109th and junior Bethany Deshantz (22:30.9) was 115th while Dunkirk senior Julia Fred (21:27.9) was 69th and sophomore Yuribeth Castro (23:20.0) was 156th.

Southwestern sophomore Eddie Scroxton was fifth in the Boys Unseeded Varsity A-2 race with a time of 15:56.1 to lead the Trojans to a 10th-place team finish. Sophomore teammate Dagon Bryant (16:49.2) was 32nd, senior Tony Vezina (17:29.4) was 65th, freshman Jaden Kinnear (18:41.6) was 140th and sophomore Brady Fye (18:53.5) was 158th.

Falconer/Cassadaga Valley finished seventh as a team, led by senior Ben DePerna (17:01.1) in 45th place. Junior Collin Barmore (17:06.9) was 46th, senior Andrew Young (17:13.1) was 52nd, junior Connor Hudson (17:42.3) was 78th and sophomore Ravyn Sample (17:52.9) was 91st. Fredonia was eighth as a team led by senior Joshua Johnson (16:03.0) in ninth place. Junior Diego Rey (16:12.9) was 11th, sophomore Alec Schrader (17:19.8) was 55th, junior Peter Calanni (18:17.9) was 118th and junior Kevin Redfield (18:25.4) was 123rd.

Gowanda was 18th, led by senior Lyle Warrior (16:27.5) in 20th and senior Andrew Kruszka (17:55.3) in 92nd. Junior Michael Liszkiewicz (18:22.5) was 121st, senior Jacob Monat (18:46.0) was 149th and sophomore Christian Cook (18:52.0) was 157th. Dunkirk placed 32nd with junior Anthony Ruiz (16:18.2) leading the way in 17th place. Junior Ethan Yannie (18:26.3) was 125th, junior Nelson Rosario (18:26.3) was 126th, junior Jared Glowniak (19:42.9) was 213th and freshman Edwin Sanchez (21:19.4) was 245th.

Jamestown’s boys placed 22nd in the Boys Unseeded Varsity AAA-2 race with freshman Drew Carlson (18:10.5) leading the way in 127th and senior Isaac Johnson (18:24.7) finishing 133rd. Senior Alexander Reynolds (18:45.6) was 145th, junior Christian Dolce (19:13.0) was 149th and junior Collin Whiting (20:19.1) was 153rd.

Three Jamestown girls ran the Girls Unseeded Varsity AA-2 race with sophomore Mivette (23:06.6) finishing 244th, freshman Mivelys Clavijo (23:52.5) in 271st and freshman Anasasha Pacheco (24:37.6) in 281st.