Trap Leagues

There were seven players who recorded 50s in the Western Chautauqua County Trap League recently.

Kent Knopp, Jeff Gens and Kevin Sturzenbecker shot two rounds of 25s for 50 and Rich Foster added a round of 25 as Westfield took a 335-326 win over Big Tree.

Jerry Burnett and Jack Brunco delivered 25s as Ripley beat Ellery, 311-221. Owen Jones also had a 25.

For Westfield, Rose Corbran was the top lady with a 45, Dylan Mitchell was the top junior with a 46, James Majewski was the top sub junior with a 24, Sidney Tutmaher was the top sub junior lady with a 32, Kelly Brown was the top veteran with a 38 and Mike Cluchey was the top veteran with a 45.

Linda Gilbert was the highest lady for Big Tree with a 43, Cole Holthouse was the highest junior with a 43, Kaci Sikora was the top junior lady with a 30, Cleo Kendrick was the leading sub junior with a 34, Rodger was Rhinehart the top sub veteran with a 48, Will Ortman was the leading veteran with a 40, Karl Specht was the top senior veteran with a 37 and Burnett was the top super senior veteran with a 49.

For Ripley, Sheila Yokom delivered a 43 for the high lady, Cheyenne Meeder was the leading junior lady with a 29, Wyatt Meeder was the leading sub junior with a 43, Sid Meeder Sr. was the top sub veteran with a 44, Jack Mosier was the top veteran with a 31, Bob Murray was the leading senior veteran with a 36 and Don Yokom was the super senior veteran with a 40.

Ron Harmon’s 43 was the top sub veteran score for Ellery and Lisa Boardman was the leading lady with a 30.

WESTFIELD (315): Kent Knopp 50, Jeff Gens 50, Kevin Sturzenbecker 50, Rich Foster 48, Will Mason 46, Dylan Mitchell 46. Mike Cluchey 45, Rose Corbran 45, James Majewsli 24, Sidney Tutmaher 32, Kelly Brown 38.

BIG TREE (320): Jerry Burnett 49, Rodger Rhinehart 48, Jack Brunner 48, Mike Asel 46, Terry Sanden 46, Cole Hammer 45, Mark Holthouse 44, Linda Gilbert 43, Cole Holthouse 43, Kaci Sikora 30, Cleo Kendrick 34, Will Ortman 40, Karl Specht 37.

RIPLEY (311): Howard Maille 48, Mark Mason 45, Sid Meeder Sr. 44, Dexter Gordon 44, Wyatt Meeder 43, Sheila Yokom 43, Cheyenne Meeder Kr. 29, Jack Mosier 31, Bob Murray 36, Don Yokom 40.

ELLERY (221): Ron Harmon 43, Rob Graham 42, Don Johnson 40, Lisa Boardman 30, Janice Johnson 6 and two blind scores.


Corry (6-1) won the first half of the Warren County Trap League, beating Sugar Grove II, 347-331. Kalbfus and Brokenstraw, both 5-2, finished tied for second place; therefore, they will have a shoot-off Tuesday at Sheffield starting at 5 p.m.

Kalbfus topped Sugar Grove I, 343-336; Brokenstraw downed Tidioute, 339-335; and Pine Grove outshot Sheffield, 338-328. Perfect 50s were recorded by Brady Bowen, Logan Muir, Mike Dietz, Jaxon Gray (his first 50 straight), Scott Hodges, John Pearson, Chuck Loomis, Colton Black, Elijah Trawick, Robbin Weaver and Lee Dunkle.

The high sub junior was Gray from Corry with his 50 while Bowen, Muir and Dietz all fired 50s for Corry to be high juniors. Corry’s Ashley Gurdak was the high lady with a 49 while Loomis’ 50 for Kalbfus earned him high veteran honors. Tidioute’s Ken Anderson and Pine Grove’s Dave Kingsley tied for high senior veteran honors with 49s while Russ Wingard’s 49 for Pine Grove earned him high super senior veteran honors.

CORRY: Brady Bowen 50, Logan Muir 50, Mike Dietz 50, Jaxon Gray 50, William Mitchell 49, Jonah Fronk 49, Ashley Gurdak 49

SUGAR GROVE II: Scott Hodges 50, Jim Miller 49, Steve Beck 48, Hunter Wolcott 46, Kevin Nicklas 46, Colin Brunecz 46, Craig Darling 46

KALBFUS: John Pearson 50, Chuck Loomis 50, Otto Carl 49, Pierce Landis 49, Mike Mackey 49, Chuck Gern 48, Fred Callahan 48

SUGAR GROVE I: Colton Black 50, Elijah Trawick 50, Chris Kibbey 48, Ron Trawick 47, Brill Morris 47, Scott Currie 47, Scott Gustafson 47

BROKENSTRAW: Robbin Weaver 50, Curt Hollabaugh 49, Jared Hanna 49, Dale Johnson 48, John Joy 48, Gail Henderson 48, Hannah Bulard 47

TIDIOUTE: Ken Anderson 49, John Proctor 48, Doug Sliker 48, Taylor Hansen 48, John Kanyuck 48, Joel Stewart 47, Colby Case 47

PINE GROVE: Russ Wingard 49, Dave Kingsley 49, Bob Faga 49, Kevin Sturzenbecker 48, Dave Straight 48, Andrew Egger 48, Rob Simcick 47

SHEFFIELD: Lee Dunkle 50, Ed Pennington 48, Jeff Boutelle 47, Ralph Challingsworth 46, Joe Leichtenberger 46, Tim Leichtenberger 46, Marty Grove 45

— — —

Kevin Sturzenbecker and Norm Blanchard hit 50s as Celoron remained unbeaten by beating Busti, 343-341, 0, at the halfway mark of Chautauqua County Trap League.

Elijah Trawick and George Kirin had 50s for Busti.

Dennis Spoon and Andrew Hvizdzak shot 50s when Randolph decisioned Carroll, 345-340. In defeat, Blake Ristau and Ray Lee had 50s.

Kirin was the high veteran with his 50 and Busti teammate Dawson Diethrick was the high junior with a 49.

Red Clark, Howard Arnold, Gary Sickles Sr. and D.J. Bifaro of Randolph had the high veteran top scores with a 49.

Lee was the top super veteran with his 50 for Carroll while teammate Hayden Edwards was the high junior with his 49.

Rose Corbran was the high lady with a 48 for Celoron.

On June 15, Kenton Knopp, Norm Blanchard and Rich Foster shot 50s as Celoron topped Randolph, 343-340.

Dick Starks and his grandson, Elijah Trawick, delivered 50s as Busti got past Carroll, 342-340. Blake Ristau and Ray Lee also had 50s for Busti.

Starks was high super senior veteran with his 50, and Rich Digirolamo Sr. was the high veteran with his 48 for Busti.

Dalton Becker had a 49 for top junior, Stephanie Tutmaher and Rose Corbran a 47 for the high lady for Celoron.

Hayden Congdon of Randolph had a 45 for the high sub-junior score.

CELORON (343): Kevin Sturzenbecker 50, Norm Blanchard 50, Kent Knopp 49, Derek Rumsey 40, Bob Faga 49, Gary Johnson 48, Rose Corbran 48.

BUSTI (341): Elijah Trawick 50, George Korin 50, Dawson Diethrick 49, Greg Wassman 49, Dave Sena 48, Jerry Lewis 48, Rob Graham 47.

— — —

RANDOLPH (345): Dennis Spoon 50, Andrew Hvizdzak 50, Red Clark 49, Howard Arnold 49, Justin Spoon 49, Gary Sickles Sr. 49, Clarence Dickerson 49.

CARROLL (340): Blake Ristau 50, Ray Lee 50, Hayden Edwards 49, Evan Norton 48, Mike Russell 48, Mike Mackey 48, Mike Hanselman 47.

—- —


CELORON (343): Kenton Knopp 50, Norm Blanchard 50, Rich Foster 50, Dalton Becker 49, Kevin Sturzenbecker 48, Gary Johnson 48, Russ Wingard 48.

RANDOLPH (340): Rick Manning 50, Clarence Dickerson 49, Benjamin Dickerson 49, Skip Frazier 49, D. M. Bifaro 48, Andrew Hvizdzak 48. D. J. Bifaro 47.

— — —

BUSTI (342): Dick Starks 50, Elijak Trawick 50, Dave Sena 49, Brian Westerdahl 49, Rich Digirolamo Sr. 48, Scott McKotch 48, Ben Paddock 48.

CARROLL (340): Blake Ristau 50, Ray Lee 50, Bob Gunnell 49, Denny Corey 49, Bob Gunnell 48, Hayden Edwards 47, Jerry Martin 47.