Pascarellas Win Elkdale Father-Son Tourney

SALAMANCA — Frank and Andy Pascarella were the scratch winners with a 71 while Ray and Jonathan Galandio were the net winners with a 59 in the Father-Son Golf Tournament at Elkdale Country Club.

In the Second Flight, Robert Brogcinski and Bob O’Brien paced the field with a scratch 71 and a net 57.

Bob Crandall and Andy Crandall shot a net 59 while Kyle Mendell and Dave Mendell III tied Ryan Mendell I and Dave Mendell II with scratch 68s in the Third Flight.



Frank-Andy Pascarella 71

Steve Beattie-Tadd Beattie 72

Chris Mendell-Al Mendell 74

Daniel Smith-Arthur Smith 74

Jonathan Galandio-Ray Galandio 75

Jay Weishan-Peter Weishan 75


Robert Brogcinski-Bob O’Brien 71

Mike Boone-Derek Earley 73

Paul Myers-Jeff Criley 74

Dave Mendell-Tim Bergan 74

Dreek Earley II-Jamie Pierce 77

Mark Halftown-Al Mendell II 79


Kyle Mendell I-Dave Mendell III 68

Ryan Mendell I-Dave Mendell II 68

Nolan Christopher-Chris Christopher 72

Kyle Mendell II-Chuck Grinols 72

Ryan Mendell II-Chuck Grinols II 72

Tim Bergan III-Kyle Mendell III 72

Doug Atteberry-Richard Smith 73

Bob Crandall-Andy Crandall 75

Fran Tripodi-Dan Blaske 79

Sean Hensel-Rob Hensel 81

Braden Siebert-Chris Siebert 81

Hannah Shurillia-Jeff Shurillia 81

Will Georger-Arlon Georger 83

Adam Colton-Dale Colton 83

Norman Baker-Brooke Baker 87

Brad Skiba-Dave Skiba 87



Jonathan Galandio-Ray Galandio 59

Frank-Andy Pascarella 60

Chris Mendell-Al Mendell 60

Jay Weishan-Pete Weishan 62

Steve Beattie-Tadd Beattie 63

Daniel Smith-Arthur Smith 67


Robert Brogcinski-Robert O’Brien 57

Mark Halftown-Al Mendell II 61

Dave Mendell-Tim Bergan 61

Dreek Earley-Jamie Pierce 62

Paul Myers-Jeff Criley 64

Mike Boone-Derek Earley 64


Bob Crandall-Andy Crandall 59

Nolan Christopher-Chris Christopher 61

Doug Atteberry-Richard Smith 62

Tim Bergan III-Kyle Mendell III 63

Fran Tripodi-Dan Blaske 64

Norman Baker-Brooke Baker 64

Kyle Mendell I-Dave Mendell III 64

Ryan Mendell I-Dave Mendell II 64

Sean Hensel-Rob Hensel 66

Kyle Mendell II-Chuck Grinols 65

Ryan Mendell II-Chuck Grinols II 65

Adam Colton-Dale Colton 65

Hannah Shurillia-Jeff Shurillia 66

Braden Siebert-Chris Siebert 67

Will Georger-Arlon Georger 68

Brad Skiba-Dave Skiba 68