Wadsworth’s 289 Game, 771 Series Lead Area Bowling

Jeff Wadsworth was the top bowler on Thursday night in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Wadsworth drilled a 289-236-246-771 for Belle-View East to lead eight bowlers that recorded 700s. Mason Burch was second to Wadsworth by dropping a 258-257-729 for an unsponsored team, Dan Zamborik spun a 235-267-223-723 for Boyle’s Auto Shop and Ray Textor had a 259-247-723 for Butternut Brooke. Tom Volpe hit a 269-247-718 for Dom’s Mobile, Ron Holter had a 278-230-715 for Sons of Legion 6, Randy Herron rolled a 279-704 for Southern Tier Supply and Andy Blasdell spilled a 226-225-252-703 for Street Track & Tires to round out the 700s in the JBC Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles.

Chelsey Mee led the ladies with a 211-248-623 for Gametime in the JBC Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles.

Alton Wethli delivered a 255-221-222-698 in the American League at Cutting Lanes where Pat Bemis uncorked a 257 and Ron Reed had a 256.

Dave Saxton of Street Track & Tires shot a 258-227-697, Terry Parson of Pal Joey’s had a 278-677, Jim Mee of Gametime cracked a 221-245-677 and Kate Foti, also of Gametime, had a 232-594 in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles at JBC.

John Foster hit a 246-627 and Jim Suckow a 224-617 in the Early Birds Seniors League at JBC.

High singles at JBC were Dan Gould (275), Bill Thompson (268), Howie McIntyre Jr. (258) and Brandon Miller (257).

Jamestown Bowling Company: Early Birds Seniors League – Roger Gustafson 512, Ruth Eggleston 467, Sandy Hoyt 403, Thelma Dowd 403, Ann Gullotti 400.

Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles – Howie McIntyre Jr. 223-667, Brandon Miller 665, Bill Thompson 664, Paul Burdic 234-659, Chris Conti 236-246-658, Ang Volpe 227-233-654, Dam Gould 642, Dan Hallberg 2206-35, Butch Camaratam 225-242-654, Josh Volk 241-226-634, Ryan Colburn 629, John Williams 224-628, Justin VanArsdale 227-616, Alan Felmlee 225-613, Matt Himes 225-610, Scott Cappa 610, Matt Erickson 233-608, Tim Whitmore 224-605, Tim Thompson 605, Jim Elardo 225-604.

Frewsburg Lanes: Angel Hair Ladies League – Bonnie Smith 514, Lori Lassen 494, Marcia Johnson 481, Kelly Lauffenburger 477, Trista Lindsay 475.

Cutting Lanes: American League – Kyle Rice 227-659, Ron Reed 653, Aron Dascomb 235-648, Nate Smith 228-610, Ronnie Pound 246-605, Adam Newhouse 227-594, Drew Robinson 222-582, Steve Swan 577.