Powers Set To Compete At YMCA Nationals

Jordan Powers will be competing at the YMCA Nationals in Greensboro, N.C., from April 3-6 after delivering a national qualifying time of 22.22 – a personal best – during the Senior Boys (15-18) Division 50 freestyle event of the YMCA Pennsylvania State Championships at Penn State University this past weekend.

Powers, who earlier this month competed at the New York State Public High School Athletic Association state swimming championships at Webster-Schroeder High School, also placed 10th in the 100 freestyle when he hit the wall in 48.85, also a personal best.

Powers has posted eight new Jamestown Jets swimming records this season.

While Powers was the lone Jet to reach the nationals, a number of other teammates had similarly strong showings during the State Championships.

Prep Girls (11-12) competitor Allie Stockwell was ninth in the 100 backstroke behind a personal-best time of 1:07.33 while Megan Seeley, also in the Prep Girls division, was 13th in the 200 freestyle with a personal-best time of 2:09.06.

Brennan Roehmholdt of the Cadet Boys division (10 and under) was 22nd in the 50 backstroke when he finished in 37.78.


CADET BOYS (10 & Under)

50 backstroke: Brennan Roehmholdt, 22nd, 37.78.

PREP GIRLS (11-12)

50 backstroke: Allie Stockwell, 10th, 30.97, (PB).

100 backstroke: Allie Stockwell, 9th, 1:07.33, (PB).

200 freestyle: Megan Seeley, 13th, 2:09.06, (PB).

200 individual medley: Allie Stockwell, 13th, 2:30.36, (PB); Megan Seeley, 15th, 2:30.63.


50 freestyle: Jordan Powers, 8th, 22.22, (PB), National Qualifying Time.

100 freestyle: Jordan Powers, 10th, 48.85, (PB).



50 backstroke: Brennan Roehmholdt, 7th, 36.27, (PB); Kyle Dean, 14th, 38.81, (PB); Jacob Anderson, 24th, 41.12, (PB).

50 breaststroke: Joseph Roehmholdt, 20th, 51.94.

50 butterfly: Brennan Roehmholdt, 14th, 40.42.

50 freestyle: Kyle Dean, 14th, 32.47, (PB); Joseph Roehmholdt, 39th, 35.14, (PB).

100 freestyle: Brennan Roehmholdt, 11th, 1:12.87, (PB); Kyle Dean, 14th, 1:13.62, (PB); Joseph Roehmholdt, 27th, 1:20.16.

200 freestyle relay: Brennan Roehmholdt, Joseph Roehmholdt, Jacob Anderson, Kyle Dean, 10th, 2:21.59.

PREP GIRLS (11-12)

50 backstroke: Allie Stockwell, 4th, 31.55, (PB); Anna Burt, 27th, 35.68, (PB).

50 freestyle: Kendra Keyser, 23rd, 29.54, (PB); Anna Burt, 40th, 30.86, (PB).

100 backstroke: Allie Stockwell, 5th, 1:08.94, (PB).

100 breaststroke: Megan Seeley, 12th, 1:23.57.

100 freestyle: Kendra Keyser, 16th, 1:04.80, (PB).

200 freestyle: Megan Seeley, 8th, 2:13.33; Kendra Keyser, 26th, 2:22.82, (PB).

200 individual medley: Megan Seeley, 2nd, 2:30.40, (PB); Allie Stockwell, 6th, 2:33.75.

PREP BOYS (11-12)

50 backstroke: Matthew Roehmholdt, 13th, 33.50, (PB).

50 freestyle: Matthew Roehmholdt, 18th, 29.13, (PB).

100 freestyle: Matthew Roehmholdt, 26th, 1:08.79, (PB).


50 freestyle: Kelsey Powers, 17th, 27.19, (PB).

100 freestyle: Kelsey Powers, 11th, 58.30, (PB).

200 individual medley: Kelsey Powers, 9th, 2:30.97, (PB).


50 freestyle: Charlie Simons, 14th, 25.78, (PB).

100 butterfly: Charlie Simons, 17th, 1:17.04, (PB).

100 freestyle: Charlie Simons, 18th, 57.76, (PB).


50 freestyle: Elizabeth Brunecz, 39th, 28.02.


50 freestyle: Jordan Powers, 4th, 22.56.

100 breaststroke: Matthew Caldwell, 24th, 1:10.86.

100 freestyle: Jordan Powers, 2nd, 49.29, (PB).

200 breaststroke: Matthew Caldwell, 15th, 2:34.60, (PB).

200 individual medley: Matthew Caldwell, 11th, 2:17.29, (PB).

500 freestyle: Daniel Van Nauker, 20th, 5:44.86.


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