A Civilization In Free Fall

There were four articles in the Saturday edition of The Post-Journal dated June 8-9, 2024 about President Trump. Two were not very fair. They were written without substance and were your standard character assassination articles. Shame on them. To quote Clarence Thomas ” This is nothing more than a high tech lynching and if you don’t kowtow to the old order you will be destroyed.”

There are a few writers who continually engage in Trump bashing. Nothing really informative just mean spirited character bashing. I don’t remember any such bashing against President Biden coming from Trump supporters. I am not making a case for either candidate. And I will not disparage either President.

The third and fourth article spelled things out in a professional, intelligent and truthful manner. You must read all four articles with an open mind. Then and only then will you be able to make an informed decision as to which direction you would want this country to go. The difference between the two parties has never been so clearly defined that I can remember.

According to a recent Gallup poll among young adults positive ratings of socialism have hovered near 50%. At the same time overall opinion of capitalism has deteriorated to the point where socialism and capitalism are about tied in popularity. Can we predict the future by looking at our past? Of course we can. Especially when we have 100 years of data to draw upon. And I don’t think either party is going to be able to help us.

Here are a couple of examples of what has happened to our dollar from 1924 to 2024 under capitalism. So if you spent $500 dollars in 1924, you would need to spend $9,168.07 today for the same item. If you spent $5,000 dollars in 1924, you would need to spend $91,680.70 today for the same item. If you spent $10,000 dollars in 1924, you would need to spend $183,361.40 today for that same item. This is why you and your family are having a difficult time finding a decent home for your family to live in. There is something more sinister lurking in the shadows that no one cares to talk about other than capitalism and socialism for the United States.

You can see what’s mounting and not just the devaluation of the dollar. Getting the presidential candidate off the ballot. The destruction of our downtowns because of the homeless population, critical race theory, two standards of justice, soaring crime rate that nobody wants to talk about, students chanting death to America, unisex bathrooms, catch and release, smash and run, open borders with about 16 million people who have crossed . Some have ties to terrorist groups, others have drug connections, some have raped and murdered our people.

They are going to need housing, education, money, many do not speak our language, medical care etc., and they are bringing their standard of living with them. We are a civilization in free fall and no one can do anything about it. We are all to blame, not just our government.

Somebody please tell me everything will be ok and everything will right itself in time. Please tell me that I am way off base and please tell me why.

When you know the problem and you know what has to be done but can’t do anything about it because of social disdain and or impediments then society collapses. It’s not a question of if , it’s a question of when.

Bruce Piatz is a Jamestown resident.


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